Nov. 1, 2007
MacKissic The SC262-18VERL Chip N Shred features heavy-gauge commercial construction, and is highway towable with independent Flexride suspension, 4-inch


The SC262-18VERL Chip N Shred features heavy-gauge commercial construction, and is highway towable with independent Flexride suspension, 4-inch rapid-feed chipping, and a shredding chamber with 48 free-swinging hammers. The Chip N Shred is powered by an 18-hp twin-cylinder Vanguard engine that features a rotor engagement system with load-free starting and overload protection, as well as electric start.
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The Wood-Pro model 25Qi compact all-vegetation processor has a footprint of 38 by 70 inches, including length of the tow bar. Powered by a twin-cylinder 16-hp electric start Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, the 25Qi processes through one hopper any type of vegetation, including leaves, weeds, clippings and general garden waste, and 4-inch fully dressed limbs or brush. The triple reduction process of knives, flails and a fixed cutter produces small uniform chips from limbs and brush, while reducing soft vegetation such as leaves and weeds to mulch.
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The RC 16.5 drum-style 17-inch capacity brush chipper from Rayco is designed for contractors and municipalities. The machine's 50-gallon fuel capacity allows the 140-hp Caterpillar diesel engine to run all day without the need to refuel. The RC 16.5 also features Fuel Saver technology, which automatically decelerates the engine if the feed control bar remains in neutral for 60 seconds. To eliminate clutch maintenance, the chipper features a hydraulic clutch that engages at the push of a button and never needs to be adjusted.
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The Tree Limb Shear attachment attaches to a Gradall boom, which gives the operator the angle to productively trim branches and limbs that extend over roadways. The low working profile of the Gradall telescoping boom also allows the operator to position the carrier and work under tree limb obstructions — something that is not possible with a conventional knuckle boom. The attachment can typically cut through large branches 8 to 10 inches in diameter.
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The BC1000XL brush chipper is powered by an 85-hp diesel engine that can cut through 12-inch diameter material with improved efficiency. The unit features one of the largest feed openings in its class at 12 inches tall and 17 inches wide, reducing the need to trim material before it is fed into the chipper. It is also equipped with a large 25-gallon fuel tank for longer working sessions, gear-driven discharge-chute rotation for multiple chute positions, and dual-edged cutter knives for reduced cutter expense.
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The Bobcat chipper attachment is designed to eliminate tree limbs, branches and other debris quickly, safely and easily. It grinds branches and tree limbs with up to 35-hp of chipping performance and reduces branch volume 10-to-1. A standard hydraulic power feed allows the feed roller to move branches into the chipper at a consistent speed.
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The Clipper 6 brush chipper is a 6-inch capacity drum-style unit designed for the rental market, landscape companies, nurseries and homeowners. It features a 2-inch ball towing hitch and a tubular steel frame. The Clipper 6 is offered standard with an auto-feed system, a 30-inch by 20-inch infeed chute and 10 ½-inch by 7-inch throat opening. A hydraulic drum brake, which brings the drum from full rpms to a complete stop in eight seconds, allows the Clipper 6 to provide maximum production while saving wear and tear on the machine.
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JP Carlton

JP Carlton offers 6-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch and 18-inch wood chippers for landscape, tree maintenance and land-clearing applications. Heavy-duty construction, including a form-welded frame, Torflex axle strength and construction-grade tires are standard on all models. In addition, Carlton chippers feature high-speed dynamically balanced disk rounds for maximum chipping power.
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The compact 6-inch capacity hydraulic-feed disc-style Model 65XL chipper is designed for tree and landscape contractors. The 6- by 12-inch opening allows two operators to feed the chipper simultaneously. The Model 65XL converts tree limbs and pruning, including fibrous materials such as pine boughs and palm fronds, into dimensional, recyclable chips. Other features include automatic hydraulic feed with speed control and load sensing systems, a 360-degree discharge chute with end deflector, and dual mounting locations to feed material from the front or right side of the loader.
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