Innovative Product 2003 Award Reader's Choice

Feb. 1, 2004
The following products are the second half of contenders in the 2003 Innovative Product Award competition. Many received large numbers of votes for their

The following products are the second half of contenders in the 2003 Innovative Product Award competition. Many received large numbers of votes for their contributions to continuing product excellence and achievement in engineering and design. To see the entire list of contenders please visit

Little Wonder

Shredding TruckLoader

Little Wonder has made walk-behind blowers for years. Now the company has taken its technology and expertise to build a truckloader. The Little Wonder Shredding TruckLoader is ruggedly designed to take the abuse it needs to; has efficient flow to pick up everything in its path; offers sufficient reduction ratio to allow users to pack more into every truckload; has multiple mounting options to provide maximum flexibility; and its user-friendly design aids in getting the job done as fast as possible.
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Titan Tool

RentSpray Plus

The RentSpray Plus uses a 1.3 hp permanent magnet DC motor for power, which is extremely lightweight and has a very low amperage draw, making the unit portable and good for new commercial or residential jobs where concern over electricity is a factor. It sprays the full range of architectural coatings — stains, specialty coatings, enamels, and oil-based and latex house paints. Features and benefits include a quiet 1.3 hp PMDC motor; piston-powered fluid pump with no expensive sleeves or cylinders to wear out; TurboPulse clean for faster, more thorough cleaning; capability to spray .57 gallons per minute; a no-stick anti-graffiti coating; and three configurations to choose from.
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Little Beaver

Towable Hydraulic Earth Drill

Little Beaver's newest towable hydraulic earth drill — model HYD-TB11H — is designed for rental companies for use by fencing contractors, deck builders and sign installers. Featuring an 11 hp Honda engine, 262 foot-pounds of torque and a 6 gpm hydraulic system, it drills holes up to 16 inches in diameter. A removable tow bar is standard equipment and takes only seconds to install or remove. Forward and reverse controls provide one-person operation while a two-position handle permits drilling right next to buildings or other structures. An infinitely variable 20-degree auger tilt allows vertical drilling in uneven terrain.
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McLaren Industries

Semi-Pneumatic Tires for Skid Steers

Designed with cutting-edge, semi-pneumatic technology, McLaren Nu-Air tires cannot be classified as pneumatic, foam-filled or solid tires. They are engineered to deliver the durability of solid tires with the soft, cushioned ride of pneumatic tires — all in one product. Manufactured from heavy-duty rubber compounds, Nu-Air tires are designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions and the most massive loads. These all-terrain tires provide maximum performance both on- and off-road, even in severe cutting conditions. The deep lug tread pattern is designed to provide traction in snow, sand or deep mud. Nu-Air tires have three times the life expectancy of pneumatic tires.
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MMD Equipment

Airman PDS185S

Airman and Nissan Diesel joined forces to enhance the Airman air compressor line from MMD Equipment. The PDS185S air compressors now feature specially designed Nissan Diesel engines that increase performance and reliability. Features include reduced speeds and noise levels; dependable all-weather starting; EPA Tier II and CARB compliance; increased efficiency; optimized design; simplified maintenance with mechanical fuel injection management; Airman's EFPA system; and a 5-year, 16,000-hour warranty on both the engine and air end. Engine parts are guaranteed to ship within 24 hours or the parts are free.
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MMD Equipment

Sakai HS66ST Vibratory Roller

The Sakai HS66ST Steerable Vibratory Roller steers with the touch of a button, delivering up-to-the-edge compaction with cutting-edge performance. It provides hydraulic power steering with the flick of a switch and allows more flexibility in operator choices. Other features include smooth surface finishes with or without vibration; rollers that allow close wall clearance and ample curb clearance on each side; and each drum has its own motor with built-in reduction unit, eliminating the need for regular periodic adjustments. A reliable pinch protection device, positive pin-lock brakes, and a safety warning horn are standard. A plastic water reservoir allows the user to check the water level at a glance. A vinyl-coated steering handle features easy-to-use controls and can be raised to a vertical position for compact storage and easy transport.
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Robin America

EX Series Engine

The new EX Series engines are the first to utilize high performance chain-driven overhead cam (OHC) technology in the industrial air-cooled market, the company says. Four models offer power ranges from 4.5- to 9-hp. Major user benefits include easy start with recoil pulling force reduced by 30 to 40 percent; low noise — full 2dBA (decibel level) quieter than same-class engines; more horsepower and torque from less cc; a chain driven OHC and superior cooling; easy to install interchanges with existing slant-cylinder engines; easy start, plus loaded with convenience features; and a premium engine at an affordable price combined with high performance and long, trouble-free life.
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MMD Equipment

Yanmar B08 Ultra-Compact Excavator

The Yanmar Ultra-Compact B08 excavator reaches restricted jobsites for excavating and demolition. With variable tracks that retract to a width of 27 inches and a collapsible ROPS bar, the B08 can easily pass through a standard 32-inch doorway. A diesel exhaust catalytic purifier allows indoor operation. Fully extended at 33 inches, the tracks provide a safe and stable platform for the machine. The tracks adjust for self-leveling on uneven terrain up to 10 degrees from level. Maximum digging depth ranges from 47 inches to 4 feet, 11 inches, and it will reach up to 8 feet, 10 inches from the machine's centerline. Standard dual power take-offs operate a range of attachments.
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Stone Construction Equipment

