July 1, 2002
MBW MBW's ATS/ATP 60 vibratory roller attachments are high performance, low cost vibratory compactors that attach directly to most skid-steer loaders.


MBW's ATS/ATP 60 vibratory roller attachments are high performance, low cost vibratory compactors that attach directly to most skid-steer loaders. With a centrifugal force of 7,675 pounds, these attachments turn a skid-steer loader into a 3-ton roller. Available in smooth or padded drum models, users experience high-density compaction on a full range of soil types.
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FFC Attachments

FFC Attachments introduces the new cyclone hopper broom that handles light and heavy-duty clean-up in a variety of construction, municipal and industrial applications. The bi-directional hopper broom sweeps forward to efficiently pick up dirt, dust and lighter materials. In reverse, the broom effectively collects heavier materials such as asphalt millings, rock and construction debris. The design eliminates the need for a front caster wheel, making it easier to work next to walls, curbs and other obstacles for more complete cleanup.
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Mustang Mfg.

Mustang Mfg. introduces two new larger models to its line of skid-steer loaders. Mustang's 2095 and 2105 models have a lift height of 142 inches and lift heights of 3,150 (2095) and 3,600 (2105) pounds. The 2095 features a 90-hp direct-injected Yanmar turbo-charged diesel engine, and the 2105 features a powerful 110-hp direct-injected Yanmar turbo-charged diesel engine. A 2-speed transmission, allowing travel speeds of up to 14 mph, is standard on the 2105 and optional on the 2095.
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New Holland Construction

New Holland Construction LS series skid-steers (LS120, LS140, LS150, LS160, LS170, LS180, LS190) are workhorses on the jobsite. Featuring the company's third generation superboom vertical-lift design, each LS skid-steer offers a low center of gravity and a long wheelbase to provide better stability and more lift capacity. Models range from 18 to 83 gross engine hp with lift capacities from 1,282 to 3,100 pounds. The operator's environment is wide and roomy with no restraint bar to hinder movement.
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John Deere

Equipped with a John Deere 4045T turbo-charged engine, the 280 skid-steer from John Deere has 90 gross horsepower. With a rated operating capacity of 3,200 pounds and 11,600 pounds of bucket breakout force, the skid-steer is ready for a variety of lifting jobs. It has a servo-controlled, hydrostatic 4-wheel drive transmission and an optional 2-speed transmission available for increased productivity and transport speeds. The model has a dump height of 127 inches, and the boom cylinders are cushioned to ensure extra smooth machine operation.
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The new 190 and 1110 robot skid-steer loaders replace the previous 185 and 1105 robots with increased operating capacities. The 190 skid-steer loader has an operating capacity of 1,985 pounds, and the 1110 skid-steer loader has a rated operating capacity of 2,426 pounds. The two new skid-steer loaders are also available as the 190T and 1110T equipped with high drive rubber track systems that provide increased flotation, reduced ground bearing pressure, increased lift capacity and stability over rubber tires.
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A combination of rugged design with a wide stance and low center of gravity enhances Daewoo's new skid-steer loaders. The hydrostaic transmission and direct injection Daewoo diesel engine provide for more reliable operation. A rear door allows convenient access to the engine and all routine components, and the universal attachment system and interchangeable service parts between all models increase compatibility and reduce down time. Steel ROPS, a seat bar, seat belts and greater visibility within the wide operator's area ensure added safety.
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The TL130 skid-steer loader from Takeuchi has a 67-hp diesel engine and 2-speed hydrostatic track drive with elevated planetary final drives. The rubber tracks are 12.6 inches wide. The operator compartment has ROPS/FOPS tilt back, entry/exit grab handles and steps and pilot operated joystick controls. There is an emergency engine shutdown system, electronic engine monitoring system, dual element air cleaner and hydraulic self-leveling bucket.
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Bobcat Co.

Bobcat Co. launches the new Bobcat S250 skid-steer loader. Featuring a rated operating capacity of 2,500 pounds, the skid-steer is a vertical lift path loader designed for tough-duty construction, landscaping, masonry, rental and a variety of lift-and-carry applications. Options in operator comfort include cab heat and air conditioning, adjustable suspension seat, 2-speed transmission and a hydraulic power Bob-Tach system for faster attachment changes. The company redesigned the system to improve the shedding of mud and debris.
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Thomas Equipment

Thomas Equipment introduces its first mini skid-steer loader — the model 25G. The skid-steer weighs 1,500 pounds and measures 39.9 inches in width. Small but powerful, the machine features a full SAE rated lift capacity of 475 pounds and more than 1,450 pounds of breakout force. It has a universal attachment system, so users apply Thomas as well as most competitive attachments for versatility.
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The RC 50 from ASV features an advanced rubber track undercarriage with suspension, a 50-hp Cat diesel engine, 115-inch lift height, 12-inch ground clearance and 9 mph top speed. It also comes standard with ASV's posi-power control. This allows the machine to be worked to its fullest potential by automatically back-shifting the hydrostat to match available engine hp. Along with the pilot-operated hydraulic controls, this makes the all-surface loader easier to operate and helps prevent engine stall.
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An extension of the full-sized skid-steer loaders, the 35 1/2-inch wide Finn Eagle compact skid-steer machine can get into smaller spaces and delivers the same power down to the tools as the larger machines. The machine has more than 40 available attachments and offers a quick connect for attachments using a hydraulic motor such as a rotary broom. Smooth controls eliminate jolting and jerking, and the machine is designed so that engine heat is channeled away for the operator. Besides saving time, the machine reduces strain on users who can use the machine for heavy lifting or moving of plants.
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Case Xtreme machines feature seven new XT skid-steers that can handle such a range of work, from finessing through a narrow gate with a load of sod to hauling a 3,000-pound load of crushed rock.
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The Cat skid-steer loaders are designed, built and backed by Caterpillar to deliver performance, versatility, serviceability and customer support. The company has also developed a wide range of performance-matched work tools, machine-matched to Cat skid-steer loaders. Cat skid-steer loader and work tools fill needs in agriculture, construction, forestry, industrial, mining, quarry/aggregate and waste applications.
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There are five new skid-steer models from Volvo that feature a universal attachment system, rugged styling, sufficient breakout force and lift capacity, and easy service access. The skid-steers also have sealed pins and self-lubricated bushings, two heavy-duty drive chains per side, a welded unitized frame and a lubed-for-life universal joint. The cab is large and comfortable. Safety features include a hydraulic controls lockout, automatic park brake and a loader arm safety support.
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Match the Loader to the Job

AWS = All-Wheel Steer
CTL = Compact Track Loader
SSL = Skid Steer Loader

Good Better Best Rough terrain operation SSL AWS CTL Rated operating capacity SSL CTL AWS Low ground disturbance SSL CTL AWS Tire/track life cost CTL SSL AWS Travel speed CTL SSL/AWS AWS/SSL Breakout force SSL AWS CTL Muddy conditions SSL AWS CTL Pushing/grading force SSL AWS CTL Purchase price CTL AWS SSL Maneuverability — — SSL/AWS/CTL Comfort — — SSL/AWS/CTL Controls — — SSL/AWS/CTL Toughness — — SSL/AWS/CTL Chart courtesy of Bobcat