What Else Is New?

Aug. 1, 2004
Shur-Line's line of extension poles are designed to help painters reach high places comfortably and easily. All poles feature aluminum and fiberglass

Shur-Line's line of extension poles are designed to help painters reach high places comfortably and easily. All poles feature aluminum and fiberglass materials and have locking systems to ensure sturdy extension for even coverage.
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Specialty Sifting Co.'s portable sifting machines allow operators to separate solids for various problem situations, such as the recovery of personal items in a natural disaster or for landscaping projects. A wide variety of screen sizes are available and a quick detach hitch assembly can be ordered for ease of movement.
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The BrickLedge bracket from Durand Forms allows contractors to form a brick ledge without using Styrofoam, lumber, treated cardboard or other labor-intensive materials. The BrickLedge bracket is suited for applications involving hilly terrain where a large brick exposure on the basement foundation is required. Users can specify hole pattern and panel type, including smooth, vertical or textured brick.
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The improved Power-Vee automatic feed drain cleaner from General Pipe Cleaners is designed to easily unclog sink, shower, toilet and laundry drains up to 3 inches and can adjust to take any diameter cable from ¼-inch to 3/8-inch without requiring the use of tools or additional parts. The Power-Vee also features quick-change cable cartridges for fast cable changing or cleaning.
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Briggs & Stratton's FreshStart continuous fuel preserver gas cap helps keep lawn mower fuel fresh for up to six months, eliminating one of the reasons for poor starting. The cap contains a snap-in cartridge of highly concentrated fuel preservative that automatically delivers the right amount of freshener to the fuel tank to prevent gas from getting stale.
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Loegering's Demo-Dozer is designed to save time by combining all of the capabilities of most other buckets into one attachment. The attachment for skid steers is available in widths ranging from 61 to 85 inches and can be used for concrete and asphalt removal, demolition, and sod and vegetation removal.
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The CS10 and CS20 (pictured) from Bosch Power Tools feature a composite footplate designed to withstand everyday abuse and to resist bending under pressure. The bevel scale and positive detent system allow users to find detents at such common angles as 22.5 and 45 degrees. Adjustable levers help ensure a tight, locked bevel for fine tuning.
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Dewalt's new line of footwear includes 13 models designed to provide comfort and decrease foot fatigue. Features include corrosion-resistant eyelets on lace-up models; acid-, oil- and slip-resistant outsoles and moisture-absorbent linings to help keep feet dry.
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Bomag Light Equipment introduces redesigned remote controls for its BPH80/65S reversible plate and BMP851 multi-purpose compactors. Built for enhanced operator comfort, the remote weighs only 3.5 pounds, and controls are secured to the operator using a waist belt rather than the previous neck-strap harnesses. Remote functions include ignition, travel direction and speed, vibration, exciter system control and an emergency stop switch.
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Harley's skid-steer-mounted power box rakes, the MX7 and MX8, have increased frame strength and added dual hydraulic cylinders for more positive and stronger angling ability to accommodate the more powerful wheel and track skid-steer loaders. This 7-foot rake has a 79-inch raking width at full angle.
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The 3-In-One professional line from WD-40 adds advanced engine starter and conditioner to its line. This non-ether formula is designed to minimize engine wear and works for both gas and diesel engines. It provides lubrication for generators, lawnmowers, chain saws, leaf blowers, power washers and more.
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Tennant Co.'s 3110 and 3120 vacuums offer an easy-to-access top-load crevice tool and brush rotations of 4,500 rpm for the single motor and 5,000 rpm for dual motor models. The vacuums are designed with lightweight handles to reduce operator fatigue. The vacuums also have interchangeable parts across all motor configurations.
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Precision Metal Kraft USA's Eagle Wing toolbox is designed with a door that opens upward for easy access and visibility to the tools carried on a truck. The opening is 22 inches so tools and parts can be stored without bending or twisting.
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Superior Signals, a manufacturer of vehicle safety lighting and traffic control products, introduces a line of remote strobe systems. The Safe-T-Alert remote strobe systems are available in a variety of colors and styles to fit most warning product applications. Power supplies range from one outlet (12.4 watts) up to eight outlets (120 watts).
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The C.H. Hanson Company's new SpeedRocker is a three-in-one tool for the cutting and shaping of drywall, acoustical tile and insulation board. A combination knife, saw and rasp, the tool also features a tape measure slot that allows the user to read the tape measure, score and cut faster without breaking the tape and while keeping fingers away from the blade.
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