skid-steer loaders

March 1, 2008
Komatsu Komatsu's SK815-5 standard equipment two-speed travel system allows for low impact shift-on-the-go speed changes. The hydraulic self-leveling


Komatsu's SK815-5 standard equipment two-speed travel system allows for low impact shift-on-the-go speed changes. The hydraulic self-leveling (up only) bucket with 3,950 pounds of breakout force enhances productivity. The optional super-flow hydraulic system increases the available oil flow for attachments from 16 gpm to 26 gpm. The joystick-mounted control system incorporates momentary reverse flow and multiple electrical inputs enabling the machine to power most attachments. A 41-inch wheelbase provides a stable ride and platform for operating high production attachments.
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The 7810E skid-steer loader from Gehl is powered by a Cummins 99-hp turbo-charged diesel engine with 305 foot-pounds of torque. It has an increased SAE-rated load capacity of 3,850 pounds. In addition, with a 3,300-psi hydraulic system relief pressure, the 7810E delivers a breakout force of 8,340 pounds. It is designed for breaking, hauling and grinding concrete; digging and moving materials; and loading trucks. The Power-A-Tach universal-type quick-attach system option makes changing attachments fast and easy.
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Ditch Witch

The ultra-compact SK350 mini-skid steer features a 20-hp Kohler engine and an 11-gpm dual hydrostatic ground drive that gives it the same capabilities of larger machines. Its 7.5-gallon fuel tank provides up to 5 hours of operation so the operator can finish most jobs without refueling. Features include simple, easy-to-use, color-coded controls and a quick-disconnect manifold so attachments can be changed without shutting off the machine.
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John Deere

John Deere introduces the new 313 (pictured) and 315 skid-steer loaders to its 300 Series. The new models are compact and maneuverable with rated operating capacities of 1,300 and 1,500 pounds. They feature 45-hp engines that are certified to EPA interim Tier-4 emissions levels, as well as electronic controls for idle stability, cold-start performance and transient response. Key market segments for the 313 and 315 include building and site development, landscaping, underground, road building and agriculture.
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Compact Power

Compact Power introduces its newest model to the Boxer lineup, the 532DX mini-skid. The track-driven 532DX diesel unit is designed for the landscaping, rental and construction markets. Like the Boxer 526DX, the 532DX offers an integrated track system that retracts from a fully extended 43.5-inches to a width of 35 inches, and is easily controlled by a joystick on the control panel. The variable track design is designed to facilitate the ability to maneuver the 532DX through tight areas, such as gates and sidewalks, and then extend back to full width for increased stability while in operation.
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The new Caterpillar B2 Series of skid-steer loaders and multi-terrain loaders feature an improved operator station, an advanced hydraulic system and a wide range of standard features and options designed to meet a variety of production and comfort requirements in the compact machines. All B2 Series machines have ergonomic operator stations that feature easy-to-use pilot-operated joystick controls for reduced operator fatigue and increased productivity. High-performance power trains provide high engine horsepower and torque, allowing part-throttle operation for lower sound levels and fuel consumption.
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Volvo Construction

The Volvo MC60B skid-steer loader is built with a rated operating capacity of 1,400 pounds and an operating weight of 5,624 pounds. The MC60B is designed with an isolation-mounted cab to reduce vibration and noise during operation, and operators can further increase comfort by choosing between mechanical or pilot controls. In addition, Volvo skid-steer loaders feature liquid-cooled, 16-valve Volvo engines.
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Takeuchi announces the addition of the TL120 to its established line of compact track loaders. The TL120 is a turbo-powered, 52-hp machine with an operating weight of just under 6,000 pounds and a tipping load of 3,549 pounds. It features a breakout force in the bucket cylinders of 4,821 pounds and 5,042 pounds in the lift arm cylinders. A high-sprocket planetary drive system provides an efficient and durable method of speed reduction and torque amplification and eliminated drive chains, chain cases, axles and hubs that require periodic maintenance and could cause failure.
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The Ramrod Taskmaster 1150 LKD diesel-powered compact track utility loader has a lift capacity of 1,150 pounds and a carrying capacity of 2,300 pounds. The unit also features a patented high-torque hydraulic-drive system that provides 1,600 pounds of tractive power. The high, uninterrupted output to hydraulic functions means greater lift capacity and the power to drive attachments. In addition, turf-tred tracks operate in dirt, mud and snow, and have no lug pattern thus preserving the turf.
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New Holland Construction

The L175 skid-steer loader from New Holland Construction is designed with a 2,000-pounds SAE-rated operating capacity, a bucket breakout force of 4,300 pounds and an operating weight of 6,230 pounds. The L175 has a New Holland turbocharged engine rated at 60 gross hp and offers a full 10-foot lift height and 29 inches of forward reach.
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