Green Machines and Technology

Aug. 1, 2001
Aboveground Wash Pads The Big Island line of aboveground wash pads is designed for cleaning large parts and equipment with capacities up to 30 tons. The

Aboveground Wash Pads

The Big Island line of aboveground wash pads is designed for cleaning large parts and equipment with capacities up to 30 tons. The portable units come in 18-by-10-feet modules that can be bolted together and offer several filtration options needed for wastewater recirculation and reuse. Features include non-skid surfaces, walls to contain splashback, strainers and storage tank(s).


The Honda GXV530 V-Twin engine delivers 16 horsepower. The unit features a cast-iron cylinder sleeve; an overhead valve; a dual-element, automotive-type air filter; and a QuadraLube lubrication system. The unit meets all Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board emission standards, according to the manufacturer.

Closed-Loop Water Recycling System

The Cyclonator from Reveer is designed to handle the heavy mud loads involved with washing large pieces of equipment. The closed-loop rack and recycling system features integral heavy mud/oil separators and high-capacity cleanable filters.

Zero-Emissions Lawn Care Vehicle

The “zero” lawn care vehicle from Wolf Garden features catalytic afterburning technology that produces almost no emissions and uses a laser cutting and measuring system that replaces rotating blades, eliminating noise levels when in use. By converting the Smart car into a lawn care vehicle, Wolf Garden created a two-seater mower that is street legal and provides an environmentally efficient alternative to grounds care.

Vacuum Water Reclaim Accessories

The Vacu Burm from Cleaning System Specialists prevents water runoff when using a pressure washer for cleaning applications. The 3-foot-long unit can be placed in the gutter to block water flow from entering the storm drain or used to vacuum water from hard surfaces. Wash water is vacuumed into a holding tank, oil/water separator or septic sewer.

Diesel Engines

The 8.1L engine from John Deere Power Systems is EPA Tier 2 certified and features a high pressure common rail fuel system, improved full-authority electronic engine controls and air-to-air cooling. This 325-horsepower unit features higher injection pressures, better timing control, improved control of fuel injection, more power and higher torque, the company says.

Wash Pad Systems

The Hydropad portable wash pad systems from Hydro Engineering provide temporary wash locations and can be set up on dirt, gravel, asphalt or concrete. The system channels water into a gutter where the solids settle and can be easily removed. Pads measure 8-by-8 feet and can handle equipment with weights of 30 tons per axle. The pads can be connected to create a larger surface.

Digital pH Permissive System

The Digital pH Permissive System from Water Blaze is intended for use with wastewater treatment equipment to prevent potential corrosion and damage. The unit includes a pump for constantly circulating wastewater, a static mixer for precise blending of the pH adjusting agents and water, digital controller, durable sensor and two chemical metering pumps. It also helps bring water to the acceptable pH levels required by sewer treatment facilities.