Material Handling

Sept. 1, 2003
JLG The new Model G9-43A telehandler by JLG Industries and The Gradall Co. offers a 9,000-pound capacity, a 43-foot maximum lift height and a 30-foot


The new Model G9-43A telehandler by JLG Industries and The Gradall Co. offers a 9,000-pound capacity, a 43-foot maximum lift height and a 30-foot reach with the operator's choice of all-wheel, front wheel or crab steering. The machine's backbone frame is offset slightly to the operator cab side, bringing the mid-mounted engine closer to the center of the machine for efficient left-right weight distribution. The even weight distribution advantage complements the machine's long wheelbase and low center of gravity, helping to keep it both mobile and versatile while working on slopes as well as on dirt, gravel, sand or in sticky mud. The Deere 4045TF150 99-hp turbocharged engine is located in a new low, mid-mounted compartment, making routine service functions convenient at ground level.
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Caterpillar introduces the 325C material handler, designed specifically for sorting and loading scrap and demolition debris and handling bulk materials. The new C-Series material handler offers improved performance through increased horsepower and hydraulic flow, longer front linkage and a wider track gauge. The machine weighs about 76,350 pounds and has a maximum reach of about 50.9 feet. The 6-cylinder, turbocharged and air-to-air after cooled CAT 3126B diesel engine produces 188 net hp, nearly 12 percent more net power than the 3116TA engine in the previous model.
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With a 56-foot lift height and 40.5-foot forward reach, the VR-1056C telescopic material handler from Ingersoll-Rand features the company's patented rear axle stabilization system. It allows operators to extend the boom to its fullest reach without stabilizer deployment, and it carries 6,000 pounds to 56 feet with stabilizers and 4,000 pounds to the top without stabilizers. Powered by a new Tier II Cummins QSB4.5 engine with electronic controls, the handler has upgraded hydraulics that provide greater control throughout the boom lifting range. Results include accelerated telescopic action, which puts the load into position faster, and built-in cushioning at the far and close ends of the lifting sequence allowing the load to be placed and transported with greater smoothness.
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JCB releases the new 5508 Loadall telescopic handler with a lift height of 55 feet. Powered by a turbo-charged 102-hp engine and equipped with a 4-speed powershift transmission, the handler is designed for loads up to 8,000 pounds. The machine features a heavy-duty, 4-stage tool carrier boom and is compatible with a range of attachments including carriages, buckets, forks and brooms. Standard equipment includes stabilizers, sway frame, Q-fit and auxiliary hydraulics.
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The Raymond Corp.

The Raymond Corp. announces it has made AC-powered traction standard on its complete line of 36-volt Reach-Fork and Deep-Reach forklift trucks. AC systems improve energy efficiency, handling, productivity and cost savings for lift truck users in material handling. AC extends battery life, so workers spend less time at the battery charger and fewer batteries are needed. AC traction provides increased acceleration and improved precision to store and retrieve pallet loads, ensuring peak performance when needed.
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Linde Lift Truck Corp.

Linde Lift Truck Corp. introduces its new 39X hydrostatic drive 5,000-pound capacity truck. Energy losses from friction created by metal-to-metal contact in the reduction units have been eliminated with the inclusion of new hydrostatic wheel motors built to operate at low speed and higher oil volume per revolution, making the planetary reduction gears at both drive wheels unnecessary. The previous Linde standard of 500-hour maintenance intervals has been extended up to 1,000 hours if specific approved engine oil and engine coolant are utilized.
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Multiquip's new WPB-16EAWD is the first all-wheel drive power buggy in a 16-cubic-foot capacity. The electric-start buggy allows operators to transport concrete and other materials around the job site despite adverse soil conditions, and it is designed for concrete spreading, material sub-base distribution, job site cleanup and a variety of landscaping applications. Its traction assist valve allows users to activate all-wheel-drive with the flick of a switch and without having to restart the engine, thus avoiding costly downtime. Driven by an 18-hp Vanguard engine, the power buggy can load up to 2,500 pounds of material on dual wheels and 1,000 pounds on single wheels.
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Stone Construction Equipment

Stone Construction Equipment adds a versatile, configurable stake bed option to the Stone Mud Buggy line. The new FB1000 version of Stone handler material moving equipment can be configured to three different machines: a stake bed, a flat bed and an extended flat bed. The stake bed platform is interchangeable with the standard polyethylene mortar tub and is designed to be converted in less than 15 minutes. The product, powered by a 13-hp Honda engine, can carry up to 10 cubic feet with a load capacity of 2,500 pounds.
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Genie Industries

Genie's load lifter is a hand truck that allows one person to lift 200 pounds to a height of 5 feet, 7 inches. It safely and easily lifts and moves heavy loads, even on stairways. The manually operated product is portable and folds for compact storage and transport. A quiet, high-speed reversible winch quickly lifts heavy loads.
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IMT adds two new truck-mounted articulating cranes to its existing line of material handling systems: the 52/380 series and the 72/516 series. The cranes feature the ability to fold and stow in a small area on the truck frame and not interfere with the load-carrying area. The cranes are designed for two to eight hydraulic extensions. With eight hydraulic extensions, both models have a horizontal reach of 67.6 feet and a vertical reach of 77 feet.
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