Outdoor Power Equipment

July 1, 2003
RedMax The RedMax BC3401DL provides landscape professionals with the extra power and control to mow down the heaviest brush. This heavy-duty trimmer/brushcutter's


The RedMax BC3401DL provides landscape professionals with the extra power and control to mow down the heaviest brush. This heavy-duty trimmer/brushcutter's 33.6 cc 2-cycle, high performance G34L engine drives a 6-inch commercial tap-and-go head with large 46-foot line capacity. A metal guard protects the fuel tank and also provides a stand to support the engine when the unit is not in use. It weighs just 13.4 pounds, and operators can position the handle for the most comfortable, positive control.
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The Power-Thatch from Encore is powered by a 5.5-hp Briggs & Stratton I/C and features 28 self-cleaning, flail-type fingers. The blade spacing adjusts over a 20-inch patch. Units rotate in the direction of travel to eliminate tearing grass while removing thatch. This also prevents the units from throwing rocks and debris.
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The new Merry commercial rough terrain mower now offers an easy-to-change 42-inch-wide professional mower deck. It will take down saplings up to 1 ½ inches and work just as well in thick, high grass. The mower still features a 26-inch-wide pivoting cutter deck, a powerful drive transmission with four forward speeds plus reverse and 18- by 6 ½-inch puncture sealed, lugged, floatation tires. The mower also provides an improved limited-slip differential with a self-adjusting chain tensioner and the power of an 11-hp Briggs & Stratton I/C OHV engine with AVS or an 11-hp Honda engine.
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The RC 30 all surface loader from ASV is small enough to go where other machines cannot and gentle enough to travel over lawns, landscapes and other sensitive surfaces without causing damage. Powered by a 31.5-hp, 1.5 liter Cat 3013 diesel engine, the machine uses the same pilot-operated hydraulic joystick controls as the RC 50 and Caterpillar skid-steer loaders. The RTSS undercarriage features 11-inch wide rubber tracks that help give the machine exceptional traction, stability and low ground pressure.
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Bluebird combines the vacuuming power of its commercial lawn vacuums with a lightweight, rustproof polyethylene collection bin. The result: the V533 ClamShell, a new lawn and yard waste collection system. The suction and centrifugal force generated by the product's four-blade impeller reduces and compacts grass clippings, leaves and other small debris for maximum efficiency. It will hold up to 27 bushels of yard waste and features a tapered bottom for quick and thorough dumping, which is activated by a foot release.
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Little Wonder

Advanced impeller and housing design combine to make the Little Wonder truckloader an efficient, powerful product. The machine is designed with heavy gauge, all-steel construction. The open frame design provides strength and support for the truckloader while allowing the user to get to the engine when needed. The lock-out switch on the intake keeps the engine from starting when the intake is removed.
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The FRC800's tine housing and debris flap thickness has been increased by 25 percent over the FR800, and it receives a heavy-duty shift lever mechanism mated to an all-new heavy-duty transmission. A front bumper is used to protect the engine, starter and belt cover to resist the wear and tear that comes from frequent trailer loading and unloading, and it provides tie-down points for transport. Ease of use is enhanced through a simplified tine engagement lockout system and a low center of gravity. Large-diameter 14-inch tires allow for smoother operation, while an overall weight of 275 pounds provides traction without the need for wheel weights.
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The TC-210i Tiller/Cultivator from Echo delivers durability and functionality. Weighing less than 20 pounds, the product offers a combination of user-friendly and commercial-duty features for professional cultivating, residential tilling and general soil aeration. It has a commercial-duty 21.2cc Power Boost Tornado engine that provides two-stroke performance and delivers a complete combustion process that enables it to meet EPA and CARB regulations. The product has rubber comfort grips located on both ergonomically designed handles.
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Husqvarna's new 326Lx commercial trimmer offers a lighter weight combined with a high-torque engine. The specially designed loop handle and compact engine make it easy to turn and use at varying angles, providing the maneuverability to tackle a variety of projects. It features Husqvarna's E-tech II engine, a new technology that meets more demanding environmental requirements.
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The Stihl BR 420C Magnum backpack blower is the catalytic muffler version of Stihl's BR 420 unit. It includes a catalytic converter that reduces engine exhaust emissions released into the environment. The blower offers a powerful 56.5 cc engine that delivers air speeds over 170 mph. The fuel tank is isolated from the fan housing for lower vibrations and easy maintenance.
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The new Rayco RG 1625A Super Jr. stump cutter adds more features. This compact, self-propelled stump cutter now comes standard with hydraulic steering, cutter wheel brake, durable powder coat finish, larger chip collection capacity and a hill brake to avoid drifting down slopes.
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The new tractor-pulled Verticut 214 attachment from Jacobsen is a precision-engineered verticutter for golf courses, sports fields and other fine turf applications that can be used with any PTO equipped tractor with 30 or more hp. The unit has three cutting heads that easily float over ground undulations. Each head has 18 adjustable discs with 54 reversible blades that penetrate soil up to 3 inches to quickly remove thatch and debris for healthier turf. The Verticut 214 control features a single hydraulic control lever within easy reach of the operator.
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Billy Goat

With a unique design and low center of gravity, the EZair aerator from Billy Goat is easier to control on slopes and delivers more consistent results because all tines penetrate evenly. Rear casters provide maneuverability, and combined with the front differential, allow the product to turn on a dime. Designed for years of trouble-free operation, these industrial-duty aerators are built for everyday contractor use. The EZair aerator is engineered to be simple to use and to service, with easy access to inspection and maintenance points.
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