Innovative Product Award

Feb. 1, 2006
The following products were contenders in the 2005 Innovative Product Award competition. They are each contributors to continuing product excellence and

The following products were contenders in the 2005 Innovative Product Award competition. They are each contributors to continuing product excellence and achievement in engineering and design.


Cube Route Visibility and Routing Service

The Cube Route Visibility and Routing Service provides an easy and affordable way to optimize routes, track and monitor delivery fleets in real time. This on-demand logistics service combines sophisticated routing, tracking and planning functionality with the simplicity of Web-based service delivery. It optimizes both static and dynamic routes for maximum efficiency by taking into account geographic zones, time windows and other constraints when organizing delivery fleets. It also provides dispatchers, managers and support agents with a real-time global view of driver movement and delivery status across an entire fleet. This robust solution drives out operational inefficiencies, ultimately cutting costs and improving customer service.
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Alto Cleaning Systems Attix 19 Series

This 19-gallon commercial vacuum from Alto Cleaning Systems allows simultaneous operation by two operators using electric or pneumatic tools. Operating with an air flow of 140 cfm and a water lift of 105 inches, it produces a minimal 57 dB(A) (most operate at approximately 85 dB(A)). The internationally patented XtremeClean filter-cleaning system cleans the filter automatically while working, practically eliminating job interruption to change or clean filters. Air enters the container, passes through the filter in the opposite direction and blasts dirt from the filter, restoring optimal suction performance. This technology extends the life of the filter and reduces labor and maintenance costs.
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Earlex HVLP paint spraying system

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray systems have been around for many years. They are designed for painting small, detailed jobs such as cars, chairs, cabinets and other objects for which a cup gun or pump system are not designed. Users can spray virtually any paint onto any surface, the company says. Minimal over spray and reduced paint wastage are just two of the benefits to the user. The Earlex SprayPort allows the customer to paint and achieve a great finish with no previous experience and, moreover, when they rent a unit, they get to keep the gun and reduce their next rental cost.
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Hilti PR25 rotating laser

A universal tool for internal and external use, and various horizontal and vertical leveling and alignment applications, the Hilti PR 25 contains several innovative new functions, including scanning, surveillance and auto alignment. By touching a button on the remote radio-controlled receiver, the PR 25's auto alignment system aligns the beam with a reference point to help ensure the highest accuracy. Using the best sensors available, the PR 25 takes 256 readings and sends the results through its sophisticated software program to filter errors. Unlike other tools, this laser's beam finds the PRA 25 receiver within ±5 degrees and with one-person operation.
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Thompson Pump 4-inch dry prime pump

Thompson Pump's revolutionary 4-inch pump sets new standards for performance and versatility in the construction market. With a high efficiency impeller design, the pump delivers flows up to 1,450 gpm and heads up to 150 feet — 50 percent more than other 4-inch pumps on the market — and handles solids up to 3 inches, which is typical of most 12-inch trash pumps. The unit also utilizes a 3-cylinder instead of a 4-cylinder diesel engine, saving on fuel consumption. Constructed with a completely modular design, the pump serves applications from sewer bypass to wellpoint dewatering and provides customer convenience with three different priming systems, which include compressor/venturi, vacuum pump and diaphragm primer. Additional options include a detachable trailer, double-wall fuel tank, automatic start/stop engine controller and sound-reducing canopy.
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Featherlite utility trailer Model 1610

Featherlite utility trailer Model 1610 is designed to be versatile. Its primary function is to haul cargo and move equipment, parts and tools. But for leisure, it will haul ATVs, motorcycles and recreational equipment. It is manufactured with premium, corrosion-resistant aluminum, creating a lighter, easier-towing trailer that is durable. Model 1610 features strong, moisture-resistant Featherlite Advantage wood flooring with advanced resin technology and has a thermally fused protective liner under the floor to better protect the cargo. The trailer contains 3/8-inch thick Featherlite Advantage wood lining on sidewalls and an attractive, sturdy, 2-inch-radius aluminum roof rail. It comes in lengths up to 18 feet and is available with a handy rear-load ramp.
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Allied Construction Products in-Series hydraulic hammer

Features of the in-Series hammers from Allied Construction Products include a massive, trapezoidal tool that is unbreakable; minimal maintenance (no greasing); no tie-rods, no tie-bolts and no side-bolts; no steel tool bushings (one bushing made of composite wear-resistant material); a compact design for narrow work areas; no day-to-day nitrogen gas checking or charging; and an innovative mounting bracket (two brackets in one). The in-Series hammers are available in four models — the Model 8, 11, 15 and 22. Mounted on mini-excavators, mini-skid-steers (walk-along or ride-on), skid steers and backhoes, the in-Series hydraulic impact hammers are built for the demolition of concrete structures, building foundations and pavement.
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Godwin Pumps HL160M Dri-Prime pump

