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Jan. 1, 2008
Nikko Tanaka announces the TPS-260PF pole saw, which cuts branches up to 8 inches in diameter and features a lifetime drive shaft warranty. Powered by

Nikko Tanaka announces the TPS-260PF pole saw, which cuts branches up to 8 inches in diameter and features a lifetime drive shaft warranty. Powered by Tanaka's 25cc, 1.3-hp PureFire engine, key features include a 23-fluid ounce, see-through fuel tank, padded “D” handle, and a solid-steel drive shaft.
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Makita's model BO4556K finishing sander features an ergonomically designed rubberized palm that fits like a glove with even pressure and easy control. These comfort features are combined with a 2-amp motor that produces 14,000 OPEM for fast and smooth sanding. In addition, the precision-engineered all-ball-bearing construction significantly reduces vibration and noise.
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Danuser introduces the auger bucket that is designed to mix, transport, and dispense concrete (up to 1-inch slump), sand, washed gravel (3/4-inch maximum) and asphalt. The unit comes with a quick-attach frame on either side that allows right- or left-hand discharge at a rate of ½ yard in 50 seconds.
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Miller Electric's Digital Elite Series auto-darkening welding helmets are designed for welding, cutting and grinding applications. The design features four independent arc sensors that respond in 1/20,000 of a second. Weighing 18 ounces, the helmets are lightweight and come equipped with five inside and two outside replacement cover lenses.
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The TL1-3003 Super Coil Carabiner/side-release lanyard with tool hanger from Gear Keeper provides full arm extension for operating tools, yet retracts to a tight-coiled position when not in use. It has a retracted length of 25 inches and an extension of 47 inches for easy use of hand-held tools at unusual heights.
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Grabbit Tool introduces the 20-inch Long Grabbit, the 6-inch EZ Grabbit and the 1.5-inch Mini Grabbit that allow users to mount tarps to structures, seam multiple tarps together, replace torn grommets and firmly grab tarps anywhere. A tug on the leader rope engages the two pieces together, creating a high-strength hold.
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The Leica Geosystems Disto D3 laser distance meter is a multi-functional instrument that ensures quick and reliable measurements. The tool measures distances of up to 325 feet within 1/16-inch. The instrument's built-in tilt sensor quickly determines tilts up to 45 degrees. The tilt sensor can also provide the user with horizontal distances.
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The Yellow Jacket cutting system from Vermeer Manufacturing features universal indexable carbide-tipped teeth, reversible pockets and offers easier maintenance. This cutting system has two cutting edges on each tooth and provides more side pocket clearance, limiting pocket rubbing that can cause power loss and premature pocket wear.
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The Solo 440 portable blower is designed for clearing leaves, dirt, clippings and snow from paths, driveways and outdoor areas. When used with a shredding blade fitted to the air intake fan, it vacuums and shreds the debris to one-half its original size. The 9.5-pound unit comes equip-ped with a 29cc two-stroke gas-fired engine.
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