Lighting Equipment

Oct. 1, 2005
Allmand The EPL 20W emergency power light tower offers high light output in a portable design. Powered by an 1,800-rpm, 43.1-hp Isuzu diesel engine, the


The EPL 20W emergency power light tower offers high light output in a portable design. Powered by an 1,800-rpm, 43.1-hp Isuzu diesel engine, the EPL 20W features Allmand's super high output (SHO) lighting system. Equipped with four 1,000-watt metal halide fixtures, the EPL 20W offers a standard light output of 440,000 lumens. The EPL 20W also incorporates a 500-watt quartz lamp for instant light on the scene. To further increase light output, two additional SHO fixtures may be added for a six-lamp unit and can be equipped with optional 1,250-watt fixtures, producing as much as 840,000 lumens. The EPL 20W's 50-gallon fuel tank provides approximately 100 hours of continuous operation and includes a 4-inch oversized filler neck for easy fueling.
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Baldor Electric

Baldor Pow'R Lite Mobile Light Towers provide 4,000 watts of illumination. They are powered by a 6,000-watt generator, utilize a 30-foot zinc-plated mast and provide light for more than 7 acres. Diesel engines from Kubota and Lombardini are water-cooled for long life and dependability. Both models have a 30-gallon fuel tank, a 60-hour running time, and metal-halide lamps in an elliptical lamp fixture.
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Bull Dog Power Products

The new Power Tower models from Bull Dog Power Products include the P14000W with a single 1,000-watt metal halide light and the P16000W with two 1,000-watt metal halide bulbs. The metal halide bulbs are rated for 10,000 hours. The P14000 produces 110,000 lumens and lights up to 109,000 square feet, and the P16000 delivers 220,000 lumens and covers 218,000 square feet. Light head bodies are cast aluminum with tempered glass lenses. Features include heat-dissipating fins and a safety cable attached to the lens to prevent dropping.
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Multiquip's LT-12D light tower is designed with the needs of municipalities, government agencies and contractors in mind. The Night Hawk light tower illuminates 5 to 7 acres. The mast extends to 30 feet and rotates 360 degrees. It is stable in winds up to 65 mph. Other standard features on the LT-12D include four industry-standard metal halide floodlights, a 30-gallon polyethylene fuel tank that provides 64 hours of continuous runtime, and high temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns. Internal lights illuminate the light tower cabinet and two exterior receptacles that allow the operator to power small tools and equipment without opening the cabinet doors.
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Wacker's LT series of light towers is now available with a power winch system, which allows operators to easily raise and lower the mast. The LT series is available in four models with the choice of Lombardini or Caterpillar engines and manual or power winch. Improved lighting is achieved through the use of elliptical lighting fixtures that allow the lamps to be mounted horizontally, allowing more light to travel directly from the source to the work area. Each light is individually adjustable without tools and can be easily removed from its mounting bracket for transportation because of the quick-disconnect power cord. The 360-degree rotating mast allows for further light adjustment once the mast is raised.
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Magnum light towers are engineered to be trouble-free, reliable and durable. The MLT3060 provides emergency light and power when customers need it. Now available in a high-intensity light package for better light coverage, the MLT3060 from Magnum features ballast indicator lights, individual breaker-protected light switches, individual ballasts for each of the four lights and a start limit breaker that prevents the unit from starting while under load. Available with Mitsubishi, Cat or Kubota engines, the MLT3060 is designed to withstand winds up to 65 mph or greater.
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The LightSource portable light tower from Ingersoll-Rand is designed to stand up to the construction and rental markets, as well as special events and disaster relief. With its standard 6-kW generator, the LightSource is capable of operating four 1,000-watt metal-halide or high-pressure sodium floodlights for up to 68 hours of continuous operation. The heavy-duty steel tower on the LightSource unit is a three-section mast and extends 12 to 30 feet. The mast is raised by either dual, hand-operated winches or optional electric winches. At full-mast extension, and with all four outrigger/jacks secured, the unit can withstand winds up to 65 mph. The tower can be rotated 360 degrees and locked into position for precise aiming of floodlights.
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Terex-Amida's AL4000 automatic portable floodlight system features an automatic start/stop feature that allows the owner to circumvent the labor-intensive task of manually controlling their fleet of light towers, saving time and money. The automatic feature on the AL4000 can be set to one of two modes. The first is a timer mode that when set, turns the generator on or off at a particular time. The second is photocell mode, which signals the tower to turn on or off based on the amount of natural light surrounding it. The light tower has a reach of 30 feet at full extension and is controlled by an ergonomically positioned winch handle for ease of raising and lowering. The tower rotates 360 degrees and has a spring-loaded pin to automatically lock the tower in place while in its upright position.
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