Deere Holds Dealer Meeting

Dec. 1, 2001
From mowers to blowers, John Deere showcased the latest innovations in its varied line of products at Broaden the Line dealer meetings in Sarasota, Fla.,

From mowers to blowers, John Deere showcased the latest innovations in its varied line of products at “Broaden the Line” dealer meetings in Sarasota, Fla., this past October and November. Dealers had the opportunity to see, learn about and test new equipment, such as an improved series of compact utility tractors, commercial Z-trak and Quik-track mowers, blowers, generators and more.

Dealers discovered the nine models in the 4000 Ten Series of compact utility tractors provide quicker response time, easy implement hookup and low-effort controls. The improvements to the 2002 line stem from dealer and customer suggestions.

On the 4010 model, the engineering team isolated the engine, making it quieter and more comfortable. Additionally, Greg Boshell, engineer of the 4000 series, says improving frame design, engine mounts, operator station, controls and position were all targeted toward customer satisfaction. Durability is also a key issue with these machines. “We expect our units to be durable for life,” Boshell said. “That's what drives our designs. We want the customer to get the highest value for their money.”

Enhancements include the eMatch operating system that allows operators to customize the tractor transmission responses to the job at hand. The features include SpeedMatch, which offers the ability to preset a maximum speed; MotionMatch, which offers the ability to select the rate of deceleration; and LoadMatch, which helps prevent engine stalls. The tractors also offer the eHydro and ePowrReverser electronically controlled transmissions. All eHydro models (4210, 4310, 4410, 4610, 4710) feature eTouch controls that provide for electronic engagement of PTO, MWFD and hydrostatic drive pedal functions. The 4310 and 4410 models offer the ePowrReverser transmission, a transmission that eliminates the need to clutch.

“If you learn to drive one [tractor], you can drive all of them,” says John Elder, product sales manager. “You get on our machines, and it's almost intuitive in how you drive them.”

Implements for this series include loaders, backhoes, front and rear blades, field cultivators, disks, mowers, rotary cutters, posthole diggers, rotary brooms, snow blowers and rear tillers.