The HL160M Dri-Prime pump is the only single-stage pump of its kind to achieve heads to 625 feet (270 psi), flows to 2,000 gpm and solids handling to 1 3/8 inches in diameter, the company says. The HL160M automatically primes from dry to 28 feet of suction lift and features an oil bath mechanical seal that allows the unit to run dry without damage during intermittent flow conditions. The HL160M is designed to be close coupled to the engine flywheel, enhancing its compactness and ease-of-alignment in the field. Applications include high-pressure, potable-water boosting; jetting; tunnel/shaft dewatering; temporary fire systems; and mine/quarry dewatering.
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Material Handling

Gehl all-wheel-steer loaders

Maximize productivity with the 80-Series All-Wheel-Steer (AWS) loaders from Gehl. The exclusive all-wheel-steering design features unmatched maneuverability and consistent load capacities throughout the load cycle, the company says. The four-wheel-steering and one-piece chassis design provides superior stability, tractive power and a tight turning radius. It is designed to easily work in more confined spaces than an articulated loader. The 80-Series AWS loaders feature operating weights from 7,055 to 12,015 pounds, bucket capacities from 1.44 to 2.35 cubic yards and rated operating loads from 2,590 to 4,365 pounds. EPA Tier II diesel engines range from 38 to 76 hp.
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Manitou North America articulated telehandler, MLA 628

The MLA 628-120 LS includes features such as a 123-hp Perkins intercooled, turbocharged engine with ample reserves of power and reduced fuel consumption; a powershift transmission with four forward/three reverse speeds; high torque axles with limited slip differentials; and inboard brakes in both axles for traction and control. Its Load Sensing Ultra system features a variable flow piston pump that adjusts the hydraulic flow to the power required, saving energy and increasing efficiency. An output of 40 gpm at 3,900 psi allows quick, smooth and responsive simultaneous movements of two, three or even four functions resulting in reduced cycle times and increased output.
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Manitou North America compact telescopic handler Twisco

Manitou North America's Twisco SLT 415, its new “pocket telescopic,” is designed to be ultra compact, mobile and practical. With a 75-inch height and 66-inch width, the Twisco is at home inside buildings, parking garages and construction jobsites. Rear-wheel steering allows it to pivot on the inner tire, giving a compact turning radius of 88 inches. Weighing 5,250 pounds, it is easily transported with a pickup truck and trailer. By combining the forward/reverse direction controls with the hydraulic controls the driver never has to take his hands off the steering wheel, allowing for faster cycle times, increased productivity and 360-degree visibility.
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Gehl CT Series telehandler

The five new, versatile CT Series telescopic handler models from Gehl are designed for use in almost any construction, agriculture or landscape application. Their pilot-controlled hydraulic system allows for the precise handling of large loads. A quiet, well-insulated cab provides a full 360-degree view. The CT Series telescopic handlers feature maximum capacities from 5,000 to 7,000 pounds, maximum lift heights from 16 feet, 2 inches to 22 feet, 7 inches, and rated capacities from 5,000 to 6,000 pounds. The EPA Tier II naturally aspirated Perkins diesel engines range from 58 to 101 hp. The CT models maintain their maximum lift capacity of 5,000 pounds all the way to the top of their maximum lift height. A variety of attachments are available for loader and material handling applications.
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Carelift Equipment Zoom Boom ZB32032

The Zoom Boom ZB32032 is a 32,000-pound capacity, rough-terrain telescopic reach forklift. The ZB32032 is an addition to the Super HeavyWeight line of telehandlers offered by CareLift that includes the ZB20032 and ZB20044 models that have been in service in a variety of applications since 1998. The Super HeavyWeight models have capacities of 20,000 and 32,000 pounds with lifting heights of 32 feet and 44 feet on the 20,000-pound units and 32 feet on the 32,000-pound unit. The ZB32032 retains the same innovative design and rugged construction that the industry has come to trust in other Zoom Boom models, the company says.
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Terex TX6622 telehandler

The TX6622 boasts strong performance in a compact package — with a lift capacity of 6,600 pounds and a lift height of more than 22 feet. Its compact footprint, just 6 foot, 7 inches wide and 6 foot, 9 inches high, and 4-wheel drive allow for ease of maneuverability on small jobsites or sites with congested work areas. The unit also features heavy-duty chassis design to provide a stable foundation for lifting; large, rough-terrain tires; 4-wheel drive; limited front slip differential; top speed of 21 mph; an 80.5 hp, air-cooled Deutz diesel engine; and an ergonomic cab design for a comfortable work environment.
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