Woodcutting Equipment

Oct. 1, 2000
HitachiThe P20DA is a 3 1/4-inch cordless planer from Hitachi Power Tools that can plane wooden surfaces more than 150 feet at a depth of 1/64 inch on


The P20DA is a 3 1/4-inch cordless planer from Hitachi Power Tools that can plane wooden surfaces more than 150 feet at a depth of 1/64 inch on one charge. Powered by a high-capacity 12-volt, 2.0 amp-hour battery and a fan-cooled motor, the unit features a no-load speed of 13,000 rpm and 26,000 cuts per minute. Additional features include a cutting head that has two double-edged carbide blades, an electric brake system, all-ball-bearing construction, an aluminum die-cast base and a weight of 6.4 pounds.


BlueBird's stump grinder has a 14-inch diameter blade with carbide-tipped teeth and a cutting depth up to 12 inches. The unit features a HiPower double V-drive belt for increased stability and control and is available in two models - the SG914 with a 9-horsepower Honda engine and the SG114 with an 11-horsepower Honda engine.


The Lumber-Jax 20-ton vertical wood splitter from Bil-Jax features an ergonomically designed control panel, a moving wedge and non-slip fixed push plate to facilitate splitting logs. Engine options are available with oil alert.


The 7 1/4-inch Tilt-Lok circular saw (model 6394-21) from Milwaukee Electric Tool features the Quik-Lok cord with a positive lock system that allows for quick replacement if the cord is accidentally cut during use. Additional features include an electric brake that can stop the blade within seconds, a 15-amp motor, cushion-grip front and rear handles, an Endurance ultra-thin kerf carbide saw blade, and a blade wrench.


The Vermeer SC752 stump cutter features the AutoSweep system, which monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts the cutter-wheel sweep rate, the company says. The unit is equipped with a rubber torsional-type suspension system, a 28-inch cutter wheel capable of a 96-inch cutting width, a 75-horsepower Deutz BF4L1011F diesel engine and a hydraulic system with a pump flow of 2.9 gpm.

Merry Tiller

Weighing 180 pounds and measuring 25 inches wide, Merry Tiller's stump cutter is powered by an 8-horsepower Honda or a 9-horsepower Vanguard engine. The unit features a patented router-type head to increase cutting performance and a swing-over handle to allow for front or rear cutting, the company says.



Featuring an air filtering system with a self-cleaning filter and IntelliCarb carburetor, the FS 550 clearing saw is Stihl's most powerful clearing saw. The unit has a brake horsepower of 3.75, weighs 21.6 pounds and has a fuel capacity of .75 liters.


The Bosch 1660K 24-volt circular saw is a cordless unit equipped with an ultra-thin kerf and an 18-tooth, 6 1/2-inch carbide blade. The saw, which produces up to 3,600 rpm, has all ball-and-roller bearings and an electric blade brake to allow for quick repetitive cuts. Other features include a soft-grip handle, on-tool blade wrench storage, a spindle lock, a rip fence and a dust port for attaching the Air Sweep vacuum system. The unit comes standard with a carrying case, two batteries and a one-hour charger.


The Husqvarna 340 chain saw is an all-round saw with low vibration levels, a streamlined body and a high power-to-weight ratio, the company says. Other features include air injection to clean the intake air, a combined choke/stop control for easy starting and stopping, and a right-hand guard for hand protection. The 2.7-horsepower unit delivers up to 9,000 rpm.


Gravely's Pro Chip 1286 and 12115 are 12-inch cutting capacity chippers with 86 and 115 horsepower, respectively. Both units deliver 2,400 rpm. Features include a hinged infeed table, a torsion-mounted hydraulic motor, dual feed rollers, continuous-chipping auto feed, a rotating discharge chute and the company's 90-degree SaverCut system.


Powered by an 83-horsepower Deutz diesel engine, the self-propelled RG85 stump cutter from Rayco has a cutting capacity of 78 inches wide and 28 inches deep. The hydrostatic cutter wheel drive has a Quick Stop cutter wheel, ensuring longer service life and safety, the company says. The unit features a backfill blade, two-speed wheel drives and a tandem axle suspension.

Doskocil Industries

Designed for chipping and mulching waste, Doskocil's 2022 Chip `N Mulch features a three-in-one flail design that allows it to mulch a variety of materials, including aluminum and plastic drywall shingles, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, pipe and two-by-fours. Attachments also allow the unit to work as a vacuum system to collect leaves and mulch. The flywheel hood opens for easy access to the bearings, and the belt guard opens to the belt for quickly checking tension.

Billy Goat

Available with three engine options, the Outback brush cutter from Billy Goat has three forward speeds and one reverse speed. Engine options include an 8-horsepower Briggs & Stratton pull start, an 11-horsepower Honda pull start and an 11-horsepower Honda electric start. The blade, which is 5.2 millimeters thick, has a 24-inch diameter and a cutting width of 24 inches.


DML-brand Golden Eagle saw blades are available in diameters from 2 inches to 30 inches and have tips of C-4 Dyanite carbide, the company's carbide formulation. According to the manufacturer, Dyanite carbide tips start sharper, stay sharp two to five times longer and can be resharpened. The industrial plate of the blade is made of heat-treated tool steel.