What Else Is New?

July 1, 2005
The Bobcat M06 backhoe attachment for mini track loaders has the power and digging depth to install underground utilities as deep as 6 feet. Its narrow

The Bobcat M06 backhoe attachment for mini track loaders has the power and digging depth to install underground utilities as deep as 6 feet. Its narrow width of 36 inches enables it to perform jobs in confined areas. The M06 backhoe fits on all Bobcat mini track loader models and is available with either a 9-inch or 12-inch bucket.
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The BW190AD-4 HF tandem vibratory roller from Bomag offers 79-inch-wide drums and features slanted drum support legs, high curb clearance and a clear view of the entire drum surface. A fuel-efficient, 131-hp Deutz water-cooled diesel engine provides the roller with the power to deliver 28,800 pounds of centrifugal force in low amplitude/high frequency and 40,950 pounds in high amplitude/low frequency.
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Hobart Brothers' McKay ArmorWear Wire assists in improving resistance against metal-to-metal wear, abrasion and impact on 110/220-volt-type wire welding machines using DCEN (straight) polarity. ArmorWear deposits a martensitic alloy steel of H-12 tool steel composition as an overlay for carbon and low alloy steels on farming, mining and quarry implements. The wire is available in .035-inch diameter on 10-pound spools and can be used for equipment applications such as bucket lips and teeth, cultivator chisels and sweeps, or spindle and pump components.
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Hilti's PD 32 laser range meter provides fast, accurate measurements with the touch of a button. The operator aims the laser at the target, presses the measuring button and the range meter immediately shows the distance from 2 inches up to 660 feet with accuracy of ±1/16 inch.
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Honda Power Equipment replaces its WX10A4 lightweight water pump with the WX10K1 model. The new model features an improvement in priming time to 80 seconds at 16.4 feet, a total head lift of 118 feet, a maximum output pressure of 51 psi and a weight of 13.4 pounds. A compact 25cc overhead cam mini four-stroke engine powers the WX10K1.
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Duradiamond's Multiswivel diamond drilling system includes one drill, one set of core bits and swivel, a wet and dry vacuum with inbuilt water feed pump and tank and is one-man operated. The Multiswivel includes dust extraction for dry drilling, while a simple swivel operation and plug ring allow wet drilling using the same core bit. The drilling system can be used with core bits from 22-to 202-mm diameter.
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Baldor Electric Co.'s automatic emergency standby gaseous generators are built specifically for the emergency power needs of the luxury residential and commercial user. The line is available from 8 to 25 kW stock, and up to 880 kW, custom. Each unit is designed to operate quietly and efficiently until service is returned.
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The 30Qi22E manual clutch model from Wood-Pro gets its juice from a 22-hp v-twin Kohler Pro-Command electric-start engine equipped with speed monitoring tachometer. The model chips up to 6-inch diameter limbs and comes with a 2-inch ball hitch and 1,500-pound torsion bar axle for easy towing.
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DeWalt introduces a 6-in-1 driver for power drills and drill drivers. Multiple combination bit sets range from Philips, square drive, square recessed to nut driver, Torx and a slotted driver (DW2330, DW2336, DW2326, DW2327, DW2328). The tool allows the user to change and store six different drivers in one unit and is equipped with pro-grade nutsetters and an engineered tip designed to reduce stripping. The “flip and drive” design works for installation jobs, furniture assembly, HVAC jobs and electrical applications.
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Hyundai Construction Equipment introduces the R110-7 and R110D-7 excavators. The R110-7 is 24,690 pounds, and 8 feet, 6 inches wide with 24-inch shoes. The R110D-7 is 26,230 pounds, and 8 feet, 2 inches wide with 20-inch shoes. Both models have 94 gross SAE hp with a maximum digging depth of 16 feet, 8 inches.
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The GE Energy J312 GMD is the company's first Jenbacher gas mechanical drive engine for use in gas compression. The 12-cylinder engine is rated at 676 bhp (brake horsepower) at 1,800 rpm and runs on natural gases as well as various specialty gases created from biomass, landfills, coalmines, sewage and industrial wastes.
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Leading Edge Attachments' “SHARC” (SHanks on an ARC) Slab and Skeleton Multi-Ripper Buckets can be used for tough material applications like excavating frozen ground, coral, sandstone, limestone, shale, decomposed granite and caliche. Both Multi-Ripper products can break rock up to four times faster than a hydraulic hammer and rip up to 10 times faster than using a single pointed ripper tooth, according to the company.
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