Turn Up the Heat

Sept. 1, 2009
Hilti hosts customer events to demonstrate its latest product innovations.

Tulsa, Okla.-based Hilti last month hosted its Hilti Heat Wave customer event at more than 70 locations across the United States, including Kansas City, Mo., where RER was in attendance.

Nearly 125 contractor customers who attended the Kansas City event were able to operate Hilti's new TE 1000-AVR breaker, the DD 120 core drill and the SFH 18-A drill.

Mark Modersohn, Kansas City regional manager, called the event a success and noted that Hilti has received a lot of positive feedback from contractors. “The event is an opportunity for our customers to get hands-on with the latest Hilti innovations,” Modersohn told RER. “They came away impressed by the quality of products and increased productivity from the new innovative tools.

“The new DD120 core drill was just released in August. It now comes as one kit that includes the drill, the bit and the stand, which saves the contractor time on set-up.” (See Rental Ready, page 12, for more information about the DD 120.)

The company is also excited about its new TE 1000-AVR breaker, which was engineered to have the lowest vibration in its class, provide the power necessary for improved demolition productivity, and the flexibility to reduce impact for precision work. The TE 1000-AVR features 16 foot-pounds of energy provided by a 1,600-watt motor. An active cooling system reduces wear and tear; the three-chamber sealing helps keep dust out of the tool; and the brushless SR motor eliminates the need to replace carbon brushes. The result is longer intervals between service and twice the expected tool life.

The TE 1000-AVR is also engineered for operator comfort. Utilizing Hilti's AVR, an advanced vibration reduction system, the TE 1000-AVR achieves the lowest vibration in its class, aiding operator comfort and allowing the operator to be more productive by working longer, according to the company. For precision work, the TE 1000-AVR's Power Reduction Switch cuts the impact by 30 percent to improve handling and control in sensitive applications.

“The Hilti TE 1000-AVR breaker is a highly differentiated new product that reinforces our innovation and served as a cornerstone for the Hilti Heat Wave event,” Modersohn added.

The event also gave the company the opportunity to demonstrate the compatibility of the TE 1000-AVR with its new DRS-B dust removal system, which reduces clean-up time and captures fine dust particles for a better working environment. Time previously spent setting up plastic walls or ventilation for dust containment can now be spent on the job at hand.

Designed for demolition, surface renovation, excavation and many other breaking applications that generate dust, the TE DRS-B quickly assembles to the tool through a simple belt clip, with no screwdriver needed. Throughout the demolition process, the TE DRS-B captures both heavy and fine dust and whisks it away to a Hilti vacuum.

In addition, the TE DRS-B has two exclusive features engineered to ensure efficient operation. A unique inner ring prevents the intake of large pieces of concrete or other materials that could block the system. A two-chamber air-flushing system not only collects dust from the working surface, but also removes dust from the end of the chuck, helping to keep the tool clean.

In addition to product demonstrations at the event, customers were able to watch demo videos of the featured products while they enjoyed a pizza and barbecue lunch.