Sept. 1, 2001
Grass Trimmer/Brush Cutter The TBC-2501 grass trimmer/brush cutter from Tanaka comes standard with a bearing supported solid steel drive shaft, which

Grass Trimmer/Brush Cutter

The TBC-2501 grass trimmer/brush cutter from Tanaka comes standard with a bearing supported solid steel drive shaft, which provides smooth and efficient power transfer from the engine to the cutting head. The heavy-duty anti-vibration system includes a padded front handle and a heavy-duty rubber mount between the engine and shaft. This 24cc, 1.2 horsepower unit is topped off with a 5-inch semi-automatic cutting head and a low profile guard.
RS # 165

Plasma Cutter

The Spectrum 2050 and Spectrum 3080 plasma cutters from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. consistently cut steel greater than 3/8 inch when using auxiliary power. When powered by a welding generator with 12 kilowatt auxiliary power, the Spectrum 2050 cuts steel up to 3/4 inch thick and stainless and aluminum up to 5/8 inch. When connected to a generator with at least 8 kilowatt auxiliary power, it cuts steel up to 5/8 inch. The Spectrum 3080 cuts steel up to 7/8 inch thick and stainless and aluminum up to 3/4 inch when connected to 12 kilowatt auxiliary power.
RS # 166

Copper Cutting and Prep Machine

Ridge Tool Co. introduces the Ridgid Model 122 copper cutting and prep machine, designed to cut and prepare copper tubing. It allows users to clean, cut and ream 1/2- to 2-inch tubing quickly and professionally. In addition, an optional, quick-change fitting brush system and storage rack allow the preparation of 1/2- to 2-inch copper fittings for soldering. The lightweight, multitasking unit also reduces the number of tools needed on the jobsite.
RS # 168

Skid Steer

The Bobcat 84-inch combination bucket is a versatile attachment that is capable of performing multiple job functions such as dozing, grappling, leveling, digging, loading and dumping. Built for strength and durability, the product's cushioned cylinders slow cylinder rod speed when fully opening or closing, which increases attachment life. The bucket's clam shell type geometry optimizes digging force while maintaining maximum visibility to the cutting edge. Designed with heavy-duty cutting edges and cylinders for long life on construction, demolition, landscaping or municipal jobs, the bucket features bolt-on teeth with replaceable tips for easy repair and secure fit.
RS # 167

Shrouded Pneumatic Tool

Trelawny shrouded pneumatic tool and vacuum systems allow removal and capture of coatings without airborne dust. These systems are used where dust containment is required as well as for removal and recovery of lead or other hazardous materials. Trelawny Tool and Vacuum Systems use shrouded tools matched with specially designed HEPA vacuums for efficient removal and capture of materials in compliance with OSHA and EPA standards.
RS # 169

Lift Truck Battery

GNB Industrial Power developed an actively cooled, 48-volt, sealed, lift truck battery that helps users achieve maximum life from the battery. Used primarily on sit-down, counterbalanced lift trucks, the battery has a unique cooling system that activates two fans during the charging operation to reduce the battery's average temperature. Tests show that the active cooling system controls the battery temperature within an acceptable range for optimum battery life. The Champion battery is equipped with a specially designed air-gapped tray, two long-life industrial grade fans and a battery voltage indicator.
RS # 170

All-In-One Saw

The UltraSaw from Sinclair Equipment Co. is a tool made with versatility in mind. This saw can perform a variety of tasks with ease, from door and door jamb cuts, inside corner cuts, toe kick cuts, bevel cuts, and sanding needs for compounds and underlayment joints. The saw features its rack and pinion blade height adjustment for one-touch adjustment from net to 1 ¼-inch height. Also included is the ball bearing roller system.
RS # 171

Gunite Dispenser

Cemen Tech releases its mobile gunite dispenser that carries the material for gunite separately and mixes it fresh at the jobsite. The ability to carry the materials separately enables gunite contractors to work at their convenience and complete jobs ahead of schedule and, many times, under budget. In addition, the dispenser gives contractors precise control of the mix design and allows them to produce the exact quantity of gunite required for the job.
RS # 172

