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Feb. 1, 2004
Commercial Engines Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power introduces its line of Vanguard V-twin Big Block air-cooled and liquid-cooled commercial engines

Commercial Engines

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power introduces its line of Vanguard V-twin Big Block air-cooled and liquid-cooled commercial engines in the 25 hp to 35 hp range. The engines feature an advanced debris management system that is incorporated into its air-cooling system, allowing the engine to run cooler and cleaner. An intake and exhaust system features a large-column muffler that is tuned to provide a quieter running engine.
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Hydraulic Breaker

Atlas Copco introduces two new compact hydraulic breakers featuring the company's exclusive solid body design concept. Both the 650 and the 850 are suitable for mounting on large skid steers, standard backhoes and mini excavators under 10 tons. Features include an integral side-mounted accumulator to reduce the overall length of the machine, optional water channel for dust suppression and a central lubrication facility to virtually eliminate daily maintenance.
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General Pipe Cleaners

The Model 88 sectional drain cleaner features a ¾ hp motor as standard equipment. The heavy-duty motor drives a 3.5 to 1 ratio gear head to give the machine power to handle the most difficult jobs. The machine also has a longer frame to protect the drive coupling and a larger front caster wheel. It spins 4, 8- or 10-foot quick-coupling cable sections at distances of 200 feet or more. The cables self-feed, while the operator stands safely behind the machine as the cables screw into the line. For extra strength, General offers either chain or spring center cables.
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Abrasive Cutoff Machine

At 15 amps and 3,900 rpm, the Bosch 3814 14-inch Benchtop Abrasive Cutoff Machine will cut metal, stainless steel, ferrous metals, masonry and concrete. Features like its motor insulation for extra over-load protection, ball and roller bearing construction and precision helical steel gears ensure smooth power transmission and a long-lasting tool. Other features include an adjustable fence, locking vice with quick release, lock-on trigger, adjustable depth stop and built-in wrench storage.
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Brush Cutter

Tanaka adds the TBC-600 heavy-duty brush cutter to its outdoor power equipment line-up. It comes standard with the Brain fully-automatic cutting head as well as a 10-inch, 80-tooth saw blade. Other features include a 47cc, 2.4 hp engine, a bearing supported, solid steel drive shaft, a low vibe advanced shaft system, split dual handles, single handle adjustment and a double shoulder harness.
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Ride-on Trowels

Multiquip's new Whiteman HTX and STX hydraulic ride-on trowels feature simpler operation and better control. Powered by 44-hp Kubota and 55-hp John Deere diesel engines, respectively, the HTX and STX trowels improve on the predecessor HTH and STH Series models. Both units showcase improved steering responsiveness, simultaneous blade pitch control, removable steps for easy engine access and rotor speed control, the company says. The HTX, which finishes paths 192 inches wide, sports five blades per rotor while the STX features six blades on each rotor. The STX has a path width of 117 inches.
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The 12P-RL Merry Commercial Chipper-Shredder from Mac-kissic can chip branches up to 3 inches and can shred debris to ½-inch. The chipper-shredder has a commercial duty centrifugal clutch and has no manual engagement. With 24 reversible hammers and the single knife chipping system, the machine maintains rpms easier and provides more centrifugal force. It is available with either a 10-hp Briggs & Stratton Intek I/C engine or an 8-hp Honda engine. The unit is road towable.
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Articulating Boom

The TZ-50 trailer-mounted articulating boom from Genie Industries was developed to meet the demands of both the domestic and international marketplace. It features a working height of 55 feet, 6 inches and 29 feet, 2 inches of working outreach. It also offers a 500-pound platform capacity throughout its entire working envelope. At 4,350 pounds, the TZ-50 tows behind nearly any vehicle with a 2-inch ball and a Class 3 hitch. It also features Genie's automatic self-leveling system, which provides 10 degrees of leveling capacity from the ground controls.
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Grinding System

With its dust-resistant brushless motor, automatic self-cleaning vacuum and jobsite versatility, the DG 150 Grinding System from Hilti is designed for grinding concrete, natural stone and masonry, as well as removing paint, adhesives and epoxy coatings from cementatious surfaces. The DG 150's dust collection system helps reduce the amount of dust inhaled by 95 percent and at the same time helps reduce the amount of dust entering ventilation systems on inhabited buildings. The Spike diamond cup wheel removes adhesives and coatings and allows debris to pass through without loading up the wheel.
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Plasma Cutter

Miller Electric introduces its Spectrum 125C plasma cutter with a built-in piston-driven air compressor and 12 amps of cutting power. It replaces the Spectrum Thunder and has an upgraded compressor that offers 30 percent more airflow. It cuts 1/8-inch steel at 10 inches per minute and provides a quality cut on material up to 3/16 inch, the company says. With the convenience of a built-in compressor and a high level of portability — it weighs 50 pounds, plugs into 115 VAC primary and runs well off generator power — the 125C is well suited for HVAC and sheet metal applications.
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Compact Utility Loader

