Oct. 1, 2004
A RER product spotlight featuring lighting equipment.


The TML-4000N trailer-mounted light tower features a narrow 55-inch width and the TML-4000 features a 70-inch width. UHMW slide pads are used throughout the entire tower to prevent metal-to-metal contact and subsequent rust and corrosion. The tower assembly also features a clean and protected power cable path. Genie's tilt-actuating system provides the ability to vertically aim all four lamp fixtures from ground level, reducing the need to lower the tower in order to re-aim the lamps.

Dave Deal, manager of Middletown, Del.-based M.S.P. Equipment, says the units are easy to tow and well liked by his rental customers.
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The LT-12D and LT-12P Night Hawk light towers are offered with the choice of 1800-rpm liquid-cooled, 12-hp Deutz and 10.7-hp Perkins diesel engines. The maximum mast height is 30 feet and the mast rotates 360 degrees. The light towers are stable in winds up to 65 mph. Other standard features include four industry-standard metal halide floodlights, a 30-gallon polyethylene fuel tank that provides 64 hours of continuous run time and high temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns.

Matt Villella, president of Gold Coast Equipment, Ocala, Fla., has owned the Night Hawk units for four months and experienced zero breakdowns. “All the bells and whistles are standard and they're easy to put up and take down,” Villella says. “They're also dependable, fuel efficient and quiet.”
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The McGill Handi-Light and battery combo pack is designed to deliver portable, super-bright lighting for up to five hours continuously. Features include a replaceable 13-watt, 12-volt twin tube fluorescent lamp and a solid-state ballast protected against voltage surges up to 18 volts. A single metal hook allows for the light to hang on a user's belt or shoulder strap for hands-free operation, while the impact-resistant polycarbonate outer tube is designed to ensure long service life.
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Allmand Bros.

Allmand Bros. introduces the LSC100 Light Sequence Commander, an automatic lighting sequence and command control system. Available with all of the company's light towers, it is designed to be an efficient, easy-to-use option that can save significant labor time and operational costs. Using a preset photocell sensor, the LSC100 allows the light tower to be automatically turned on and off as needed, without human interaction. It features an eight-event digital timer that enables the operator to preset different activation and deactivation times each day.

Lance Bevier, general manager of the Cat Rental Store MP&E in Tukwilla, Wash., has secured additional rentals because of the LSC feature on the Allmand units.
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Power Manufacturing

The Niteworker portable light tower from Power Manufacturing provides 4,000 watts of portable light powered by a 6,000-watt generator. The 30-foot tower rotates 360 degrees. The 30-gallon fuel tank provides more than 60 hours of run time, according to the company.
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The new BL2000 balloon light is a self-inflating illumination unit designed for a number of applications including construction, disaster relief, drilling, guard rail installation, landscaping, mining, paving, and road repair and maintenance. It diffuses a strong glare-free light over a 360-degree area. It has a diameter of 43.3 inches and when placed on an optional mounting system stands 7.5- to 15-feet tall, covering up to a 15,000-square-foot radius. Its 2,000 watts of power are supplied by either a 10-amp, 230-volt source for one lamp or a 20-amp, 110-volt source for two lamps.
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Bull Dog Power Products

The new Triple Halogen Model S10170 floodlight features three 500-watt weatherproof fixtures on a mast that telescopes from 3 feet to 7 feet. In addition, the center light fixture detaches for floor duty. It has its own 16-gauge heavy-duty cord and a sturdy steel base. Light heads are fully adjustable and have their own on/off switches.
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Better lighting, more durable lamp fixtures and improved transportability are just a few of the latest enhancements to Wacker's redesigned light tower line. The new LT series features a redesigned lighting system that offers brighter illumination caused by distinctive elliptical lighting fixtures. The fixtures allow the lamps to be mounted horizontally, allowing more light to travel directly from the source to the work area. Traditional light fixtures rely primarily on reflected light for their illumination.
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Terex Amida

The new AL4000 automatic portable floodlight system has a start/stop feature that allows the owner to circumvent the task of manually controlling the light tower. The automatic feature can be set to one of two modes. The first is a timer mode that when set, turns the generator on or off at a particular time. The second is photocell mode, which signals the tower to turn on or off based on the amount of natural light surrounding it. The automatic start/stop feature is optional on all Terex Amida AL-4000 lighting units. It has a reach of 30 feet at full extension. It has four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps that can illuminate up to 7½ acres or provide isolated lighting for evening jobsite applications.
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