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Sept. 1, 2005
Stow Construction Equipment Stow's new diamond blade line is designed for cutting a full range of materials from tile, brick and mason block to concrete

Stow Construction Equipment

Stow's new diamond blade line is designed for cutting a full range of materials from tile, brick and mason block to concrete and asphalt. Individual blades can be used effectively on grinders, circular, cut-off, tile and masonry saws, as well as heavy-duty wet and dry road saws. The diamond blades range in size from 4 to 48 inches in diameter. All Stow diamond blades can be supplied with customized private labels in full color at no additional cost.
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Multiquip's Side Winder wafer-style tuck point series showcases across-the-board upgrades from the originals. The Side Winder diamond blades are offered in two- and three-blade designs with ¼- and 3/8-inch thicknesses, respectively. These 4½-inch diameter blades feature the patented Side Winder segment design that eliminates segment loss from undercutting and high quality diamonds for premium performance. Multiquip offers four grades of conventional tuck point blades in various bond harnesses as well as two grades of wafer style tuck point blades.
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Bosch Power Tools

Bosch's Professional Series circular saw blade line features 23 woodworking and 13 specialty blades designed for cutting a broad range of materials. Woodworking blade counts range from 20 to 96, while hook angles span 20 degrees to negative 10 degrees. The 13 specialty blades are laser cut, fully hardened and feature tri-metal shim brazes similar to the woodworking line. Each Pro Series circular saw blade comes in its own carrying/storage case. Made from reinforced textile material to protect the blade during transport and storage, each case boasts a carrying handle, space for wrench, allen key, bushings and stabilizers and enough space for a second blade.
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Hilti Premium diamond blades, with a thickness of .125 inches, provide true tacking and reduced wobble. With laser welded segments and carbon adjusted and tensioned steel cores, they provide clean cutting with less vibration. A drive pin hole enables use with low horsepower walk-behind saws. The general purpose masonry blades provide straight cutting for concrete, concrete block and clay brick applications. The asphalt blades, designed for soft abrasive base materials, are a good choice for green concrete and early entry saws.
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ICS has introduced a line of high-quality laser-welded diamond blades to complement the Redzaw product line and particularly the Redzaw RX60C chop saw. The Redzaw blade line includes a selection of 14-inch blades to cut concrete, masonry, stone, ductile iron, concrete pipe, asphalt and many other materials. Redzaw blades use MBS Series top grade diamonds and are designed for consistent cutting performance in a wide range of materials. All blades come with a 1-inch arbor with a knockout ring for a 20 mm arbor.
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Shindaiwa offers 12- and 14-inch diameter heavy-duty diamond cut-off saw blades engineered for cutting performance in dry or wet applications. With four different labels for various applications the operator can find the correct blade for the job. The Red Label blade features a wear-resistant segment bond for cutting cured reinforced concrete, soft brick, blocks, pavers and roofing tiles. The Blue Label employs a softer segment bonding material for fast cutting of cured reinforced concrete, hard brick and blocks. The Grey Label is designed for cutting asphalt and green concrete, while the Green Label is designed for general-duty applications.
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Wacker's new diamond blade line offers fast cutting results and a new color-coded system that makes blade selection easy. Each blade is labeled with the quality, application and type of saw it is designed for, taking the guesswork out of determining which blade to choose. The system will help rental operators quickly determine which blade is best for their customers' applications. Whether the application calls for cutting concrete, abrasive asphalt or general purpose cutting, the diamond blades are designed for quality cutting and a long life.
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Makita's Blue MFORCE 7¼-inch by 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade offers a solution for many applications, including pressure-treated or wet lumber. The blade comes with an M-shaped tooth design with six cutting surfaces and a two-pointed tip. The face of the tooth is beveled and has two 10-degree angles that create sharp cutting edges that shear wood instead of chipping away for a faster cut. The blades are coated with a polyurethane material that resists pitch buildup. The blades also feature a thin kerf design and strategically placed Makita heat vents.
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Constructed with two pieces of extra-strength fiberglass, premium grains and high-quality bonds, DeWalt abrasive blades are built to withstand demanding applications. This formulation provides fast cutting action with long service life. DeWalt offers three concrete/masonry abrasive saw blades: the 6½-inch DW3509 with 9,400 maximum rpm; the 7-inch DW3521 with 8,700 rpm; and the 8-inch DW3532 with 7,600 rpm.
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