May 1, 2004
Wacker Wacker trash pumps are offered in 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-inch models. All are self-priming, high performance pumps built for the demands of construction,


Wacker trash pumps are offered in 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-inch models. All are self-priming, high performance pumps built for the demands of construction, mining, municipality, farm and marine applications. The PT 6LT and PT 6LS 6-inch models can pump up to 1,300 gallons per minute with solids up to 2 inches. The PT 6 series is powered by 32.5-hp Lombardini diesel engine. The PT 6 features a cast ductile iron pump housing, impeller, wear plate and volute for strength and durability. A mixed-flow impeller design produces high volume and head for increased pump capacity.
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Yamaha's new line of industrial trash pumps can move up to 180 gallons (YP20T), 317 gallons (YP30T) and 428 gallons (YP40T) of debris-laden water per minute. Each pump is self-priming and features a stainless steel wear plate, spheroidal graphite cast iron volute, Hi-chrome cast iron impeller, and silicon carbide mechanical seal for increased durability and extended pump life. A quick-access clean out plate is incorporated to reduce downtime. The overhead valve, air-cooled four-stroke, single-cylinder Yamaha MZ engines are designed with enhanced mufflers for quiet operation and are equipped with a low-oil warning system to prevent engine damage.

Les Ball, general superintendent for Crow Creek Construction, an underground utility contractor in Greeley, Colo., has been using the YP30T 3-inch trash pump for about one year. “The Yamaha YP30T is lightweight, easy for two guys to move around and reliable — even in the rain,” Ball says. “I've never had it not start or let me down. It's the best trash pump I've ever used.”
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Godwin Pumps

A new hydraulic-driven submersible pump from Godwin Pumps features a remote actuated slurry gate that enables the pump to be used as a mixer in applications where sludges are so thick they are initially unpumpable. Uses for the pump include municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plant sludge tank cleaning and emptying. For durability, the Heidra 150VSG is designed with a cast iron pumpend and a cast chromium steel vortex impeller. Powered by a variable speed diesel engine for flexibility, this 6-inch pump handles flows up to 1,600 gallons per minute and heads up to 110 feet.

Gil Lopes, owner of G. Lopes Construction in Taunton, Mass., uses the Heidra 150VSG pump for irrigation. “We run them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for two to three years straight,” Lopes says. “They're very reliable.”
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Robin Subaru

Robin Subaru centrifugal pumps combine a powerful overhead-cam engine, heavy-duty construction and reliable performance for a variety of applications. The self-priming pumps are available in 2-, 3- and 4-inch models. Each model is powered by the Robin Subaru EX Series overhead-cam engine providing maximum performance, lower emissions and better fuel economy. The pumps feature a durable, heavy-duty strainer to protect the pump from large solids. The hole diameter prevents large debris from entering the suction hose. For quiet operation the pump has a low-tone muffler and a sound-suppressing air cleaner. Routine maintenance can be completed in the field with common hand tools.
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Cat Pumps

Cat Pumps introduces a direct-drive plunger pump for the portable cleaning industry. The materials and design of the new 3SP series pumps offer reliability and long life. The 3SP30G1I gas model delivers 3 gpm at 2,000 psi. The 3SP35GEI electric model delivers 3.5 gpm at 2,000 psi. Both models are a direct flange-mount style pump with a new streamline ribbed crankcase. Concentric, polished solid ceramic plungers are designed to provide extended seal life and better overall performance. A compact pressure regulating unloader with by-pass hose and fixed chemical injector are standard on each pump and offer pump protection and precise system pressure setting.
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The Silent Pump from Gorman-Rupp offers an environmental base that safely retains liquid should a leak occur, eliminating costly jobsite cleanup. It also has forklift pockets for ease of loading and unloading the unit. The lightweight aluminum acoustically treated enclosure offers excellent corrosion resistance and reduced sound levels well below industry standards. The patented dual suction priming assisted 6-inch pump and John Deere 4045D diesel engine are used on the Silent Pump. This pump is equipped with the dry run seal, designed for applications involving long suction lines and intermittent flows. It is typically used for sewer by-pass applications in residential areas or any sound sensitive area.
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Honda Power Equipment

Honda Power Equipment introduces the new WB series water pumps for commercial and rental applications. The new WB20 and WB30 pumps feature heavy-duty full frame protection and a rigid-mounted cast iron pump volute. The pumps also have an abrasive resistant silicone-carbide mechanical seal. High-performance mounts minimize vibration between the engine/pump unit and the frame. The Honda WB30 delivers a maximum discharge capacity of 275 gallons per minute and a maximum head of 83 feet, while the WB20 can discharge up to 153 gpm with a maximum head of 94 feet.
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Global Power Products