Narrow Lift Jockey LJS2000

The Lift Jockey LJS2000 is designed to fit through doorways and to work on upper floors with a load capacity of 1,000 pounds. This ride-on or walk-behind lift easily moves and raises pallets, blocks, trees or other materials. It is a counter-balance fork truck that can pick up any width pallet utilizing pallet or block forks. It features three interchangeable masts with heights of 7 feet, 6 inches, 8 feet, 6 inches or 9 feet, 6 inches. It has a platform-mounted service brake and a lift pedal for controlled lifting and lowering. An optional quick-release tire system (patent pending) provides added reliability on rough terrain and can be removed to pass through a doorway. Lift-away poly covers provide optimum serviceability. The Lift has been rated under ASME safety standards.
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Titan Tool

RentSpray HVLP

Titan has engineered the RentSpray HVLP paint sprayer to provide a portable sprayer that is capable of atomization of today's finishing coatings. This unit is primarily used for finishing work (cabinets, doors, chairs, etc.) and works as a complement to, not a substitute for, airless paint spraying equipment. The 4-stage turbine makes it a sprayer for all coatings ranging from stains to finish quality latex paints. It provides 15 percent better atomization due to the non-bleeder; a multi-position pick-up tube for longer use without refill; transfer efficiencies ranging up to 90 percent; an air filtration system with an exclusive “Dirty Filter Warning Light;” and a patented noise reduction system for quiet operation.
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Stone Construction Equipment

Stake Bed Utility Cart

The FB1000 features the versatility of three machines — a stake bed, flat bed and extended flat bed. The poly tub Mud Buggy can easily be converted to a 10 cubic foot stake bed utility cart in less than 10 minutes with a capacity of 2,500 pounds. The stake bed features heavy-duty solid steel panels and a dual-acting tailgate. Removing the panels converts the stake bed to a flat bed capable of carrying loads up to 2,500 pounds. Further convert to an extended flat bed to carry wider loads such as sheet rock or paneling. The panels can be inserted into the flat bed base to provide additional stability to the load. Walk-behind or ride-on the machine.
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TerraMarc Industries

Load-n-Lift Trailer

The Load-n-Lift Trailers make loading, lifting and hauling mobile, low-clearance and compact equipment quick, safe and convenient. Load-n-Lift Trailers eliminate need for ramps; completely lower rear of the deck to the ground for ease in loading/unloading; provide low angle of less than six degrees for safe and easy loading; are fully functional with or without tow vehicle attached; and feature a 3-point Triple-Duty Jack System. An optional electric hydraulic pump allows the operator to lift the deck with a touch of a button in seconds. It is built to meet everyday demands with payloads of up to 6,500 pounds.
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Vermeer Manufacturing

SC352 Stump Cutter

The SC352 stump cutter is targeted at filling the needs of contractors in the stump removal market boasting the power necessary for right of way clearing jobs, but remaining versatile, lightweight and compact to tackle those hard-to-reach stumps hidden in the backyard. With hydraulic front steer, a simple push or pull of a lever at the control station activates all steering functions. The control console is positioned between the engine and steering axle and is equipped with simple 2-position controls that are conveniently located to provide a full view of the cutting action.
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Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo BL70 Backhoe Loader

Volvo assembled a team of backhoe loader experts from around the world to develop its new machine. Customer input was utilized at every phase of the development through a series of head-to-head backhoe loader field trials around the world that helped Volvo determine precisely what customers wanted. The result is a backhoe loader (Model BL70) with a backhoe dig depth of 14 feet, 9 inches, a loader lift capacity of 7,619 pounds, a loader bucket capacity of 1.3 cubic yards and an operating weight of 17,800 pounds.
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Vermeer Manufacturing

S600 Compact Skid-Steer Loader

Whether for landscaping, utility work, fencing, moving materials around a work site or for home projects, the S600 compact skid steer offers versatility and user-friendly features. A ride-on design provides an alternative solution to manual labor by bringing a wide range of attachments into confined and weight sensitive work areas. A universal mounting plate and auxiliary hydraulic connection powers various optional attachments including a bucket, fork, land leveler, tiller, auger and trencher. The ride-on design offers high visibility and keeps the operator out of work site debris, such as mud, while reducing operator effort and gaining productivity.
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Wacker Corp.

Oil-injected Vibratory Rammers

The oil-injected system of Wacker's new rammer series is incorporated into its EPA certified, WM 80 2-cycle engine. The result is a new rammer that offers benefits that include the low-oil shutdown switch, which protects the engine from being run without oil; a fuel to oil ratio of 120:1; and 65 hours of operation on a single tank of oil.

The WM 80 engine is the only 2-cycle engine in the industry specifically designed to withstand tough rammer applications and now offers the convenience of no longer needing to premix fuel and oil. Wacker offers three fuel-injected rammer models, the BS 500-oi, BS 600-oi and BS 700-oi.
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