What else is New? August 2011

Aug. 1, 2011
Every month, dozens of new products are introduced by manufacturers serving the rental industry. Here is a look at some of the latest offerings.

ProDog and TopDog V parallel-flow oil filtration systems from Pareto Point Industries are designed to clean equipment oil while in operation, continuously eliminating wear-producing particulates as small as two microns. In addition to protecting critical components, equipment owners can now extend oil and filter maintenance intervals, saving time and money. These systems are designed for virtually any vehicle, equipment or machinery using a spin-on primary oil filter. Both systems provide ports for diagnostic devices or other plug-in features, and may be portable. They are easy and quick to install with no engine modification required. The systems reduce hazardous waste materials storage and costs, and are suitable for rental vehicle applications.
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BORA, a product division of Affinity Tool Works, introduces its updated Wide Track Clamp Edge series of straight edge guides in 24-, 42-, 50-, 66-, and 100-inch lengths. Featuring solid construction and a wider base, the Wide Track is sturdier than a typical straight edge guide, allowing for clean, precise cuts.
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Vac-Tron Equipment introduces a new remote debris trap for the Air Series machines. It collects the dry debris during the potholing process, keeping it separate from the main debris tank. The main debris tank can be used to collect drill slurry or wet materials without contaminating the dry spoil. A pivot arm also supports a remote suction hose for ease of use.
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The Dynapac series of small tandem rollers are designed primarily for small-scale compaction work, such as driveways, bicycle paths, small roads and small parking areas. The CC800, CC900 and CC1000 models offer an operating weight of approximately 1.6 tons. The series of machines come in drum widths of 31, 35 and 39 inches. The 50-gallon water tank and the Wutomatic Water Control system are intended to maximize periods of time between refills.
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Gravely introduces a new line of Hurricane Plus walk-behind blowers for debris clean-up. The durable, high-production blowers are designed for both commercial contractors and homeowners. The blowers are available in a 169-cc, 265-cc or a 404-cc Subaru engine. Featuring all-steel construction for durability, the blower is built to stand up to even the most rugged projects. The remote throttle control is located on the handle near the operator for easy access.
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Terex introduces the AL4L and AL5L battery-powered LED light towers, which provide up to 10 hours of run-time with clean, crisp, LED lighting. As battery-operated LED units, the light towers eliminate engine noise and emissions. The LED lights provide five-times longer bulb life compared to metal-halide lights. When stowed, the AL5L has a height of 69 inches and the AL4L has a height of 67 inches.
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Flexaust introduces an upgraded polyethylene copolymer hose that comes in a variety of colors with integral poly-welded cuffs for commercial, industrial and residential truck-mount installation. The Genesis STM carpet cleaning truck mount hose handles full vacuum, resists most chemicals, solvents and water, and operates over a -40 F to 160 F temperature range.
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