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May 1, 2004
Computer Ease Computer Ease offers the software product RCSWindows. It is a fully integrated POS, accounting and rental package. RCSWindows features extensive

Computer Ease

Computer Ease offers the software product RCSWindows. It is a fully integrated POS, accounting and rental package. RCSWindows features extensive ROI reports, numerous sales analysis reports and multi-store capabilities. Other benefits include e-mailing and faxing contracts from one's desk, Access for report writing, Excel for spreadsheets, non-proprietary hardware and laser printing. Computer Ease also offers onsite, online and classroom training as well as extended support hours.

Gloria Best, who is co-owner of Best Rent-All with her husband, John, says that Computer Ease lives up to its name. “The software incorporates all the components necessary to efficiently achieve and maintain the highest level of proficiency in all areas from the sales counter to the office personnel,” Best says. “Newly hired employees are at ease with this extremely user-friendly software.”
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Radio Frequency technology is designed to speed up rental operations, build business and boost profitability. Small handheld RF computers from Genisys Software allow users to process rental returns while in the equipment yard. These computers can also perform cycle counts, receive inventory from purchase orders, check equipment status and more.

Todd Breuer, store manager of Broadway Rental Equipment Co. in Minneapolis, Minn., says he's used this software for almost 15 years and it improves every year. He likes that it's easy to use and easy to train employees on the use of reports used daily.

Tina Keeter, office manager for Aceco Rental & Sales in Muskogee, Okla., uses the software in every aspect of the rental business, from reserving and renting equipment to tracking inventory to payroll. “The reports are the most helpful in our business,” Keeter says. “We must be able to keep track of sales on each piece of equipment, customer information and our inventory to keep our business running efficiently. It is also very helpful in scheduling equipment.”
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Alert Management Systems

Alert Management Systems introduces EasyPro for Java version 5.1, Windows-based rental software for multi-store rental operations. New branch management features are designed to increase profits, maximize equipment utilization and fine tune operational efficiency. Users can check availability and rental rates at your branch, all stores or just stores in your regions. The software can be used to customize resale pricing and rental rates base, and features seamless handling of rentals in which equipment is checked out at one location and returned to a different location.

“In our four location aerial equipment business, real-time multi-store features are critical,” says Mike Getz, COO Best Line Leasing in State College, Pa. “Alert EasyPro makes renting easier for our customers and in turn, makes Best Line more profitable.”
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Orion Software

Orion Software offers Sirius, Windows-based rental management software, to the tool and equipment industries. Sirius incorporates serial number management; picture integration of both clients and inventory; integrated e-mail and faxing; driver's license and credit card swiping; and other features, all within a standard Windows environment, using basic off-the-shelf hardware. Sirius can meet multi-branch and high-transaction needs.

Rand Schillinger, inside salesperson for Portable Air llc in Cocoa, Fla., uses Sirius rental software for generating rental agreements, work orders and invoices, among other daily activities.

“It's laid out simply enough,” Schillinger says. “You don't have to do a lot of searching to find various activities in the program. It is more or less tailor-made for rental operations. They know the specific needs of a rental operation.”
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iQ Edge

iQ Edge is a new interactive training program designed exclusively for rental operations. With iQ, rental owners and managers can offer employees an easy-to-use 24-hour resource to help them better understand the equipment they're renting and improve the service they provide to customers. iQ is an interactive software program that you install on your own computers. Four individual training pods cover equipment, sales, safety and service. Each training pod can be purchased individually or in any combination.
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Solutions by Computer

Solutions by Computer introduces Fail-Safe, a powerful new data recovery program that offers rental owners ways to archive system data in real-time or near-instantaneously, depending on the option they choose. This program facilitates recovery from natural disasters, fire, electrical blackouts and other hard drive disruptions in a fraction of the time associated with traditional backup procedures, according to the company. Three versions of Fail-Safe are available.
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Texada Software's TSI Enterprise is designed to empower rental companies to streamline their operations, gain business intelligence and achieve a better bottom line. Texada's goal is to provide technology-based solutions to meet the needs of multi-location rental companies. TSI allows rental companies to schedule deliveries and pickups from the order desk with increased billing accuracy. This software also features real-time inventory data that is easily manageable, timesaving, and provides a relevant, accurate report, and allows for superior organization and streamlined operations.

Tom Newell, vice president of Ontario operations for Stephenson's Rental Services, says he likes the software's ability to function with centralized service and purchasing in a multi-branch environment. “The system tracks the transfer of hundreds of pieces of equipment and merchandise daily. This component allows us to share resources across our market, track inventory locations immediately and deploy fleet where demand requires.”
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The Point-of-Rental System has been designed and tested by the owners of two general rental stores. Since 1983, nearly 600 rental centers have been installed in single screen, multi-user and multi-store configurations in 45 U.S. states, Canada and South Africa. The Enterprise version of Point-of-Rental runs on the latest Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 server operating system. Features include Internet connectivity, storage of driver's license images, printing of item instruction/safety sheets, integration with QuickBooks and other PC accounting software. Customer, rental item and sale item income as well as transaction and payment history is stored in their respective records for at least 10 years.

Pete Powell, owner of General Rentals Corp., Evansville, Ind., has been using Point-of-Rental Systems software since Jan.1, 2001. He says the system is easy to use and reliable. Powell says that since 2001 his system has never locked up — not once. “It's totally flexible,” Powell says. “If you make a mistake, it's not a problem to undo. It gives great access to information — reports are available at the click of a button. I don't see any area where there is any weakness in it.”
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Magnum Products, supplier of light towers, mobile generators and construction equipment, has contracted with SmartEquip to deploy e-CommercePro, SmartEquip's online parts ordering and product support system. e-CommercePro — powered by SmartEquip — is a single source for manufacturer service documentation and electronic commerce transactions, delivering continually updated product information to customers including intelligent schematics, pricing, diagnostics, service manuals and equipment specifications. e-CommercePro includes a secure pipeline for streamlined order placement, accurately transmitting the order data directly to the manufacturer.

A wireless handheld device allows field technicians to have diagnostic and parts information at their fingertips. This enables the technician to order parts directly from the field.
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Advantage — Jet Reporting is a fully integrated link between RMI's Advantage software and Microsoft Excel. This makes it possible for users to create Excel workbooks that read information directly from RMI's Advantage database. This makes it possible to produce highly formatted reports and graphs without the need to copy and paste information into a spreadsheet. Readers of the reports who also have access to the Advantage system can “drill-down” directly from the Excel report to see the underlying Advantage entries that were rolled up to create the report.

Michelle Waddell is the controller for Red-D-Arc Welder Rentals in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada. She uses RMI Advantage — Jet Reporting to create multiple spreadsheets and to design reports. She likes the program's ability to incorporate information from Jet directly into the spreadsheets and its ability to update information by changing a single cell. “You really can't get any better than changing a date and having all other information updated,” Waddell says. “I do it in a lot less time.”
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