The Dingo 323 compact utility loader features Toro's 4-Paw independent four-wheel drive system that constantly directs hydraulic flow and pressure to all four wheels, ensuring optimum power and traction regardless of soil conditions. The 323 is powered by a 23-hp air-cooled Kohler engine and features a durable resin hood to protect engine components from dirt and debris damage. Attachment options include two auger power heads, trencher, vibratory plow, hydraulic breaker, backhoe, leveler, tiller, cultivator, hydraulic blade, adjustable forks, two-stage snowthrower, and a rotary broom.
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Portable Light Towers

Allmand Bros.' Pro series of portable light towers offers quality lighting and comes with the SHO lighting system as standard equipment. The Pro engine-generator package includes an 1,800-rpm Kubota D905 liquid-cooled diesel engine and a 6-kilowatt generator. It also features a molded, 30-gallon seamless polyethylene fuel tank for up to 60 hours of continuous operation. Built with corrosion- and dent-resistant molded fenders and heavy-duty enclosures, it is suited for the most rugged conditions.
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Portable Compressor

The Mobilair portable compressor line from Kaeser Compressors is available in models ranging from 45 cfm to 950 cfm. Selected models offer variable pressures from 70 to 200 psig. Generator and aftercooler options are also available on some models. Standard features include the Sigma Profile airend, heavy-duty diesel engine and an instrument and lighting package.
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Compact Utility Vehicle

John Deere offers two solutions for hauling and transportation needs with the introduction of the Gator Compact Series utility vehicles. The Gator CS, a 249cc (8 hp) version, and the Gator CX, a 286cc (10 hp) version, now make tighter turns, fit into narrower spaces and can even be transported in the bed of a pick-up truck. The CS and CX models are both equipped with air-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-cycle Kawasaki gasoline engines. A precision-engineered drivetrain system fully utilizes engine power while optimizing acceleration, hauling, towing and hill climbing capabilities.
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Compactor Remote Controls

Bomag Light Equipment introduces redesigned remote controls for its BPH80.65S reversible plate and BMP851 multi-purpose compactors. Built for enhanced operator comfort, the new remote design weighs only 3.5 pounds. Umbilical control cables have been reduced in size, decreasing overall control weight as well as cord replacement costs. The new controls are secured to the operator using a waist belt — an improvement over previous neck-strap harnesses. Both compactors are available with either cable/radio or cable/infrared remotes. Plus, the remotes include extra-capacity batteries for maximum operational time.
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Aerial Work Platform

The 1250AJP ultra boom aerial work platform from JLG Industries is an articulating and telescoping model with 63 feet, 2 inch horizontal reach, 60 feet, 7 inch up-and-over capability and 125 feet platform height. The JibPlus jib boom rotates both 130 degrees vertically and 125 degrees horizontally, and when combined with the 180 degrees platform rotation, provides workers with maneuverability for reaching hard-to-access areas. Platform capacity in the majority of the work envelope is a restricted 1,000 pounds, while unrestricted platform capacity is 500 pounds. The standard SkyPower package is comprised of a 7,500-watt generator that provides power to welders and other platform-mounted accessories.
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Log Splitter

Rayco introduces its new LS 2526 gas powered, tow-behind log splitter, which provides 25 tons of splitting force, powered by a 13-hp Honda engine developing 2,500 psi of pressure. Cycle time is 10 seconds. Four-way wedge is standard. Special features include a 600 pound log lift, auto cycle and hydraulic wedge lift.
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Electric Eel

The new Eel Jet 1500 Electric Jetter is designed for fast cleaning of grease, soap, sand and sludge in small drain lines. The unit is powered by a rugged 1½-hp Baldor motor with an in-line ground fault circuit interrupter. It generates 1,500 psi at 1.7 gallons per minute and features a built in pulsation valve for maneuvering around difficult bends. The pump/motor assembly detaches from the frame in seconds for increased portability and working in confined areas. The compact cart reel has a capacity of 150 feet of ¼ inch diameter hose.
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Wacker's new generation of RT rollers offers a new smart control system and engine control module that make the new RT 56-SC and RT 82-SC easier to operate and maintain. A dual joystick control box makes steering the unit easy and the smart remote control system features an infrared signal that uses line-of-sight control. The new rollers come equipped with a 20-hp liquid-cooled Lombardini engine and many of its functions are controlled by the engine control module.
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Volvo Construction Equipment

The new Volvo BL60 backhoe loader is designed for the operations of multi-machine fleet owners, construction equipment rental businesses, governmental agencies, and owner/operators. The machine is equipped with a low-emission, 83-hp turbocharged diesel engine and a fixed displacement, flow-sharing hydraulic system that provides power and control for a range of loading and digging applications. The backhoe loader has a 14 feet, 9 inch digging depth, and 11,864 pounds of backhoe bucket digging force. It also comes with 2- or 4-wheel drive, enclosed cab or open canopy and with a standard or extendible dipper.
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Kinetic Water Ram

