Dec. 1, 2005
Toro The Toro power box rake attachment for use with Dingo compact utility loaders transforms rough terrain into a prepared seedbed. Landscape contractors


The Toro power box rake attachment for use with Dingo compact utility loaders transforms rough terrain into a prepared seedbed. Landscape contractors can use the power box rake for construction and renovation projects including seedbed and sod preparation and rock removal. Triple-sealed, shielded roller bearings stand up to harsh soil conditions. The power box rake is adaptable to a variety of soil moisture conditions through the use of the adjustable Rhino-Hide barrier, which allows the operator to choose the size of material to be left on the seedbed. Raising the barrier promotes soil drying and saves time by opening up muddy sites.
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Atlas Copco

The HB 7000 hydraulic breaker attachment from Atlas Copco has a service weight of more than 7 tons and works for applications such as primary and secondary quarry breaking, demolition, tunneling, trenching and foundation work. Accepting a maximum hydraulic flow of 119 gpm at 2,610 psi of pressure, the HB 7000 delivers an impact rate of up to 450 bpm. This offers maximum productivity in the most extreme breaking conditions. The HB 7000 comes standard with AutoControl, a monitoring system that allows the hammer to adapt its frequency and power output to match operating conditions. To reduce excess vibration and noise, the HB 7000 comes equipped with the VibroSilenced damping system.
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DLoG Logistics

The MPC 5/110 touch screen PC from DLoG Logistics can be used in warehouses and on forklifts, construction machinery and other indoor and outdoor vehicles. The optional 3M Near Field Imaging MicroTouch 10-inch touch screen provides visibility even in bright environments. An internal UPS storage battery is available for backup during power failures and transportation from one vehicle to another. An optional automatic switch-off feature powers down the computer when the vehicle's ignition is turned off.
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Leading Edge Attachments

Leading Edge Attachments' DigNRip excavator bucket functions similarly to that of a trencher for severe rock and frost removal. The ripper tooth tips are located at special computer-generated positions that combine the contact positions associated with a rolling movement of the bucket cylinder and the sweep action of the stick. The angles of the teeth have been strategically positioned so that the bucket performs maximum ripping. The bucket is constructed of tough AR400 steel and offered with Cat, Hensley or Esco brand teeth.
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John Deere

The John Deere Worksite Pro RL66 and RL84 roller levels are designed to make grading, leveling and contouring with detail control a breeze for skid-steer operators. The new attachments are a patented box blade with roller level that can do landscape and site preparatory work without hydraulics. As a result, the initial cost and operating costs are less than other final grade tools. Uptime is maximized because the roller level is a simple mechanical attachment with no hydraulic motors. Two greaseable bearings and two replaceable cutting edges also enhance uptime. The roller levels provide an alternative for more costly attachments in many applications. Unlike a power rake, these roller levels do not disturb the sub soil, which is key to leaving the sub soil compacted for asphalt and concrete jobs.
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General Equipment

General Equipment's 190C Cut-R-Tach rotary asphalt cutting attachment is designed as a heavy-duty, high production solution to a range of asphalt cutting projects. The 190C clamps directly to the buckets of tractor loader backhoes and wheel/track type loaders without special tools, modifications or adapters. Its patented twin screw clamping mechanism guarantees a tight fit in both forward and reverse cutting directions. A 19-inch diameter cutting blade is machined from a special service duty, alloy steel and yields a maximum asphalt cutting depth of 5½ inches. With a blade life in excess of 25,000 lineal feet, it is field replaceable without disturbing bearings or seals. It is capable of cutting up to 6,000 lineal feet per hour in high-density asphalt.
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The Caterpillar PC 404 cold planer for backhoe loaders features independent self-leveling for constant planing depth and 130 degrees of rotation for smooth, unrestricted performance. Manual depth control allows planing as much as 5 inches deep. Drum width is 18 inches. The optimal drum bit pattern and 48 standard all-purpose conical bits equip the planer for maximum cutting performance while ensuring superior surface texture. The direct-drive, variable-speed hydraulic motor delivers the right mix of cutting bit speed and drum torque for efficient milling. The durable design of the unit ensures maximum balance and vibration-free performance. Quick disconnects to hydraulic lines allow quick and easy hookup, as a single one-way hydraulic line is all that is required.
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Indeco's HP 1800 side plate breaker is engineered to increase productivity on larger tractor loader backhoes. The HP 1800 can be used in building demolition; earthworks in inhabited areas; digging narrow, deep trenches; and secondary demolitions. The breaker has an operating weight of 1,430 pounds and offers a hydraulic flow of 22 to 34 gpm and up to 1,800 psi to provide high impact blow after blow. Its offset design allows the breaker to curl completely under the dipper of most large backhoes during transport for safer and easier over-the-road or jobsite driving. The lighter overall weight allows the backhoe to be loaded and unloaded from trailers more safely, without any need to remove the hammer.
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AIM Attachments

AIM Attachments manufactures a complete line of skid-steer buckets including low profile, trash and litter, grapple, high dump and multipurpose configurations. Low profile buckets feature a durable, compact design that allows for visibility of the cutting edge. These buckets have a low center of gravity to better utilize the breakout force of the skid-steer loader. Low profile buckets are also available in a long bottom configuration. Optional features include large pin-on teeth (pictured), small crimp-on teeth or add-on toothbars. AIM low profile buckets are designed for machines with the universal style skid-steer coupler. Widths available include 60, 66, 72, 78 and 84 inches.
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Allied Construction Products

The Ho-Pac vibratory compactor/driver from Allied Construction is available in four models: 500, 1000, 1600 and 2300 (pictured). The Ho-Pacs feature a larger eccentric with mass farther away from the shaft centerline to help increase impulse and compaction force. The oil splash provides maintenance-free bearing lubrication, which means no greasing. The base plate can be unbolted easily to allow replacement with a different size or custom attachment. New hose routing allows for better protection against sheared or damaged hoses. As a compactor, Ho-Pacs work for trench, slope and excavation compaction, or for compacting waste materials and for breaking up frozen coal. As a driver, Ho-Pacs offer a fast, less expensive technique for driving wood, steel and aluminum sheeting, H and I beams, piling, posts and sea walls.
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Case Construction Equipment's Case/Bradco HP Series of cold planers includes five models ranging from 16 inches to 40 inches wide and provide cutting depths to 5 inches. The planers can take on high-density concrete and asphalt for milling of potholes and leveling of frost heaves. Other applications include cutting butt joints and T-caps or removing pavement next to curbs and gutters prior to overlay. Powered by high-flow hydraulics, Case/Bradco HP Planers feature convenient in-cab control of depth, tilt and sideshift. An independent pivoting head provides better contour tracking, and independent self-leveling depth adjustment allows for precise lapping cuts and taping cuts. Wheels can be removed for planing next to curbs and obstructions.
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