July 1, 2002
Bachtold Bros. Bachtold Bros. introduces a new line of walk-behind string trimmers. The offset head design allows easy access for trimming close to buildings,

Bachtold Bros.

Bachtold Bros. introduces a new line of walk-behind string trimmers. The offset head design allows easy access for trimming close to buildings, posts, trees, boulders and even under fences. Changing the cutting cord is designed to be simple. Additional features include a heavy-duty steel frame, 20-inch Tuff wheels, 25-inch cut, 170-mil. cord diameter and 1 1/2-inch thick aluminum cutting head.
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The CA-18 compact aerator from Classen features removable weights, folding handle and four lift handles. The unit is portable enough to fit in enclosed vehicles. The unit comes standard with a 4-hp Honda engine and sealed bearings that never need re-greasing, according to Classen.
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E-Z Trench

The new EZ9000 ground saw from E-Z Trench is easy to operate, not intimidating and is a durable mini-trencher. It comes standard with a new heavy-duty blade, weighs 250 pounds and rolls on pneumatic tires. The blade has larger forged carbide bits, which are longer lasting and are still replaceable. The gear ratio provides higher torque at the blade for harder digging conditions.
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American Honda

Honda offers a full line of engines, 1 to 24 hp, in both horizontal and vertical shaft designs. The overhead valve models have a lightweight design for reduced fuel and oil consumption. The engines meet current CARB and EPA standards and offer enhanced performances, all with no change to existing external dimensions.
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Briggs & Stratton

The 16.5-hp commercial engine from Briggs & Stratton has an overhead valve design and 31-cubic-inch displacement. The Dura-bore cast iron cylinder sleeve protects against wear and abuse while providing improved oil control. It also offers an upper DU bearing and heavy-duty lower bearing, increased diameter crankshaft pin and dual-clean air cleaner. The high oil fill with automotive-type dipstick makes it easy to accurately check and service oil while preventing under and over filling.
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FFC Attachments introduces the new 12- and 14-foot Snow Push models designed to remove more snow more efficiently. The product is made of heavy-duty, fully welded steel with 3/8-inch-thick end plates to capture and remove even the heaviest snow without leaving windrows or spillover. Using the patent-pending pull back kit, the operator can roll the blade forward to finish the job.
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The compact P18 seeder is easy to operate with a seed hopper that fits snuggly on the rear of the seeder deck. Filling the seed hopper is simple and with the 30-pound plus capacity it allows the user to cover large areas between refills. The blades have a unique angled position and beveled edge to cut slits in the ground 2 inches apart. The dial selector controls the rate of the seed distribution and the seeding hole is adjustable to accommodate seed sizes and rates of application.
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John Deere

The well-balanced H20D trimmer now features an adjustable swivel handle capable of rotating 40 and 90 degrees in either direction for user comfort, and increases cutting performance. It is equipped with a dependable 2-cycle, 1.05-hp John Deere M-Series engine that gives operators the power needed without the inconvenience of electrical cords. The 24-inch dual-sided, double-reciprocating blade cuts branches up to 1-inch thick and features a forward and backward cutting motion for more efficient trimming. In addition, a heavy-duty, two-shoe clutch prevents blades from slipping while extending the life of the clutch.
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Finn HydroSeeder machines combine seed, fertilizer, soil amendments, mulch fiber, tackifier and other additives into a thick slurry and spray it onto the seedbed for superior lawn seeding. The product allows for quick establishment of vegetation for land reclamation, residential and commercial lawns, sports fields and athletic turf, and for erosion control. The process improves seed-to-soil contact and moisture retention and is especially well suited for hillsides or hard-to-reach areas and for less-than-ideal weather or soil conditions. The seeders feature hydraulically driven mechanical agitation systems with large steel paddles that operate in both forward and reverse directions at variable speeds for improved combination of slurry, better power and simplified maintenance.
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Kanga mini skid steer loaders are powerful compact multi-purpose machines, available in 13 to 24 hp models, offering versatility with a range of practical attachments. The machines offer a wide range of uses and applications including landscaping, trenching, paving, turf laying, fencing post holes, tree planting, irrigation systems, drainage, digging/leveling/transporting soil, snow plowing/removal and horizontal boring. Equipment versatility is assured with Kanga's variety of labor saving attachments.
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Kohler Engines introduces Kohler Hydro 13, an engine designed specifically for pressure washer applications and virtually any light to medium equipment. The engine features a tight-tolerance, fast-response governor that detects when load is applied and quickly delivers continuous power so there is little to no bogging down. The engine provides users with easy, dependable starts by combining a sealed electronic TCI ignition system, automatic compression release and dual main ball bearings. It incorporates materials such as a cast-iron cylinder sleeve, steel-forged crankshaft, Stellite-faced exhaust valve and Tufftride-coated stem.
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Kawasaki introduces its new twin turboblade, a rotary blade attachment for the Kawasaki KBL23A and KBL26A string trimmers that allows users to make short work of long jobs while enhancing operator safety. It works like scissors to deliver precise cuts. Cut grass isn't scattered — a feature that makes the blade particularly effective for use on golf courses and around bunkers and water hazards. Easily mounted and removed, it can be quickly switched back and forth as the job demands.
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