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May 1, 2005
Genisys Software/Result Group Genisys Software announces that it is the first United States distributor for rentalresult, an integrated business management

Genisys Software/Result Group

Genisys Software announces that it is the first United States distributor for rentalresult, an integrated business management solution designed specifically to fulfill the needs of rental companies. As the U.S. distributor, Genisys will offer rentalresult to small to medium-sized enterprises with 50 to 150 users, allowing Result Group to continue to focus on delivering the software to major U.S. companies. Features of the program include rental and sales, asset management, maintenance and repair transactions, contact management, and numerous reports.

Steve Bunger, president, CEO and chairman of Tempe, Ariz.-based Mobile Mini, which recently implemented the rentalresult software said, “Our business is not implementing software programs but rentalresult's process for implementing the system was extremely defined, organized and structured, which helped guide us through the conversion process.”
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Longview Advantage

VShepherd Commercial is designed to help equipment owners and fleet managers protect and manage their assets simply and economically. It lets a user track their assets' performance and utilization in real time so they know where their machines or vehicles are at all times, as well as the engine operating status. The 24/7 Alarm and Recovery Center can also help recover assets if they are stolen.
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Qualcomm recently introduced its GlobalTRACS 3.0 equipment management solution. Using up to four sensors, GlobalTRACS 3.0 will monitor customer-determined construction equipment thresholds and durations, providing instant critical alerts that can help prevent expensive damage to engines, transmissions and hydraulics. The sensors will also provide non-critical alert monitoring and historical data delivered on pre-determined schedules for use by maintenance personnel to spot potential problems, thereby providing significant cost savings and the reduction of unexpected equipment downtime.
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The Edge

IQ Safety Online is an easy and interactive training solution that will train and familiarize employees with safety processes and best practices to educate them about workplace hazards. It offers a full line of safety training customized for the rental industry. The online modules that are offered include personal protective equipment, hazard communication, lockout/tagout and blood borne pathogens. IQ Safety Online will train employees individually or in small group settings and will increase employees' safety IQ through accurate information and safety testing.
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Texada Software

RentOnTheDot Web enabling technology is designed to facilitate a higher level of communication between the rental company and its customers using the power of the Internet. A rental company's customers can access rental contracts, invoice receipts, payments, and business intelligence reports directly from the rental company's Web site, reducing downtime, speeding invoice processing and building stronger customer relationships. Texada Software customers include RER 100 companies Volvo Rents, No. 16; Battlefield Equipment, No. 23; and Stephenson's Rental, No. 48.
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AbbottSoft recently updated its rental customers with its new Service Pack No. 3. Improvements include automated reports and searches, and the automated click and stick user interface. iRent software has full use of the new Microsoft Windows XP professional operating system while running on both 32- and 64-bit computers. Models are available for any rental business regardless of the size of operation.

Brian Grant, president of Grant's Rental, uses the AbbottSoft rental program at his Bridgewater, Mass., rental business. “We love the ease of writing a contract and are always impressed with the way the program maintains history of our customers, equipment and inventory,” says Grant. “With one click we can obtain the ROI of any piece of equipment. We recently requested a feature that would allow us to obtain the ROI from an entire category as opposed to individual items. AbbottSoft was able to provide us with that module, which has proven to be extremely helpful in determining how many items we need to carry.”
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Business Computer Systems

Features of Automated Rental Management include customizable screens and reporting, graphical delivery/service routes, periodic equipment maintenance tracking and an accounting system. Other functionalities include intuitive interface, flexible billing structures, form customization, comprehensive equipment management, full point-of-sale and point-of-rental functionality, and inherent e-mail capabilities.

M6 Concrete Accessories, a Kansas-based rental provider, uses ARM to handle all aspects of its equipment rental and sales operations. “There's no duplication of effort with ARM,” says Elizabeth Deck, controller at M6. “We know in an instant what equipment is in, where it is, who should be billed, who has been billed, who has paid and who hasn't paid.” By eliminating the redundant data entry required by their old system, ARM has saved M6 the labor of one full-time person.
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Solutions by Computer

Following a four-year software development effort, Solutions by Computer introduces its new enfinity computer system, which includes the Windows operating platform. Like the company's flagship product, CounterPro, enfinity uses similar techniques for mission-critical functions such as rate applications and availability calculations. In addition, the Windows platform has certain advantages that the UNIX-based CounterPro does not, and vice versa. Thus, Solutions' expanded range allows each of its customers to evaluate and select the best technology for their rental, sales and service needs.
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Dispatching Solutions Inc.

Dispatching Solutions recently integrated its new Preemptive Expectation Management Technology, an automated alerting and load management toolkit, throughout its entire solution suite. Equipment rental companies can now proactively alert employees and customers with transport status via automated e-mail and text messages or via a Web portal. The system uses robust system logic and GPS technologies to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Scott Wagner, 6 Sigma deployment champion at Aurora, Colo.-based Wagner Equipment, has implemented the solution successfully. “Using this alerting system, rental coordinators are aware of potential delivery delays and early arrivals before they happen, allowing us to proactively make contact, giving us an edge over the competition.”
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Point of Rental Systems

Enterprise Release 8 introduces new features such as task list, POR Tips, contract snapshots, mass faxing of statements, mass e-mailing of statements and simultaneous imaging and OCR reading of driver's licenses. According to the company, hundreds of new features and improvements are in the update such as improved credit card encryption, more salesman efficiency reports, the ability to reprint G/L entries for any date selected, an improved continuation billing routine and many features designed specifically for multi-store environments.
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Orion Software

Orion Software offers Sirius, Windows-based rental management software, to the tool and equipment industries. Sirius incorporates serial number management; picture integration of both clients and inventory; integrated e-mail and faxing; driver's license and credit card swiping; and other features, all within a standard Windows environment, using basic off-the-shelf hardware. Sirius is designed to meet multi-branch and high-transaction needs.
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SmartEquip offers an industry solution that serves the needs of both the original equipment manufacturer and the fleet operator by creating a two-way flow of information between them for product support, parts ordering, whole goods ordering, warranty, safety and preventive maintenance. E-FleetPro provides a single source for parts and service support, including intelligent electronic parts catalogs, operator manuals, troubleshooting guides, safety notices and equipment specifications.

Volvo Rents recently announced its plans to deploy e-FleetPro to all its franchise locations. “As a single conduit for parts and service support integrated to the rental center and corporate business systems, e-FleetPro will connect our independently owned and operated franchises with our key suppliers for parts and whole goods selection, availability checking and purchasing — all in a seamless workflow that benefits the rental store and the manufacturer,” says Barry Natwick, Volvo CE Rents president and CEO. SmartEquip also recently announced its expansion to Europe, naming Michel Petitjean as managing director of SmartEquip Europe.
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