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May 1, 2006
The Edge Consulting Services IQ Tool Box from IQ Edge is designed to improve the effectiveness of classroom training. This web tool has the ability to

The Edge Consulting Services

IQ Tool Box from IQ Edge is designed to improve the effectiveness of classroom training. This web tool has the ability to present, store and access all types of training content in a single location. From videos and PowerPoint presentations, to PDF files and Word documents, the IQ Tool Box is a one-stop, single-source solution for training needs.

“The IQ Tool Box is a resource that will allow you to focus on your customers with excellence by having a well-trained sales team asking for the business at your store counters or on a jobsite,” says Nick Mavrick, vice president of marketing for Volvo Rents. “The IQ Tool Box will add value to our marketing processes in the area of thanking our customers for their business and retaining our customer base as a company.”
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Point-of-Rental Systems' Windows-based Enterprise software is designed with speed, ease-of-use, and flexibility in mind. With easy contract writing, Internet integration, driver's license and item graphic image storage, plus an array of analysis reports to help owners track trends, Enterprise has features to help rental businesses run smoothly. It is designed to handle the complexities of single stores as well as high-volume multi-store environments. The latest 9.0 release includes No-Type Technology, which uses the Internet to automatically look up and insert information into a customer's record.

“As far as specific features go, the driver's license scanner is a favorite,” says Scott Munsterman, president of Oswego, Ill.-based First Place Rental. “It not only scans a picture of the license, but it adds the information directly into the customer record. That's very helpful. Another feature we really appreciate is the automated instruction file. If you rent a roto-tiller, the system automatically prints the safety instructions with the contract. That eliminates a huge liability factor for us.”
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Orion Software

Orion Software's Sirius Rental & Inventory is a Windows-based, third-generation rental and sales application designed for the various needs of the rental supply industries. Sirius enables rental companies to track activities and inventories to improve revenue, profits and ROI. The software also links directly to Peachtree, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting and other standard accounting packages. Other features include bar coding, equipment reservations management, staff management, maintenance tracking, integrated point-of-sale system, serialized inventory management, driver's license and credit card swiping. Sirius is designed to meet the needs of multi-branch and small independent operations.

Coastal Equipment Rental, located in Destin, Fla., has used the Sirius Rental software for a couple of years. Tim Wilson, assistant manager, says he likes the invoicing features of the software. “I'd definitely say it's an improvement over the last software we had,” he says. “It makes it a lot easier to keep track of ingoing and outgoing [inventory].”
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Wynne Systems

Including Wynne Systems' RentalMan Dashboard as part of a rental center's suite of tools allows owners to gain new understanding and insight into the business by following revenues, expenses and asset status. Through its web-based interface, RentalMan Dashboard helps rental companies distribute information. The RentalMan Dashboard is designed to help companies make more timely and informed decisions about when and where to use resources.
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Market Line Computers

Market Line Computers' Total Rental store management software for Windows eliminates the need for handwritten reservations. Users can make reservations with the software's simple calendar system. The software automatically alerts users to over-bookings and critical-usage situations and suggests alternative items whenever needed and available. The program interfaces with standard credit card processing software and allows multiple payment types. Each rental item can have different rates, rules and due dates. Caution notes and operating instructions can be set up to print out each time an item is rented.
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SmartEquip and ITEDO joined together to automate the publishing and management of illustrations for interactive parts catalogs, and maintenance and repair manuals. OEMs can now self-publish their product support material directly from CAD data files into SmartEquip's electronic commerce and product support applications. This speeds catalog production and can gain tremendous cost savings and speed in identifying aftermarket parts and in purchasing transaction accuracy through interactive parts catalogs that show real-time parts pricing and availability. Fleet owners and web-based users can create and submit electronic purchase orders directly into dealers' and manufacturers' business systems to benefit the distribution channel. OEMs and their dealers increase profitability through improvements in the quality of after-sales support, making their equipment more valuable to own and more economical to maintain. Fleet owners increase profitability by lowering cost of equipment ownership and increasing utilization.
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Solutions by Computer

Enfinity is a Windows-based system designed to help rental, sales and service businesses maximize returns on inventory investment through inventory tracking and intuitive processing of rentals, sales, reservations, quotations, service scheduling and more. Enfinity marries a post-relational database to Solutions' software applications to offer scalability, from one system to thousands of networked systems.

