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Jan. 1, 2007
Water Cannon offers a line of pressure washer attachments and accessories designed to make it easier to rejuvenate pressure washers. The line includes

Water Cannon offers a line of pressure washer attachments and accessories designed to make it easier to rejuvenate pressure washers. The line includes replacement hoses, nozzles, trigger controls, spray wands, soap injectors and other replacement components. The line features powerful trigger control and hose kits that can be used on homeowner, continuous duty, and industrial pressure washers up to 7,000 psi.
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The new auto light controller, when added to a Magnum Products light tower, can be programmed to automatically operate the light tower. All functions from preheating, cranking, warm-up, energizing and de-energizing, cool down and shutdown are handled by the controller.
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Featuring a vibration reduction system, the CP 1210 hand-held breaker series from Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools offers several features to enhance operator comfort and tool control. The 35-pound class breakers are designed for light to medium demolition of floors, pavement, frozen ground and masonry walls. Each series model requires 59 cfm of air and delivers 1,400 blows per minute.
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United Scaffolding's Altrex suspended platform system features 3-foot aluminum boards that lock together to form platforms of different sizes and shapes. The system has a maximum capacity of 2,000 pounds. Safety components such as guardrails and handrails are built into the system, ensuring compliance with safety codes.
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Precision Solar Controls offers the following speed awareness products: police mini message boards, solar mobile traffic monitors, speed awareness monitors and traffic monitors. The police mini message board can be programmed to notify motorists of traffic conditions and has a flashing display function for increased message impact. An optional built-in radar head is available to display motorists' speed.
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Featuring a 1.3-hp continuous motor, the 9-gallon wet/dry vacuum from Mi-T-M is designed for stackability, cord management, durability, maneuverability and ease of operation. The MV-900-0MEV features a 120-volt, two-stage bypass motor with a self-cooling motor design and a 25-foot electrical cord with cord wrap.
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With Bobcat's selectable joystick controls, now available on the Bobcat S130 and T140 loaders, operators can have drive and hydraulic controls at their hands and receive the advantages of having speed and horsepower management. The selectable joystick control option allows operators to choose between ISO or conventional skid-steer H control patterns so that they can choose the driving style they prefer.
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Sullair's 1100e, 1500e and 1800e encapsulated series of compressors are available in 15-, 20- and 25-hp models. The compressors feature the company's variable-speed drive that can adjust to changes in air demand, delivering greater energy efficiency. The air-end and motor are mounted on rubber isolators; intake and exhaust louvers have been insulated; and machines come standard with a fully insulated enclosure.
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The Speed Guard tape measure from Komelon helps the user draw or cut straight lines on any surface. With a double-sided hook for easy gripping, and a lock or pause button for holding the blade in place, the user has several options for drawing lines or cutting with a blade. The tape measure will be available in 16- and 25-foot lengths.
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Manitowoc Crane Group introduces the YardBoss industrial cranes, models YB7722, YB7722XL and YB4409-2. The YB7722 is equipped with a 43-foot, three-section boom, while the XL version has a 67-foot, five-section boom. The three-position pivoting boom head allows for operation in areas where headroom is limited.
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