Aug. 1, 2002
Mi-T-M Corp. Mi-T-M Corp. manufactures the EH Series stationary, electric heated hot water pressure washers. These hot water belt drive washers blast

Mi-T-M Corp.

Mi-T-M Corp. manufactures the EH Series stationary, electric heated hot water pressure washers. These hot water belt drive washers blast away dirt, oil and grease from engines, equipment and concrete with ease. Features include efficient on demand heat exchanger that creates continuous hot water, adjustable thermostat, automatic on/off controlled at gun, 20-second delay, preset, low inlet pressure shutoff, low inlet water volume shutoff, fusible plug, diagnostic control panel, hour meter, low pressure chemical injection, trigger gun control, single lance wand with 15-degree high pressure nozzle and adjustable soap nozzle and 50-foot high pressure hose with quick connects.
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Landa introduces an optional upgrade that provides portability to its popular SEA stationary, cold-water pressure washer. Among the available addons to the SEA, housed in an attractive stainless steel cabinet, are a stainless steel cart with two large, solid rubber wheels and two caster wheels for easy maneuvering, a detergent container rack, conveniently mounted electric cord hooks and a tangle-free, high-pressure hose reel. The cleaning power for these models reaches up to 4.2 gpm in flow rate and 3,000 psi in pressure. Baldor motors, ranging from 2 to 7.5 hp, drive the pressure washers and feature a broad variety of electrical configurations including 120-volt, 230-volt single or double phase, 460-volt 3-phase and 575-volt 3-phase.
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The BR-405031E cold-water pressure washer is powered by a 20-hp Honda engine and features an 8-gallon fuel tank for up to 6 hours of continuous operation. Protected by a fully welded steel roll cage with a convenient lifting beam, the new pressure washer has a belt-drive, triplex, oil-bath General pump that delivers the washing impact of 4 gpm in addition to the extra-high pressure. Other features include heavy-duty chassis made of 1 1/4-inch steel, compact design for ease of transporting, tubed pneumatic tires for maneuvering in all terrain, powder coat epoxy paint for long-lasting, all-weather protection, 50 feet of high pressure hose rated for up to 5,800 psi and detergent injection system.
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CW4040 from Epps is now available with a choice of Comet or General pumps. Standard features include 13-hp recoil start Honda engine, durable aluminum chassis belt guard and handles, 10-inch pneumatic wheels, inlet water filter, thermal pump protection and 50-foot high pressure hose.
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Hotsy rolls out a new hot-water pressure washer designed specifically for construction, mining and off-road vehicle cleaning. The Model 5645 provides robust cleaning power with 6 gpm of water volume at 3,000 psi of pressure and is perfect for heavy accumulations of mud or dirt in tracked vehicles. A 24-hp Honda V-twin electric-start gasoline engine powers this self-contained unit, which can also be truck or trailer mounted for in-field cleaning. Features include belt-drive operation, vibration isolators, 115V generator, Hawk triplex belt-drive pump, heavy-duty trigger gun and wand, pump slider, adjustable upstream dual detergent injection, 50-foot length of high-pressure hose and 8-gallon polyethylene float tank.
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The GPW-2500 electric-powered hi-pressure washer will solve difficult cleaning jobs while minimizing water consumption. Its 2,500 psi of pressure output gets under and lifts off stubborn dirt and grime with ease. The pump is a plunger type running in oil bath, and it weighs 203 pounds. Features include a steel reinforced hose, stainless steel wand, five quick disconnect nozzles and a built-in soap container.
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The G-Force pressure washers from Graco feature a hose rack, built-in tip storage, non-marking hose, built-in, adjustable chemical injector and more. The dual rubber isolators eliminate machine walking. The washers run on Honda overhead valve engines. Heavy-duty pneumatic tires are long-lasting, easy-to-maneuver and absorb shock and vibration.
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Tuff Pressure Washers

Tuff Pressure Washers announces a new line of gasoline-powered cold-water pressure washers featuring seven models with a rugged roll cage design. The BC line is recognizable by its roll cage, which is made of 1 1/4-inch steel and protected by an epoxy powder coat finish. The roll cage has a heavy-duty lifting beam for ease in loading and transporting. Models also feature the industrial-grade Legacy high-pressure pump with a 5-year warranty, an EZ start valve for resistance-free pull starting of the engine, totally enclosed, high-impact belt guard, thermal pump saver and unique belt-drive system with notched V-belts, cast iron pulleys and easy-access belt tension bolts.
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Alto's Simpson Technology has thirteen models that cover its series of pressure washers. Water shotgun pressure washers are belt driven, which gives extended lift to the triplex pumps. The pulley ratio slows engine to run at reduced rpms for less wear. Frames are heavy-duty galvaneel, which prevent flexing and are powered coated to resist rust and corrosion.
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Pressure Island

The new Pressure Island rotary basket washer system is designed to accommodate high-production cleaning requirements. Systems are available in single or multi-stage configurations to suit virtually any type of cleaning application including washing, rinsing, ultrasonics, rust inhibiting and drying. The rotating basket system can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and geometrics using standard or specially designed baskets. Manual or automatic load and unload systems are available.
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Coleman Powermate

The PW0881800 pressure washer from Coleman Powermate has a tilt-back, light-duty vertical design for easier movement. It features a lightweight hose for easy maneuverability, rust-resistant stainless-steel wand with adjustable nozzle, and the built-in hose wrap keeps the hose neat and tidy. A Briggs & Stratton engine powers the pressure washer.
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H.E.R.O Industries

H.E.R.O Industries offers pressure washers that are powder coated and run on Honda Commercial GX engines. Available are the PW2000SL, PW2700SL, PW3030LC, PW3000LC, PW4000LC. Other features include a thermal protector valve, a thermal protector drain line, extra nozzle holders, a hose rack., oil alert, General pump, hydraulic idle down and a chemical injector.
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