Pressure Washer

The GPW-2000-G gasoline powered high-pressure washer from Goodway has a 6 horsepower motor and an output water pressure of 2,000 psi at 3 gpm. The pump is a triplex swash plate ceramic plunger running in oil bath. Other features include a thermal valve that protects the pump, a low oil cutoff that protects the engine, a steel reinforced hose, stainless steel wand, five quick disconnect nozzles, and a soap container that allows for easy injection of chemicals.
RS # 173

Telescoping Crane

The National Series 900A-telescoping crane by National Crane Corp. lifts up to 52,000 pounds and reaches hydraulically to a height of 112 feet. It features a 103-foot all-hydraulic, four-section boom. Maximum vertical reach is 156 feet when the optional two-section side stowing jib is used. Other features include integral holding valves on boom lift, outrigger and stabilizer cylinders, a tandem balanced vane pump system, dual controls, planetary 375-degree noncontinuous rotation and a high-performance planetary winch with spin-resistant 9/16-inch cable.
RS # 174
RS #


Rammer 20 Series hammers are designed to provide maximum breaking power at all blows regardless of engine speed. The Rammer constant blow energy design assures excellent power efficiency and productivity. Designed for use on smaller carriers such as mini-excavators, and skid-steer and backhoe loaders, the hammers have working heights ranging from 290 pounds for the S 21, to 1,810 pounds for the S 29. All are designed to accept a wide range of oil flows and use membrane accumulators, which are reliable, leak proof and do not require regular refills.
RS # 175

Plasma Machine

The AirForce 400 air plasma cutter from Hobart Welders quickly and clearly cuts any electrically conductive metal. Compared to the previous model, the product cuts 60 percent faster, cuts metal 25 percent thicker and its tip lasts up to 400 percent longer. It operates on 115 or 230 V power and slices through 1/16 of an inch of steel at a rate of 68 inches per minute.
RS # 176

Rod Mounted Skid Steer Forks

Construction Technology Inc. offers its Model 550 and 560 rod mounted skid steer forks featuring 4,500 and 6,000 pound lift capacities, respectively. Made especially for rock and masonry contractors, the tines and the frame have a built-in lift capacity safety factor of 3 to 1. The CTI Universal Coupler allows these forks to be mounted on virtually any current skid steer loader. Both 42-inch and 48-inch tines are available.
RS # 177

Pressure Washer

Mi-T-M Corp. introduces the JP-2403-0MHB cool water pressure washer. Designed and engineered for the professional restricted to a tight budget, the product produces 2,400 psi at 2.3 gpm and is powered by a 5.5 Honda OHV engine. Standard features include a forged brass manifold, thermal relief valve, stainless steel and brass unloader, built-in adjustable detergent injection, powder coated steel handles and base plates, pneumatic tires with tubes and rubber isolators, and 50-foot wire-braided pressure hose with quick connects and bend restrictors.
RS # 178

Water Wagon

Wylie Mfg. expands its Water Wagon line with the 500-gallon Express model, designed for dust abatement, building site compaction, landscape watering and grass firefighting for contractors, builders and rental companies. It features a spray bar that covers an 11-foot swath for watering roadways and construction areas. The product is equipped with surge or electric brakes, nonskid walkway fenders and lights. Other standard features include tandem spring axles, highway tires, deluxe wheels and a height adjustable ball hitch.
RS # 179

Stump Grinder Attachment

The Toro Co. stump grinder's 17-inch cutter wheel features 12 cutting teeth, a wheel speed of 2,000 rpm and a tooth tip speed of 148 feet per second. To ensure all stump material is sufficiently removed, the unit offers a 36-inch above grade maximum cutting height and 16.5-inch below grade maximum cutting depth. Operators can position the wheel index at a 30-degree angle in order to efficiently tackle troublesome roots.
RS # 180

Aluminum Motor

The Aluminum NEMA T-frame motor joins the WEG Electric Motors Corp. product line. Available in 1 to 20 horsepower, the motors have Epact Efficiency ratings, are UL recognized, have 1.15 Service Factors, Class F insulation and pre-lubricated bearings. All ratings meet MG1 Part 31 specifications for use with AC Inverters.
RS # 181

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