What Else Is New?

Nov. 1, 2005
Kawasaki's KRB300A commercial backpack blower weighs 13.2 pounds and is designed to handle cleanup jobs with all-day comfort. The KRB300A features the

Kawasaki's KRB300A commercial backpack blower weighs 13.2 pounds and is designed to handle cleanup jobs with all-day comfort. The KRB300A features the Kawasaki TJ27 engine and one-pull, easy-start technology. The blower moves leaves and debris with a maximum air volume of 490 cfm and a maximum air velocity of 150 mph. A high-density, padded backrest and wide, padded shoulder harness maximize operator comfort.
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ABS Pumps' dewatering pumps are available in both a wide base for soft bottom applications and a slim centerline pump for use in tight applications. The pumps are available in a broad range of sizes to handle drainage volumes of 5,500 gpm.
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The new Aero-Flex Technologies Mach 4 trimming system and flexible line blade enables operators to trim grass and slice through heavy weeds faster and with less noise. The cutting head fits virtually all gas-fired string trimmers and incorporates four cutting line blades. The system is designed to simplify the reloading process when the line blades need replacement because the blades snap into place.
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Weldcraft offers the new Legacy Series TIG torch product line to accommodate a wider range of customer TIG welding needs. The series consists of core TIG products, including 9, 17, 18, 20 and 26 series torch packages, each of which is available in rigid, valved, flex and flex-valved versions. Designed for less demanding applications, the Legacy Series includes quality torches, consumables and accessories.
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The portable AB Elite Grandstand Seating System from Bil-Jax is designed for any indoor or outdoor event, such as swim meets or soccer games. Because of its comfortable design and ease of installation, the system can also be used by amusement and entertainment venues. The tip-up, contoured seats are more comfortable than bench seating.
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The Shindaiwa P231 pole pruner has an overall length of 9 feet and weighs 13.4 pounds. It is available in 8-, 10- and 12-inch bar lengths. The unit is powered by Shindaiwa's 230 series engine, a 22.5-cc, 1.1-hp power head that delivers cutting speed and power in commercial applications. The split boom design can be disassembled for transport and storage and an anti-vibration system ensures operator comfort and productivity.
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Dixon's Kodiak diesel ZTR mower features a Yanmar 20-hp twin-cylinder liquid-cooled vertical shaft engine. A 52-inch HFS cutting deck with 18-position positive-lock deck lift system and foot assist features Dixon's Tunnel Force design. A removable foot plate allows access to belts for cleaning.
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Mapcon's line of Bulldog skid loaders offers a mini skid loader that is 34.7 inches wide and 60 inches high. It is powered by a Perkins 50-hp diesel and able to use full-size attachments. With six models in the line, standard features include work lights, front horn and backup alarm, triple filtration hydraulics and universal plate attachment.
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Coilhose Pneumatics' Water Flexeel keeps saw blades cool and reduces the spread of concrete dust. The hose weighs 50 percent less than traditional hoses so it is easy to carry and handle. Made of reinforced industrial grade polyurethane, it retains its flexibility and structural integrity under all conditions.
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The HB 4200 hydraulic breaker from Atlas Copco features Krupp percussion technology and a service weight of more than 4 tons. Accepting a maximum hydraulic flow of 84 gpm at 2,610 psi, the HB 4200 delivers an impact rate of up to 530 bpm. The AutoControl monitoring system allows the hammer to adapt its frequency and power output to match operating conditions.
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Rogers Brothers introduces its new Century Series line of entry-level 35-, 50- and 55-ton trailers. The detachable gooseneck trailers feature Rogers' No Foot self-lifting gooseneck, exclusive Croucher front and cambered mainbeams, fabricated with 100k psi and 130k psi materials. Rear frame boom wells with lowered cross members allow equipment to ride low, reducing load height.
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