Concrete Equipment

Sept. 1, 2003
EDCO EDCO's 8- and 10-inch push-model scarifiers are designed to repair trip hazards, remove traffic markings, groove concrete, remove coatings, mill


EDCO's 8- and 10-inch push-model scarifiers are designed to repair trip hazards, remove traffic markings, groove concrete, remove coatings, mill asphalt, repair damaged surface areas and more. The CPM-8 uses a smooth-operating, interchangeable 8-inch drum assembly to remove old surfaces and leave a uniform texture while the CPM-10 provides a full 10-inch working width and also leaves a uniform textured finish. The CPM-10's quick-change, side-loading drum makes it easy to change out drum setups.
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The Wacker wet screed is powered by a reliable Honda engine and is offered with blade lengths from 4 to 16 feet. Lengths are available in 2-foot intervals and also come in two widths, 4.8 and 6.5 inches. The variety of blade lengths and widths provides flexibility to match the job. Additional versatility is available because of the adjustable eccentric weights.
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Advanced Concrete Tools

The Silver Beauty power screed from Advanced Concrete Tools has an enclosed eccentric that makes maintenance easy and cleanup a breeze. The always straight equilateral triangle bar is another tough tested feature. It will handle bars 3 to 12 feet and weighs 23 pounds.
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The TS 400 Stihl Cutquik cut-off machine comes with a water attachment and is available in a 12- or 14-inch version. The product is a solid performer with an efficient 4.4-hp, 64-cc engine. It also has the Stihl Intellicarb compensating carburetor that maintains the ratio of fuel to air, keeping the engine at full power and increasing the time between air filter cleaning. The included water attachment allows it to cut more efficiently while controlling dust at the source.
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Cemen Tech

Cemen Tech announces it is the first volumetric mixer manufacturer that has successfully completed and tested its mixers for use with self-consolidating concrete. The concept of SCC is to be able to place quality strength concrete with a 7- to 9-inch slump without any consolidation and without segregation of materials.
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The Sawtec CC-100 crack chaser is a high-productivity, walk-behind crack-chasing saw that cuts concrete or asphalt to a 1-inch depth. The unit cuts 6 to 8 feet of crack per minute or up to 3,000 linear feet in a day, depending on the material being cut. It features a swivel caster and a retractable control handle and uses small 5- or 6-inch dry diamond blades in 0.250, 0.375 or 0.500 widths. The smaller blade allows a tighter turning radius, making it easier to follow random cracks.
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Ingersoll-Rand now offers five trowel models: WT244OH, WT3055H, WT3655H, WT3690H and WT4690H. Manufactured with a screw pitch control that adjusts the blade angle to produce a flatter end product, the trowels have a quick-release safety lever that stops the trowel instantly, providing the operator total control on every jobsite. Each trowel is constructed on a heavy-duty steel frame, providing a solid platform resulting in smoother finishes. Each unit runs on a 4-cycle Honda engine.
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The new BA-4-8H and JA-4-5H power trowels from Multiquip each have four blades and include a height-adjustable, 2-inch diameter tubular steel handle for improved operator comfort and workability. A throttle control design allowing selection of the operating speed with a twist of the wrist and a centrifugal shutdown switch protected by steel housing provide durability. The patented QuickPitch handle allows the operator to raise or lower the glade pitch in 1/8-inch increments by squeezing the latching lever. Both models have a 22-percent increase in gearbox oil capacity for cooler operation under even the most rigorous conditions.
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Stone Construction Equipment

Stone Construction Equipment offers 12 different Champion concrete mixers. Available in 2-, 4-, 6-, 7-, 9-, 10- and 12-cubic-foot mixing capacities, the mixers come in standard side and end-dump versions with a choice of engine options including Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Robin in either electric or diesel. Also available in the 9-cubic-foot size is a polyethylene drum option.
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Metabo Corp.

Metabo Corp. introduces the BHE22 7/8-inch SDS and BHE24 1-inch SDS rotary hammers, designed for a wide range of applications that require drilling into or through concrete, steel and wood. Both hammers feature the Metabo winding protection grid, which deflects airborne debris from armature windings to increase motor life up to five-fold when working in dusty environments, as well as the Metabo S-automatic safety clutch, which limits reverse torque to protect the tool and the operator in the event of bit jams or snags. Equipped with a 4.7 amp motor, the BHE22 generates up to 97 inches/pounds of torque, enabling it to drill holes up to 7/8 inch in concrete, 1/2 inch in mild steel and 1 3/16 inch in softwood. The BHE24 has a 5.8 amp motor generating up to 124 inches/pounds of torque, allowing it to drill holes up to 1 inch in concrete, 1/2 inch in mild steel and 1 1/2 inches in softwood, in addition to electronic speed stabilization to maintain maximum drilling speed under load.
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Milwaukee Electric Tool

Milwaukee Electric Tool introduces the new chipping hammer 5327-21. It is designed for breaking concrete with bull points and chisels, surfacing concrete with bushing heads, removing mortar from brick/block joints for tuck pointing and scraping surfaces to remove tile and adhesive. The tool's 11-amp motor coupled with a state-of-the-art hammering mechanism provides a blow energy of 7.9 feet/pounds and hits at 3,400 bpm. The push-in, quick-change bit holder is designed for fast, easy bit changes and the lock-on trigger means the switch does not need to be held on.
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Sutton Diamond Tools

Sutton Diamond Tools adds a new line of economically priced, high speed, masonry blades with 12 mm diamond depth. Dubbed the cost cutter premium, this new line offers up to 70 percent higher segment height compared to other offerings. The line is available in 12- and 14-inch diameters for general-purpose dry/wet cutting on handheld, high speed, masonry saws.
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The Putzmeister BSA 2109 concrete pump is capable of 350 bar hydraulic pressure. The unit also features a large 21.2-cubic-yard hopper, a powerful 232-hp Deutz 6 Z-Turbo engine and exclusive free-flow hydraulics for smooth pumping.
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The H30PV from Hitachi uses the SDS-plus shank and is designed for the completion of light duty jobs including stripping mortar, cutting bricks or chiseling concrete. The product features a specially designed tool holder that offers single-step installation of the SDS-plus hammer bit. In addition, a highly reliable mechanism for preventing idle hammering not only allows the tool to perform tasks requiring detailed attention, but it also increases service life. Equipped with a D-type rear handle covered with a soft elastomer layer, the tool ensures comfort and provides a non-slip grip.
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Marshalltown releases the new lightweight Spred-Krete with tough magnesium blade. The product comes with a 57-inch strong aluminum handle, powder coated with a non-slip grip. Another option is a contoured 60-inch wood handle. The bracket can be used with or without a 5/16-inch diameter hook.
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The new TE-SP chisels, for use with the Hilti TE 805 and TE 905 demolition systems, are available in pointed, narrow-flat and wide-flat versions. Each chisel features a solid, pre-greased TE-S hexagonal connection end, longer working length for extra life and dust cap to keep dust from entering the machine. The light and powerful TE 805 demolition system is compact and delivers 1,350 watts of power for chiseling and demolition work on floors and walls. The TE 905 with active vibration reduction, a no-load hammering and kickback dampening technology allows users increased comfort.
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