Oct. 1, 2009
Sustainability initiatives and green building products are a burgeoning segment of the construction industry. Find out about the latest efforts made by OEMs, as well as the latest innovations and resources for the rental industry.

Chevron Partners with RSC to Reduce Carbon Footprint in California

California's strict emissions regulations recently led San Roman, Calif.-based Chevron Corp. to partner with RSC Equipment Rental, Scottsdale, Ariz., to find a solution to its temporary pump and generator needs at its Richmond, Calif., refinery, which is located right next to the bay leading to San Francisco and Oakland, Calif.

“As you can imagine they are under a larger microscope because of the proximity to the water and the possible pollution effects they could have on the bay, wildlife, as well as the visual effect to the area,” says Robert Dotson, RSC's manager of integrated services Western region. “Like RSC, their mission as a large corporation is to reduce waste, reduce airborne emissions, and educate and facilitate new ideas that will positively impact the way business is conducted in California.”

Chevron uses the pumps for a variety of jobs in the refinery from recirculating water in the ponds to helping move product from tank to tanks. The generators are used for standby power, powering up temporary equipment, job trailers and more.

The environmental guidelines in California and the city of Richmond are stricter than federal guidelines, making it more costly to do business as a corporation in California, which makes renting equipment from compliant companies such as RSC a better business strategy than spending the capital to retrofit their fleet or risk heavy fines, Dotsan says. One regulation that Chevron was trying to abide states that any piece of equipment over 50 hp must be permitted by the city of Richmond. In this case, that rule applies to generators, so in response RSC is supplying eight pumps under 50 hp.

RSC's equipment meets the California Air Resources Board regulations because of its young average fleet age of 34 months, meeting the CARB requirement of vehicle engines less than five years old. More than 1,225 pieces of RSC equipment have been registered in the CARB database. Each piece is given an equipment identifier number, easily identifiable to any inspector on a construction site. In addition, RSC also affixes stickers to the inside instrument panels of its diesel equipment to remind customers to, “Mind the environment. Do not idle for more than 5 minutes.”

Haulotte Group | BilJax Releases Second 2009 Green Committee Update

Haulotte Group | BilJax has released its second Go Green Committee progress report of 2009, which shows a continued reduction in the amount of waste generated by the company's Archbold, Ohio, manufacturing facility and offices.

As of July 1, Haulotte Group | BilJax has saved more than 39,000 pounds of materials from going into landfills by recycling them instead. That is a staggering 19.5 tons of materials that were sent to a recycling center in place of a landfill.

To help put that savings in perspective Cari Weidner, environmental consultant to Haulotte Group | BilJax, broke the numbers down more specifically:

  • 5,318 pounds of paper and 23,058 pounds of cardboard require about 241 trees to produce;

  • 340 pounds of aluminum is approximately 11,630 empty 12-ounce soda cans;

  • Recycling 4,738 pounds of glass saves approximately 39 barrels of oil. This is also equal in weight to 77,355 empty 20-ounce soda bottles;

  • Cumulatively, these items would have required 163 cubic yards of landfill space;

Not only has the Go Green Committee helped Haulotte Group | BilJax decrease its waste generation; it has also initiated a way to give back to the community. The company is participating in the Ohio Department of Transportation's Adopt-A-Highway program. Employee volunteers from the Archbold, Ohio, facility help to clean up trash along their designated 2-mile stretch of highway in Northwest Ohio.

For more information on Haulotte Group | BilJax going green visit: www.biljaxgogreen.com.

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