The Global Power Products' portable diesel pump is designed for irrigation, construction, dewatering and light-duty fire fighting. Engines are self-bleeding, fuel efficient and EPA certified. Silicon carbide mechanical seals come standard. The pumps are self-priming and standard with vibration-isolated base plates within powder-coated steel frames. The pumps are available in 2-, 3- and 4-inch sizes and have pumping capabilities from 170 to 590 gallons per minute. Most can be carried by one person and are available in regular and heavy-duty configurations.
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Thompson Pump

Specifically designed for the rental market, the Thompson Pump model 6HT-DDST-3-2011 has heavy-duty performance, capable of handling the most demanding applications with a lightweight price to purchase and operate. The pump is a 6-inch multipurpose heavy-duty trash pump and has a high maximum volume capacity of 1,500-gallons per minute and maximum suction lifts of 102-feet of head. The pump and 3-cylinder Deutz engine sit on an integral fuel tank frame, which provides 33 hours of unattended pumping time.
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Multiquip introduces three new dewatering pumps. The ST-2037 (pictured), ST-2040-T and ST-2047 are portable 2-inch submersible pumps designed for removing water from confined areas. They can be used for construction and utility jobs as well as multiple municipality and homeowner applications. Standard features include automatic thermo-overload protectors, die cast aluminum casing covers, stainless-steel hardware, and carrying handles. Designed for convenience and improved mobility on the job, these lightweight pumps weigh from 31 to 34 pounds. One-hp engines drive each submersible pump.
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The Tsurumi model HS wastewater pump is equipped with an agitator and a specially designed suction strainer that incorporates flow reversing vanes. This combination allows the HS to liquefy the sand into suspension and thereby prevent sand locking of the unit. The semi-vortex impeller is urethane and the agitator is high chrome cast iron. This combination of materials provides for abrasion resistance and a long wearing life.

Brian Niekamp, president of Kris-Compaction Rentals in Houston, Texas, says he has been renting Tsurumi pumps to his customers for 10 years and says the HS model pumps are very reliable. One of Niekamp's contractors had to use the pumps for an extended period and called to order spare pump parts in advance. When he didn't hear from the contractor, Niekamp called him and found out that the contractor had been running the pumps continuously for six months and still didn't need the spare parts.

“The pump is economically priced and quality built,” Niekamp says.
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ITT Flygt

ITT Flygt's Ready 12 is a small, portable 1.4-hp pump designed for dewatering small construction sites. The pump weighs 25 pounds and has a diameter of 7.25 inches. It reaches 65 feet of head and pumps up to 85 gallons per minute. Ready 12, with a 2-inch discharge, is made of stainless steel and synthetic materials and employs an abrasion-resistant polyurethane impeller.
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MMD Equipment

MMD Equipment's centrifugal and trash pumps feature easy-start Honda engines that deliver consistent power and performance. Roll cages accept heavy-duty wheel kits and lifting hook kits for easy jobsite mobility. Pump cases have easy-to-replace nipples and flanges, and the pump itself has replaceable stainless steel wear plates. Trash pumps have easy-open covers for quick cleanouts. Oversized cover flanges and extra-thick O-rings assure quick, positive seals. The pumps have suction and delivery diameters in 2-, 3- and 4-inch sizes with maximum head from 50 to 105 feet.
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Pumpex dry pit submersible pumps feature the complete SmartSeal cartridge that combines both mechanical shaft seals into a complete, easily replaceable sealed cartridge. Field replacement is accomplished without special tools or training. The EcoCool closed cooling system for dry-pit installations provides a safe and maintenance-free cooling of the electric motor. The clean, sealed, internal coolant operates within variable speed applications to efficiently cool the motor without clogging. The modular pump provides ease of maintenance and assures component interchangeability and commonality from one plant to the next to reduce site maintenance, labor costs and spare part inventory.
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Stow's new T-20H and T-30H trash pumps are designed for professional contractors who do dewatering jobs with high solid content. The T-20H trash pump has a maximum capacity of 158 gallons per minute and is driven by a 5.5-hp Honda GX-160 engine. The T-30H pumps 338 gpm and is powered by an 8-hp Honda GX-240 engine. Both pumps have a maximum head of 79 feet. The trash pumps allow debris up to 1.5 inches in diameter to pass through the machine.
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