10 Tips to Get a Big Bang for Your Advertising Buck

April 15, 2004
RER offers effective advertising tips exclusively to its Web site readers.
  1. Target your advertising to a specific customer group.
  2. Offer something of value to them as an incentive to visit your store.
  3. Measure your results.
  4. Invite new and existing customers to an open house and offer them a free gift (i.e. a T-shirt with your company logo).
  5. Record a message to promote your store while customers are on hold.
  6. Advertise regularly in the local newspaper.
  7. Price local cable television spots.
  8. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new media and different sizes of print ads.
  9. Cross-promote. Make sure your Web site address is on everything, including the decals on your equipment.
  10. Work with other area businesses to offer special promotions.