Heavy Earthmoving Equipment

Dec. 1, 2004
Dressta Dressta's landfill arrangement crawler dozers are designed to handle the challenges of landfill applications. The TD-25H LA, TD-20H LA and the


Dressta's landfill arrangement crawler dozers are designed to handle the challenges of landfill applications. The TD-25H LA, TD-20H LA and the TD-15H LA have horsepower ranging from 175 to 320. All three dozers have turbocharged engines, and a total of six speeds forward and reverse are available to produce the best match for each application. The two-door hexagonally shaped, resiliently mounted cab improves both visibility and operator comfort. The deluxe suspended seat can be angled 15 degrees for optimum forward and reverse visibility. The landfill dozers also include turbine type air pre-cleaners, in-line copper tube radiator cores with wide fin spacing, radiator debris screen, insulated muffler and audible and visual warning systems.
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Komatsu's new CD110R-2 crawler carrier features 360-degree rotation for efficient loading and dumping in any direction, eliminating the need for U-turns. Controls are designed so the operator does not need to constantly switch from forward to reverse operations, resulting in increased productivity, improved safety and machine durability. The reduced steering increases the machine's reliability by putting less wear on the tracks, which extends the life of the undercarriage. The 34,390-pound crawler carrier has a payload of 11 tons and is equipped with a 255-hp Komatsu engine. The high minimum ground clearance — 27 inches from undercarriage to ground — provides smooth operations.
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Bell Equipment

The Model 4206D/T rubber track-driven tractor from Bell Equipment features four rubber track-drive modules that provide added traction over a range of landscapes and applications. Each 6,000-pound module includes a 36-inch-wide continuous rubber track that minimizes surface damage while providing flotation over adverse conditions. The control panel and hydraulics are fully adjustable to suit various scraping conditions, and range-hold switching prevents auto-upshifting and gear hunting during hill-climbing operations.
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John Deere

Three new crawler dozers — the 450J, 550J and 650J (pictured) — feature a standard, infinitely adjustable blade pitch link. With only one wrench, the blade cutting edge angle can be adjusted to any position from 52 to 60 degrees to match machine applications and soil conditions. The J Series machines have the John Deere PowerTech 4045T engine, with oil change intervals increased to 500 hours. The dual path hydrostatic drive transmission provides infinite speed control, a power management system, live power turns, counter-rotation, dynamic braking and automatic tracking control. High intensity work lights provide increased lighting beyond daylight hours, and a redesigned instrument panel improves switch identification.
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Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo excavators are designed to be tough, reliable, productive and provide operator comfort for greater efficiency. All Volvo excavators feature the Volvo-exclusive Advanced Control System, which balances engine power with hydraulic pump output to provide maximum production with minimal fuel consumption. Digging and lifting forces are the result of the high torque engine and its ability to drive a unique hydraulic system so that both high pressure and low flow are achieved. The Volvo hydraulic quick-coupler system makes it possible to change attachments quickly and easily from inside the cab — and adds flexibility to the operator's work requirements.
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Hyundai Construction Equipment

The new R140W-7 (pictured), R170W-7 and R200W-7 wheeled excavators feature an improved Computer Aided Power Optimization (CAPO) management system that allows the operator to customize the working modes of the excavator to fit the requirements of the jobsite. Enhancements to the CAPO system include new mode controls for operator efficiency and flexibility, and a self-diagnostic display system that provides technical information for 48 distinct functions. The operator's cab has been widened, with improved ventilation, lower sound levels and large rear and side windows for greater operator comfort and control, and enhanced hydraulics for longer component life.
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