Spider's Web

June 1, 2004
Spider, a division of SafeWorks llc, has given its Web site a facelift. The original site, launched in 1997, had never been updated and was in need of

Spider, a division of SafeWorks llc, has given its Web site a facelift. The original site, launched in 1997, had never been updated and was in need of a makeover.

“The old site looked like we were a company that was working out of a garage,” says Tom Foege, marketing services manager for Spider. “We're a world leader, and our Web site should reflect that.”

Foege says the old site was less user-friendly and less intuitive than the updated version. The navigational tools are now located in the left-hand column, whereas before they were located in the middle.

“Now it has the standard look and feel of a proper Web site,” Foege says. “It looks professional.”

The site's opening page, www.spiderstaging.com, greets the user with a clean, easy-to-navigate design. The left-hand column directs the user to basic company information, such as its history, news and career opportunities, while a horizontal tool bar at the top of the screen allows the potential customer to browse different segments of products, as well as the training available through Spider. When a user scrolls over a link, the tabs are highlighted in gray, so it is easy to see when a link has been selected.

Company news releases can be found on both the homepage as well as in the pressroom. The availability of the press releases on the Web site is a new feature. The “Spider Literature” link allows the user access to the complete Spider catalog and pages of product and training information.

The Web site emphasizes the importance of safety in the scaffolding, mast climbing and powered access industries. Through the “Training” link, users can find information about the online safety training Spider offers. These online training modules are available to any computer with Internet access and help to provide workers with knowledge of Spider products, safe assembly and operation. Hands on training is also available and the site provides a phone number to find out more information and to find the closest Spider Service Center.

The “Regulations and Standards” link takes the user to links for the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational and Safety & Health Administration's regulations for construction fall protection and scaffolding. Links to the International Window Cleaning Association Web site are also included, as well as a link to the New York State Industrial Code for persons employed at window cleaning. These links help to ensure that those doing these types of hazardous jobs are fully aware of the rules and regulations protecting their safety.

This redesigned Web site is built to assist potential customers with finding products to suit their needs. By clicking on “Rental Solutions,” “Fall Protection,” “Mast Climber” or “Permanent Installations,” the user links to a page with a list of specific Spider products. Clicking on those specific products brings the customer to pictures or models of the product, as well as features, specifications and other important product information.

All of the improvements to the Web site not only give a more professional appearance, but should also benefit the company's sales. Foege says the old site simply didn't have a lot of good information for people to look at and it wasn't a good sales tool. “Hopefully we're moving toward having it be a good sales tool,” he says.

Contact information for all of Spider's locations is available to ensure the customer can call or email his or her nearest Spider representative.

Foege says he wants customers who visit the site to have an understanding of Spider that they may not have had before. And with a wealth of information now available on the site with the click of the mouse, customers are more likely to easily find what they're looking for.