What Else is New?

Sept. 1, 2009
Rental Products from Electric Eel, Toro, Caterpillar, Portable Lift Equipment, Bosch Power Tools and Accessories, Elliott Equipment, Komatsu and MK Diamond.

The EelCam EC-8SD camera inspection system from Electric Eel offers users a portable and rugged system that features a digital recorder to record video of the inspection directly onto a SD (secure digital) flash card. The EC-8SD control unit is housed in a compact carry case weighing 10.4 pounds, and includes controls for microphone, lights, camera test port, and secondary video and audio outlets. Date, distance and time are displayed on screen, and a keyboard is included for adding text.

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The Toro TRX backfill blade mounts directly to the trencher, locking into place with a pin mechanism and is used to backfill trenches on any jobsite. Weighing 55 pounds, the backfill blade measures 40.5 inches wide, 45.6 inches long and stands 18.6 inches high. No special tools are required to mount the backfill blade, and it can be quickly put on or taken off in less than one minute.

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Caterpillar introduces the Cat 301.6 and 301.8 undercarriages for compact machines. These rubber-belted undercarriages include carboy and are now available to other OEMs through Caterpillar OEM Solutions Group. Manufacturers who produce machines with a gross vehicle weight up to 4,330 pounds are suited for this undercarriage offering, and include applications such as drills for geothermal installations, stump grinding, small auger drills or small pile drivers.

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Silent Drive announced a joint venture with Portable Lift Equipment to manufacture and distribute the TP 9000 mobile scissorlift. The TP 9000 features a 48-inch by 64-inch platform with a 30-inch rollout deck extension and a 28-foot maximum working height. Two 12-volt DC deep-cycle batteries provide 50 to 100 lifts per charge. An on-board battery charger and 110 VAC power are standard.

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Bosch Power Tools and Accessories introduces six new Impactor drivers and wrenches built around its 18V and 14V Litheon cordless platforms. Operating at up to 2,800 rpm and delivering up to 3,200 bpm, the Impactors are up to 27-percent faster. The 25618 18V Litheon Impactor Driver is capable of driving a 3-inch all-purpose screw into a pressure-treated 4×4 in about one second. It can also drive a 3-inch × ¼-inch lag bolt into a pressure-treated 4×4 in less than four seconds.

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Elliott Equipment introduces its new 60-foot material handling aerial work platform. The V60 features a 63-foot working height and a 500-pound platform capacity. It mounts on a 19,000-pound GVWR chassis. The narrow outrigger deployment measures 8 feet in front and 8 feet, 10 inches, in the rear, and allows for minimal traffic disruption.

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The WA50-6 compact wheel loader from Komatsu offers an operating weight of 8,100 pounds and a maximum dump height of 8 feet, 1 inch. The standard auxiliary hydraulics simplify hydraulic attachment installation, enhancing the capability and versatility of the machine. The automatic electronic bucket leveling is controlled by the bucket control lever and is designed to increase productivity. The unit is also equipped with Komtrax technology, which sends machine operating information to a secure website.

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MK Diamond offers five models of Canoga mixers. The smaller portable mixers — the Canoga 70 and 80 — are powered by a high-torque Baldor 1/3-hp motor, with a batch capacity of 2 cubic feet. The Canoga 113 series comes equipped with a cast-iron ring and pinion drive system powered by a ½-hp TEFC electric motor or a Honda engine. The larger towable mixers — the Canoga 193 and 300 (pictured) — feature a welded-steel frame, torsion bar suspension, spring-steel axle and independent suspension for smooth rides.

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