Oct. 1, 2002
Drain Cleaner General Pipe Cleaners improved Power-Vee automatic feed drain cleaner has a simplified feeding system. Just squeeze the lever and the cable

Drain Cleaner

General Pipe Cleaners improved Power-Vee automatic feed drain cleaner has a simplified feeding system. Just squeeze the lever and the cable feeds at a rate of up to 16 feet per minute. The product is designed to unclog sink, shower, toilet and laundry drains up to 3 inches and can quickly adjust to take any diameter cable from 1/4- to 3/8-inch without requiring the use of tools or additional parts. It also features quick-change cable cartridges for fast-cable changing or cleaning.
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Rogers Fixed Gooseneck Series trailers offer increased ground clearance for off-road conditions, plus the speed and convenience of rear loading. The spacious, level oak deck features an increased length to haul longer, wider and heavier loads. The Fixed Gooseneck features heavy-duty landing legs, full width or narrow gooseneck design, unitized frame construction, air-dried oak decking, sloped rear extension, manual or hydraulically operated rear loading ramps, heavy-duty spring or air ride suspensions, 4S, 2M ABS system, rubber-mounted, sealed beam light system with modular wiring harness and industrial finish coat with undercoating.
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Now with the Telpro Doorminator Model 3070, one person can install and remove solid core and fire doors quickly and efficiently. Fully adjustable, the Doorminator aligns with any door jamb by tilting forwards and backwards, side-to-side, and moving up and down. Doors load quickly onto the support shoe and stay securely with the door hooks. The spring loaded door hooks accommodate doors from 28 to 48 inches wide and weighing up to 300 pounds. A floor plate moves out to support the door when in plumb or past plumb. Two individual handles and an adjustment wheel position the door for perfect alignment.
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Power Mulcher

The new Vermeer Top Gun 185 Power Mulcher introduces large-scale, high-efficiency mulching for roadsides and reclamation projects. With its hydraulically powered discharge spout, it can dispense straw up to 100 feet across, swing left and right on a 300-degree arc, and pivot 20 degrees up or 30 degrees down. A deflector at the end of the spout directs mulch placement and helps spread the flow of material as needed. Nearly every function of the Top Gun 185 is handled from a handy multi-function joystick, which is mounted on the armrest. Electric-over-hydraulic controls, located on the joystick, handle the rotating direction of the feed rollers, set the depth of cut for the bale and adjust the angle of the deflector at the end of the spout.
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Debris Leaf pusher

Designed to increase the capacity of any Pro-Series broom, SweepEx has introduced the new debris leaf pusher attachment. Ideal for lighter debris, such as leaves, cans and bottles, the debris leaf pusher extends the height capacity of the broom allowing for greater material handling capabilities. Consisting of two steel uprights and a heavy-duty poly fencing material, the product adds a strong net to the broom attachment. This addition allows the broom to carry more materials, further. The debris leaf pusher bolts to the front of any SweepEx Pro Series broom.
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