The lightweight, compact Kinetic Water Ram from General Pipe Cleaners is designed to safely, quickly and cleanly clear clogged sinks, toilets and tubs with the power of compressed air. It comes with a flexible cone for 1 ¼-inch to 4-inch diameter lines, caulking hose and five tapered valves for sealing openings from 1 ¼ inches through 4 inches. A Schraeder valve for use with an external air compressor when clearing difficult blockages is also provided.
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Electric Air Compressor

Mi-T-M Corp. manufactures the AC1-HE02-05M1, which features 2.0 hp, 120V electric motor, a quality single stage compressor, an aluminum oil lubricated crankcase and aluminum head with cast iron cylinder, compact and portable 5.0 gallon twin tank design and a powder coated steel frame design. It is designed to meet the needs of the industrial and contractor professional and its compact design allows for easy transportation to the jobsite.
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Cleaning System

All American Cleaning Systems introduces the new Dominator Series. The All American Dominator, which is built for rental and industrial uses, provides hot and cold water cleaning power in a compact, maneuverable design. It includes the Cool Touch Coil, which forms the combustion chamber, eliminating troublesome insulation and outside hot spots. It also improves airflow, providing better fuel combustion and efficiency, the company says. Also included in the series is the accumulator assembly and optional hose reel.
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Welding Spool Guns

The Lincoln Electric Company offers its Prince XL spool gun, designed for aluminum applications. It is rated at 200 amps at 100 percent duty cycle. It is capable of feeding .030-inch to 1/16-inch diameter wire on up to 4-inch diameter spools at speeds up to 900 inches per minute. The Prince XL features a 3 ¾-turn wire feed speed potentiometer control for precise fine adjustment of wire speed. It is also available with the standard straight barrel or the optional curved barrel to assist in hard-to-reach settings.
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Vacuum Excavation System

The Ditch Witch FX60 vacuum excavation system combines soft excavation capabilities and increased vacuum power in a compact, trailer- or skid-mounted unit. For excavating, soils are displaced by water at pressures up to 3,500 psi. Powered by a 56-hp diesel engine, the unit's belt-driven blower develops maximum airflow of 900 cfm at 16 inches of mercury for vacuuming. For more efficient use of power, the clutch automatically disengages when water is not in use, allowing full power to the blower.
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Impact Wrenches

Makita USA introduces its new Model TW0200 and TW0350 impact wrenches, which generate fastening power with maximum torque of 150 foot pounds and 260 foot pounds, respectively. They feature a compact and lightweight design with the best power-to-weight ratio in their class, making them suitable for framers, anchor setters, deck builders, installers, automotive mechanics and dismantlers.
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Morbark's Model 2355 Flail Chiparvestor is designed to produce clean, pulp and paper chips at high rates, even when processing pre-commercial thinnings, and non-merchantable and juvenile timber. Standard features include the enclosed, weatherized operator's cab with combination air conditioner/heater; twin disc hydraulic clutch; twin auger discharge, two separate hydraulic tanks for enhanced oil cooling; and telescopic debris conveyor. Hydraulic flail drive is also standard equipment.
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Trench Roller

Stone Construction Equipment's Bulldog Trench Roller line now features an optional, heavy-duty steel vandal cover. The lockable cover protects the controls and prevents potential theft or equipment tampering. It can also prevent accidental damage to the controls and operator console while operating the machine in the radio-frequency remote control mode. The cover folds over the manual control levers, control buttons and ignition key, while still allowing access to the emergency stop button.
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Horizontal Grinder

The Vermeer HG6000 horizontal grinder is available with two engines as a 525 hp or a 630 hp machine. Key features include a top-loading millbox, removable anvil design, 6 super single tires with aluminum wheels and 5th wheel towing package. Other standard features include an HPTO clutch, patent-pending SmartGrind and the patented Duplex Drum systems.
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Bandit Industries adds the 4680 Beast Recycler to its family of waster reduction machines. The 4680 is the fourth addition to the Beast line, which includes the 2680, 3680 and 5680. It features a mill that is 57 inches in diameter and 63 inches wide with a 40 inch high by 60 inch long opening. It will process stumps and logs 40 inches in diameter and greater. The machine can also process whole trees and offers horsepower options up to 860.
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Husqvarna introduces three new brushcutters to its product line: the 343R, the 345Rx and the 345Fx. Each model is designed for heavy usage by commercial operators and addresses the issues of weight, ergonomics and maneuverability. On the 343R the shaft length is optimized and the bevel gear angled at 35 degrees for a smooth and level cut. An automatic Smart Start function on the 345Rx makes starting easy by reducing the force needed to pull the starter cord. The 345Fx features a short, smooth shaft with the bevel gear angled at 24 degrees to simplify directional felling of trees in dense forests.
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