May 1, 2004
Lubricant WD-40, used on everything from automobiles to tools to industrial equipment, is now easier to use on large surface areas. The recently introduced


WD-40, used on everything from automobiles to tools to industrial equipment, is now easier to use on large surface areas. The recently introduced WD-40 Big Blast provides an easier way to deliver product quickly and efficiently. A new, wide-area spray nozzle allows the user to increase coverage area in less time.
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Gantry crane

Easily Moved Equipment's aluminum alloy box beam gantry crane is designed to eliminate the shortcomings of the traditional steel or aluminum ‘I’ beam designs. The box beam design allows for ground-up assembly with minimum staff and no need for any type of rigging equipment. This new design allows the gantry cranes to be used in basements, production lines and on roofs, and it can replace scaffolding, ceiling beams or temporary lifting structures. Units weigh 155 to 295 pounds and have lifting capacities from 1,100 to 4,400 pounds.
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Auger/Conveyor system

Riveer Co. introduces a new automated auger and conveyor system for removal of solids during heavy mud-washing applications. The automated, 4-inch heavy-duty auger mechanically separates the mud from the wash water inside the center trough of the Heavy Mud racks. The separated mud is sent to a chain conveyor system that automatically dumps into the mud hopper for easy disposal. The wash water is recycled through Riveer's filtration and recovery system, the Cyclonator.
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Trimble introduces the Spectra Precision Laser LL300 laser level, designed to handle a wide range of general and concrete construction applications. The self-leveling LL300 is a contractor-grade laser that users can customize by choosing between the Spectra Precision Laser HR300 receiver and the Spectra Precision Laser CR600 receiver. The HR300 can be used as either a handheld or rod-mounted unit and is suitable for basic elevation control applications. The CR600 is designed for longer range leveling and basic machine control applications, with its ability to be used as a handheld, rod-mounted or machine-mounted unit.
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Wheel loader

The new Terex TXL wheel loader product line features six loaders with operating weights from 18,960 pounds to 63,934 pounds. These loaders have lift capacities capable of sustaining digging and loading under severe conditions. The TXL series also features turbocharged/intercooled diesel engines that enhance productivity and reduce fuel consumption, and rear ROPS/FOPS cabs to maximize bucket corner and maneuver zone visibility.
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Robin Subaru introduces the new EX series engines — the first engines to utilize high performance chain-driven overhead cam (OHC) technology in the industrial air-cooled market, according to the company. The EX Series features four models with power ranges from 4.5 to 9 hp. Chain driven OHC technology allows the intake and exhaust valves to be positioned for optimum engine performance. This offers lower resistance for the air/fuel mixture flow.
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Trailer jet

The J-2512 Typhoon trailer jet from General Pipe Cleaners delivers 12 gallons a minute at 2,500 psi to blast lines clean of grease, sediment and debris. A 200-gallon holding tank carries enough water to handle remote applications where access to water is limited. The Typhoon features electric brakes, safety strobe light, three safety cones with holder, rear fold-down stabilizer jacks and antifreeze system as standard equipment. It has a 24-hp Honda engine with electric start and 7-gallon fuel tank. An on-demand Vibra-pulse helps slide the nozzle around tight bends and propel the hose down long lines.
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Floor scrubber

Clarke's Encore model 2426 offers two machines in one — an automatic floor scrubber that can go from a 24-inch to a 26-inch scrubbing width in seconds. A mid-size battery-powered machine, the Encore 2426 has 20-gallon solution/recovery tanks for extended scrubbing. The parabolic, breakaway squeegee can fit through checkout lanes and remain on the floor while the scrubber moves in reverse to save time from stopping to lift the squeegee. Available options and accessories for the model include a parking brake, hour meter, various brushes and floor pads and an optional 34-inch squeegee.
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American-Lincoln introduces two machines in one — SC7740 rider sweeper/scrubber. An independent sweeping system in front picks up dirt and debris before scrubbing. The SC7740 features a dust control system that prevents stirring up fine dust during this process for efficient sweeping. This machine gives the operator the ability to sweep, scrub or do both at the same time. The double-scrub brush design for disk scrubbing offers the most aggressive cleaning action possible. All brooms and brushes raise and lower with the flick of a switch for one-pass sweeping and scrubbing. Large solution and recovery tanks allow the operator to stay on the floor longer in between cleanups.
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String winder

The heavy-duty string winder from Tru Mark has powder-coated steel construction with ball bearings for smooth turning and longevity. The 10-inch wire spool has a connection for a cordless drill and a strong handle for quick line dispensing and anchoring in turf and ground. It is 19 inches long and weighs 4 pounds, and has a 2-inch internal diameter spool.
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