Compaction Equipment

July 1, 2004
Multiquip The new MVH-306 series of reversible plate compactors is designed for the compaction of soil and gravel in trenches, around retaining walls


The new MVH-306 series of reversible plate compactors is designed for the compaction of soil and gravel in trenches, around retaining walls and for challenging jobsite applications. With improvements over the MVH-304 series, the MVH-306 has a redesigned eccentric assembly generating 10,125 pounds of compaction force. A redesigned sealed bottom belt cover keeps dirt and rocks away from the belt. Hydraulics are now located on the handle for improved appearance, and the series also features an auto-locking handle for simplified storage. The MVH-306 series produces at speeds up to 75 feet per minute, allowing operators to compact up to 9,000 square feet per hour.
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Bomag Light Equipment introduces an exclusive polygonal drum option for its BMP851 multi-purpose compactor. Engineered to increase both compaction performance and gradeability, the polygonal drums combine the benefits of a flat-surface plate compactor with the abilities of a drum-style compactor. The polygonal drums are designed to fit the same bolt pattern as standard BMP851 drums and can be installed after removing the scraper bars. The polygonal drums provide a working width of 33.5 inches and can be used on both granular and cohesive soil types.

Mark Lee, owner/founder of Mark Lee Construction in Alexandria, Minn., owns two of the BMP851 rollers and used the polygonal drums in a 12-foot-deep, 15-foot-wide trench that would eventually contain 200 feet of water line for a home improvement store. “The polygonal drums made a big difference,” says Lee. “They worked just fine in the sand. And we ended up using the roller for a lot of different applications on that job, from compacting trenches and footings to backfilling around the building foundations.”
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Pave Tech

The Paverpacker 50 forward plate compactor (pictured left) was designed by Pave Tech specifically for pavers. This plate compactor has a travel speed of 90 feet per minute with a 16-inch-long by 24-inch-wide plate and force of 5,000 pounds. This model also includes a HATZ 1B20 engine with custom oil-bath air filter and it includes an attached wheel kit. The Paverpacker 140 reversible rammer for base (right) includes an electric-start HATZ diesel engine and force of 14,000 pounds.
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Stone Construction Equipment

Stone Construction Equipment offers the Stone Stomper line of rammers for site compaction needs from narrow trenches to areas requiring optimum impact. The models in the series feature a contoured, sound-absorbing, snap-on cover that protects both the operator and machine, yet allows easy access for service. A see-through 3-quart polyethylene fuel tank allows for at-a-glance fuel checks, and cushioned handgrips and rubber shock mounts reduce vibration.
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New rammers from Wacker offer 2-cycle oil-injected engines designed to meet tough rammer applications. The BS 50-2i, BS 60-2i and BS 70-2i can run up to 65 hours on a single tank of oil and have a low-oil shutdown switch. The carburetor evacuates air from the fuel line before starting, which reduces the number of pulls needed to start the engine. A shock mount system has been built into the guide handle to reduce hand-arm vibration by more than 40 percent compared to previous models.
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MBW's reversible plate compactors (GPR65H, GPR68H, GPR78H, GPR99H, GPR135D) are designed for the compaction of granular soils and produce outputs that range from 6,000 to 13,500 pounds centrifugal force. The 65H and 68H models feature a heavy-duty mechanical shifting system and can change direction instantly at full travel speed. Models 78H, 99H and 135D feature infinitely variable forward and reverse travel to approximately 80 feet per minute.

Danny Taylor of Danny's Repair Service in Bradenton, Fla., likes the low maintenance compactors. “MBW reversible plates offer superior compaction, higher lifts, and good travel speed forward and in reverse,” Taylor says. “The little maintenance that I have had to do on my MBW equipment has been much easier than working on the competitor's models.”
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Caterpillar's new vibratory asphalt compactors, the CB-214E, CB-224E and CB-225E, are powered by 3-cylinder Caterpillar 3013C diesel engines that provide a gross power of 32.7 hp. The hydrostatic propel system is designed to provide smooth starts and stops to help ensure a flawless mat. The hydrostatic propel system provides service braking, and a brake interlock prevents the machines from being propelled while the brakes are applied. The CB-200 E-series machines are equipped with a sliding station, which includes a bucket seat and can be equipped with an optional suspension seat. The sliding station moves from side to side to provide visibility to drum or tire edge contact points. The instrument panel incorporates warning lights, a fuel gauge and a service hour meter to verify the status of the machine systems.
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MMD Equipment

MMD Equipment's CompactionPro 800 vibratory plate compactor was designed to increase durability as well as increase operator productivity and operating ease. The plate compactors' Honda engines feature electronic ignition for easy starts, cast iron sleeves, forged crankshafts and twin bearings for durability, and low-oil shutdown for protection. The abrasion-resistant, alloy steel plate allows up-to-the-edge compaction next to buildings and curbs and is designed to produce consistently smooth finishes. The water sprinkler system's plastic water tank, reinforced piping and low profile nozzles prevent rust and clogging of the sprinklers.
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Sakai America

Sakai America introduces the SV505 series vibratory soil compactors designed and built to reduce owner-operator costs while satisfying a range of compaction jobs. Both models in the series feature drum drive combined with drive at the rear wheels for added traction over rough terrain. Hydraulically driven articulated steering provides maneuverability, ease of operation and a tight turning radius while the oscillation at the joint keeps both the drum and wheels in contact with the ground over the roughest terrain. Tight curb and rail clearances allow the operator to get up close to obstructions like foundations, eliminating much handwork.
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Ingersoll-Rand now offers the SD-25, a 2.6-ton soil compactor in its TF series. A 44-hp Tier II Kubota 4-cylinder turbocharged engine powers both models in the series. A 42-inch diameter drum allows for operation in a 4-foot-wide trench. The models have a hydrostatic propulsion system with a Twin Lock torque system and a low-speed, high-torque motor on the drum and wheels for improved gradeability. The new TF series soil compactor models come standard with ROPS/FOPS and seat belts; safety features such as back-up alarm, safety rails and seat switch; and a durable, skid-resistant operator's platform that is vibration-isolated for operator comfort.
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