Taylor Rental Center in Glendale, Ariz., started using the Enfinity system in January, according to manager Angie Mantle. “It was the first time our store had operated with a computer at the front counter,” she says. “I was amazed at how easy it was to train our employees; they took to the system immediately and were writing contracts and reservations in just a couple of hours.”
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protonic Software

With customizable features, easyjob 3.0 from protonic allows rental companies to manage projects that span multiple events and venues, as well as prevent inventory overbookings, shortfalls and losses. Rental owners can calculate the profitability of projects and equipment purchases. easyjob 3.0 also allows tracking usage, maintenance schedules, client histories and more. The Navigator helps find activities that may need attention such as “overdue check-outs” and “jobs in progress.” The Today feature gives an overview of the day's activities such as scheduled events and expired proposals that require follow-up. The software can also track the availability of rental equipment, so rental personnel can tell if items are available or confirmed, proposed or sub-hired in other jobs. Context menus help resolve conflicts by enabling users to make appropriate adjustments, substitutions and/or upgrades.
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Genisys Software

Genisys Software offers a hand-held terminal that works by radio frequency to allow rental stores to return equipment in the rental yard, among other functions. The product allows for exchanges of inventory in instances such as when a piece of equipment needs to be swapped out for another. The module also allows for receiving purchase orders on the spot. The unit, made by PSC, has a visible laser scanner, allowing it to read barcodes from long distances. It also has a 16-line by 20-character display, making it user-friendly for the rental employee. It is available for one-hand operation or a trigger grip underneath if desired.

Kyle Keeley, co-owner of Rochester Hills, Mich.-based Chet's Rent-All has used Genisys Software products at his rental centers for about 10 years. The eight-location company uses it for everything from accounts receivable to payroll, purchasing and order entry. “The number one thing is the support that Genisys gives us,” Keeley says. “If we have a problem we can get a hold of them and get it resolved in days, if not sooner.”
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Alert Management Systems

The Alert product safety notes system includes the ability to embed pictures, specifications and safety notes from RenTrain, a subscription-based web service that catalogs more than 5,000 rental products. The Alert RenTrain Connection provides counter personnel with instant access to RenTrain information, automatically linked and updated to a store's rental products. By including inventory on their website, rental centers can extend the RenTrain service to customers. The optional shopping cart feature allows customers to initiate a reservation or purchase on the rental website.
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Visum developed FocalPoint Software, which was designed in the Windows operating platform. The software handles all aspects of a rental operation and can handle any size business with all different types of inventory. FocalPoint has features such as signature capture for contracts and credit card transactions, PDAs for taking and ordering inventory, ID scanners that capture the picture and card information, bar code scanners and more.
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Longview Advantage

VShepherd Commercial is designed to help equipment owners and fleet managers protect and manage their assets simply and economically. It lets users track their assets' performance and utilization in real time so they know where their machines or vehicles are at all times, as well as the engine operating status. The 24/7 Alarm and Recovery Center can also help recover assets if they are stolen.
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Texada Software

Texada Software, a provider of Enterprise Rental Management Systems, introduces TSI Version 3, which delivers Windows-based database support through Microsoft SQL Server and offers timesaving features such as reduced keystrokes to speed up contract preparation. Enhanced billing, scheduling features are also included. To improve efficiency at the rental desk, Texada updated the input and work order screens of TSI Version 3, reducing the amount of time required to generate a contract. Enhanced tax features give customers the ability to accommodate multiple tax jurisdictions in one system, which is a necessary feature for multi-location rental operations and regions where multiple taxes apply.

Springvale, Australia-based Moorland Hire has used Texada's Enterprise Rental Management system to manage its business functions including maintenance scheduling, asset management and accounting. “Utilizing the computerized maintenance schedules and records ensures we are offering the highest level of service to our clients,” says Mike Wilton, managing director of Moorland Hire.
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Business Computer Systems

Automated Rental Management (ARM) underwent a significant redesign in early 2005, incorporating new features such as: grid-style data entry, line-based billing, integrated credit card processing, and a new transfer tracking module. Entry screens feature dual entry grids, allowing users to place more frequently used fields in the primary grid, and lesser-used fields in the secondary grid offering flexibility. The redesign of ARM represents changes that both increase usability and speed access to data.
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Qualcomm has expanded functionality for its GlobalTRACS equipment management solution with the introduction of an enhanced Ops Map — a graph that indicates the engine-on time within a 24-hour period for a given piece of equipment. Delivered on-demand or by customer-determined schedule, this clear, concise and simply presented information helps rental companies accurately schedule maintenance, bill correctly for all usage, and reduce customer disputes. The Ops Map feature helps rental companies reduce preventive maintenance costs, increase equipment utilization by re-deploying idle or underutilized equipment and improve customer satisfaction.
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Result Group

The Result Group's RentalResult software package for the North American rental industry delivers control and visibility of assets, with integrated financial applications, CRM and Support Desk. Designed to be easy to use, the flexibility of RentalResult delivers a packaged solution that matches the user's business processes. With a user-friendly java front end, RentalResult can be delivered over the Internet, PDA, PC, phone or Touchscreen monitor. Includes Fleet Management, CRM, Sales Force Automation and Route Planning modules. Specifically for 50 to 5,000-plus workstation systems, with support for multiple locations, currencies and languages.
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