Skid-steer Loaders

April 1, 2003
ARROW MATERIAL HANDLING The Max Series heavy-duty buckets were designed and built for all sizes and types of skid steers. They come in 36- to 86-inch

Arrow Material Handling

The Max Series heavy-duty buckets were designed and built for all sizes and types of skid steers. They come in 36- to 86-inch widths and feature a smooth-radius bucket bottom for easy clean out. The top bucket lip is reinforced with rectangular tubing and reinforced bucket end plates for greater strength and longer life. Bucket radius is reinforced for greater strength and back dragging, and optional weld-on teeth, spill guards or grapples are available.
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Featuring a rated operating capacity of 2,500 pounds, the S250 skid-steer loader is a vertical lift path loader designed for tough-duty construction, landscaping, masonry, rental and a variety of lift-and-carry applications. Its lift arms are made from 5/16-inch steel and are 3.75 inches wide. The S250 has a 126.4-inch lift height, 34-inch reach, and a 42-degree dump angle for easy truck loading.

Ted Lare, owner of Ted Lare Design-Build, Des Moines, Iowa, uses the S250 vertical lift path loaders for landscape planting and construction work on residential and commercial projects. “There's no job that we can't do with this equipment,” Lare says. “The hydraulics are improved, plus the ride is smoother.”

New lift arms and structure on the S250 also improves the view of the work area from the cab. “The visibility for the operator is definitely better,” he says. “That pays off in increased safety.”
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The undercarriage on ASV's RC-100 features 42 wheeled contact points to increase ground contact area, providing better traction, flotation and low ground pressure. The machine, which has a lift height of 125 inches, also features an advanced hydraulic system and a high efficiency load-sensing system. Two-speed drive motors directly drive the tracks with travel speeds of up to 10 mph. The hydraulic system provides up to 38 gpm to the standard high flow auxiliary circuit on demand or 20 gpm to the low flow circuit.
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Caterpillar expands its skid-steer loader tire line to include extreme-duty pneumatic and extreme-duty solid Flexport tires. Cat extreme-duty (XD) pneumatic tires are available in two sizes, 10-16.5 and 12-16.5. The larger XD tire is 26 percent heavier than a comparably-sized Cat premium conventional tire, and its tread is 40 percent deeper. Available in two sizes, 31 by 6 by 10 and 33 by 6 by 11, Flexport tires can run on dirt and other unimproved surfaces. Flexport technology offers a smoother ride than other solid tires, because of its elliptically shaped holes molded in the outer ring of the sidewall.
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The new skid-steer loader-mounted stumpbuster from Shaver provides a simple, efficient and maneuverable solution to tree stump removal. Powered by a minimum 15 gpm hydraulic hookup, the SC-25-H can whittle a 45-inch-diameter stump to a 10-inch hole in a single pass without repositioning the unit. A hydraulic motor powers the ¾-inch thick steel cutting wheel to 980 rpm. The combination of a 24-inch diameter cutting wheel, high-hub torque and carbide steel teeth allow the machine to chew through a 55-degree pass in less than two minutes.
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John Deere

With five new models in John Deere's skid-steer line — the 240, 250, 260, 270 and 280 — there's a machine for every application. A long wheelbase allows for travel at higher speeds over rough terrain, and major components are mounted low on the frame for lower center of gravity. An important feature of the series II skid steers is the vertical lift boom, which rises along a near-true vertical path that reaches out at the top of the lift cycle. A steep 45-degree dump angle sheds wet or sticky material with ease.
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Housing 1,514 foot-pounds of torque, the high torque auger power head from Toro is designed to dig large diameter holes in very rough or rocky soil for applications such as tree and shrub planting, fence posts and irrigation valve boxes. The auger power head can be used with bits ranging in diameter from 6 to 30 inches and can create hole depths as great as five feet. A durable cast frame protects the hydraulic motor and planetary gear drive. Greaseable pivot points reduce wear and allow the head to swing easily for plumb holes.
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More than 6,970 pounds of breakout force combined with a lift capacity of 2,400 pounds allows the 245 from Thomas Equipment to dig into its work. The 245 Turbo can be fitted with a high-flow hydraulic package. The loader's hydraulic system puts out 38 gpm at 3,000 psi. The machine runs on a turbo charged Kubota diesel that produces 87 net hp.
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Expand skid steer use with the Cat I, 3-point skid loader adapter with quick-attach. Features include 540-rpm power take-off, adjustable stabilizer bar and multiple lower links that accommodate a wide variety of attachments and an adjustable top link. Each unit has heavy-duty welded steel construction with check valve to safeguard against damage to hydraulics or motor.
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