March 1, 2008
Multiquip Multiquip's new InstaPrime pumps are designed for moving large quantities of water quickly and efficiently in a diverse range of applications.


Multiquip's new InstaPrime pumps are designed for moving large quantities of water quickly and efficiently in a diverse range of applications. The InstaPrime Series moves up to 5,000 gpm in model sizes ranging from 6 to 12 inches. The pumps are fitted with a 148-gallon fuel tank for extended continuous run times of up to 100 hours. Powered by 40- to 96-hp Deutz diesel engines, these high-flow pumps showcase heads of up to 143 feet and can generate lift of 30 feet in 30 seconds. Each also handles solids up to 3.6 inches, pump and priming system drain valves to eliminate the risk of water freezing in the unit, and a water lube vacuum pump to prevent oil leaks and other unwanted priming discharge.
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Magnum Products

Magnum Products introduces the MTP 6000C Contractor Pump to its diesel trash pump line. This model features an Isuzu 4LE liquid-cooled engine for longer life and lower sound levels. The pump offers a maximum solid capacity of 2.25 inches, a maximum capacity of 1,150 gpm at 2,000 rpm, and a maximum total dynamic head of 152 feet.
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Godwin Pumps

Godwin Pumps introduces a new line of portable, gasoline-powered Wet-Prime pumps and a Sub-Prime electric submersible pump. Available in dewatering, trash, plastic, pressure and diaphragm models, the Wet-Prime pumps are capable of maximum heads to 285 feet and maximum flows to 425 gpm. The pumps are designed for applications including construction dewatering, farming, landscaping and irrigation. The GSP20L Sub-Prime electric submersible pump features a compact, slimline design with convenient top discharge for maximum heads to 65 feet and maximum flows of 140 gpm.
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Atlas Copco Construction Tools

The Atlas Copco LTP 3 submersible trash pump is designed for applications including removing debris-filled water from construction and excavation sites and flooded basements. The 3-inch pump handles stones and other debris up to 2½-inches in diameter. A discharge capacity of 507 gpm and lifting head up to 104 feet allows the LTP 3 to move large volumes of water. The spark-proof pump is driven by a hydraulic motor and can run dry without sustaining damage to internal components. The unit weighs 28 pounds and can be transported around the jobsite.
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Thompson Pump

Thompson Pump's 6HT-DDST-3-1011 wet-prime trash pump features the ability to self-prime and re-prime automatically. The trash pump provides flow rates up to 1,450 gpm, moderate heads to 88 feet and can handle spherical solids up to 3 inches. This pump is designed for sewage bypass pumping or dewatering excavations.
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Cat Pumps

Cat Pumps offers a line of triplex high-pressure plunger pumps with gearbox for easy direct mount onto 5- to 20-hp gas engines. The gearbox pump is designed to create a compact and portable pressure cleaner while eliminating belt adjustment and wear concerns. These gearbox pumps deliver from 3.5 to 5.5 gpm and 2,200 to 5,000 psi. They fit either a 1-inch or 1 1/8-inch engine shaft.
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Jenny Products

Jenny Products introduces modifications to the design of its K pump. The single-stage compressor pump features new easy-access unloader pins, which reduce downtime. A new patent-pending crankcase breather system in the K Pump features a replaceable filter, allowing for the assembly to be cleaned rather than completely replaced. A new airfoil blade design on the wheel improves airflow across the pump for efficient cooling.
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Wacker introduces 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-inch pumps to its line of centrifugal trash pumps. The 2-inch, PT 2 Series models (pictured) weigh 96 pounds and can pump up to 210 gpm with solids up to 1 inch. The PT 3, 3-inch series is available in gasoline and diesel models. All PT 3 Series pumps are capable of handling up to 400 gpm with solids sizes up to 1.5 inches. The 4-inch, PTS 4V weighs 360 pounds and can pump up to 705 gpm with solids up to 2 inches. A 16-hp Vanguard engine with electric start powers the unit. The PT 6LT (trailer) and PT 6LS (skid), 6-inch models can pump up to 1,300 gpm with solids up to 2 inches.
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Subaru introduces the PTX301D diaphragm pump featuring 3-inch suction and discharge ports. The self-priming PTX301D pumps up to 250 gpm at a maximum pressure of 21 psi and boasts a maximum suction lift of 25 feet and a maximum lift head of 49 feet. The design isolates the pump mechanism from the fluid being moved, making the model suitable for pumping abrasives, slurries, re-circulated water and other high-solid-material content, up to 2 inches, that can not be handled by a centrifugal pump.
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Chicago Pneumatic

The CP 0010 submersible water pump from Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools is designed for removing water from trenches, ditches, manholes and excavation sites. The 2-inch CP 0010 is a direct-driven, single-stage centrifugal pump that discharges between 125 and 250 gpm and has a lifting head of up to 90 feet. The pump can be completely submerged and requires 100 cfm of air for operation. The unit weighs 33 pounds and has a diameter of 9 inches.
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Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi's model TE2-25H is designed for general dewatering, irrigation and all-purpose cleaning. Its Honda GX-25 engine offers easy starting and quiet running. This 1-inch portable pump is also built to be lightweight yet durable.
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