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April 1, 2005
Dana Corp. A performance transmission for walk-behind mowers, the new Spicer 6700 single-speed transaxle offers a reduction ratio of 3.75-to-1, with an

Dana Corp.

A performance transmission for walk-behind mowers, the new Spicer 6700 single-speed transaxle offers a reduction ratio of 3.75-to-1, with an input speed of up to 1,800 rpm. The Spicer 6700 is clutch-free and has an output shaft diameter of .500 inches. It is lubricated for life, with a durable, impact-resistant DuPont composite housing to promote longevity.
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The Toro soil cultivator attachment, for use on Toro Dingo compact utility loaders, transforms rough terrain into a planting bed in a single pass. It is designed for such applications as seed and flower bed preparation; cultivating and leveling soil; burying stones, soil clods, debris and grass; blending landscape materials, compost and fertilizer; seeding turf grasses; and renovating golf course tees and fairway areas. The soil cultivator has an optional seed box attachment that allows users to cultivate and seed simultaneously. The rear mesh roller on the cultivator mixes the seed and soil to create optimal germination conditions. The seed box features a seed density selector that allows the operator to accurately select the amount of seed applied.
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The LG 575 mid-size granular spreader is designed for sports turf, grounds maintenance, landscaping and golf course management applications. The LG 575 is suited to spreading seed, fertilizer and control products. Standard with a variable-speed controller, the spreader's material flow gate calibrates and controls material flow. This allows the operator to distribute the right amount of material for each individual application. Spread pattern is also variable from the cab.
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General Equipment

The 210 hole digger was specifically designed for lawn and garden, homeowner and light construction-related digging projects. The 210 makes digging holes for planting or putting up fence poles easy for just one person. Powered by a 1.6-hp Tecumseh TC 200 engine, the unit's 2-cycle gasoline engine features an air-controlled governor and tuned muffler that significantly reduces noise levels to meet government-imposed regulations. A totally enclosed spur gear transmission with an all-metal centrifugal clutch assembly slips upon normal overload or sudden auger contact with buried obstructions.
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Allmand's 8435 and 8435 HST 4-wheel-drive compact utility tractors feature diesel engines, two power train model options and mechanical 4-wheel drive. The units are designed for use with a variety of implements in an array of applications including landscape, agriculture, construction and rental. Both models are powered by a 36-hp Mitsubishi S4L2 diesel engine. The 8435 features a synchro-shuttle shift transmission, designed for easy forward and reverse operation. The 8425 HST features a hydrostatic transmission that provides infinitely variable speed selection with simple foot-pedal control, eliminating the need for a clutch.
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John Deere

The new A-Series Quik-Trak mower is a stand-on, compact unit with a zero-turn-radius design. The three models — the 19-hp 647A, the 23-hp 657A and the 23-hp 667A — are all powered by air-cooled, vertical shaft Kawasaki engines. An overhead-valve design offers improved fuel efficiency and lower sound levels, in addition to providing more horsepower and torque per cubic inch of displacement. All models are equipped with 7-Iron mowing decks and the new curb-jumping lock-out feature, which makes transport between mowing areas easier than ever.
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The HT2510 and DH2510 hedge trimmers from Shindaiwa are powered by a high 1.1-hp, 24.5cc displacement engine and are designed for the commercial market. Both models feature new chrome-plated, self-adjusting blades and have the highest blade speed in the industry. A cross between 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines, the 4-cycle HT2510 and DH2510 hedge trimmers are lightweight, high torque, have multi-position characteristics and the throttle response of a 2-cycle with the low noise, improved fuel economy and reduced exhaust gas emissions of a 4-cycle.
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Rayco introduces its new 6-inch disk brush chipper, the RC 6D. A 25-hp Kohler V-twin engine produces torque ratings of 39.5-foot pounds at 2,800 rpm, generating high performance while providing long life and easy maintenance. The RC 6D is suited to rental applications because of its enhanced safety features and economical performance, the company says. Reversing auto feed keeps the RC 6D at the correct rpm level to create more uniform chips, and uses less fuel and minimizes vibration, which reduces wood shifting to keep the operator safer.
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Kubota Tractor Corp.

The new GR Series garden tractor features innovative Glide Steer technology — a combination of a 4-wheel-drive tractor and the maneuverability similar to a zero-turn mower. The GR tractor in a forward motion is in all-wheel-drive. When starting a turn, Glide Steer is engaged. The inside rear wheel begins to track freely, enabling a tight turn while preventing damage to the turf. The GR Series is equipped standard with cruise control, hydrostatic power steering and Kubota's hydrostatic transmission, which operates on a shaft drive with no belts providing enhanced durability.
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The Hawk stump grinder is designed to offer a portable, user-friendly alternative to full-sized stump grinders. At just 30½ inches wide and weighing 320 pounds, the Hawk is suited to both rental and professional contractors. The Hawk is capable of grinding any stump diameter from a height of 24 inches down to 16 inches below grade. Features include eight individually-replaceable teeth for quicker cutting and easy maintenance; an ergonomically positioned footrest to simplify recoil engine pull start; and a single idler wheel to deliver maximum power with less wear and tear to the belt.
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The latest addition to Vandermolen Corp.'s line of backpack blowers is Model 960BTx with 60cc Kawasaki engine. It features a bigger blower housing and fan, bigger diameter flex hose and blowpipes and produces air volume of 860 cfm @ 225 mph. Net weight is less than 22 pounds and an ergonomic back plate with a quick release waist strap keeps the blower comfortably against the back for easy carrying without side sway movement.
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The BedBug landscape edger (pictured) creates landscape beds with its bed-shaping head. The unit's blades and shields are interchangeable with the company's new CableLayer unit, which is designed for laying pet fence or landscape lighting. Each unit is powered by a 5.5-hp Honda GX engine with a centrifugal clutch. Carbide-tipped cutting blades provide consistent performance even through roots and hard ground. Cutting depth is adjustable from 2 to 4 inches.
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Little Wonder

Little Wonder power edgers are engineered with the professional in mind, with tough steel frames, cast-iron cutter head housing, 10-inch reversible blades and a choice of engines that induce a cutting speed of 90 feet per minute. The units feature fingertip controls and a ratchet-arm height adjustment system for fatigue-free operation and control.
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In response to customer requests, Morbark added an operator's platform to the Model 2400XL Hurricane with loader brush chipper. The unit is equipped with an operator's seat with joystick controls. In addition, feed controls can be switched from loader-fed to hand-fed right at the operator's seat. The loader can be left in the transport position to use the chipper as a hand-fed machine. The platform moves the operator away from the feed area and gives the operator greater visibility when feeding the machine.
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Tanaka recently added several sizes of quiet copolymer trimmer line to its accessory lineup. Designed specifically for the professional landscaper, quiet line not only reduces noise, but the increased engine rpms allow the operator to use larger diameter line. Quiet line is available in four container sizes; tubes, donuts, medium spool and large spool. Line diameter sizes include .095 inch, .105 inch and .130 inch.
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The Vermeer BC600XL brush chipper is powered by a 27-hp Kohler Command gas engine. The chipper features a 64-inch-wide feed table and the standard Auto Feed II material feeding system, which supports operation and helps reduce material jams. Another key feature is the bottom feed stop bar, which enables the operator's legs to strike the bar and shut off the feed either intentionally or automatically in an emergency situation.
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Honda Power Equipment

The newly redesigned Honda FG110 features a new commercial grade transmission with a heavy-duty drive gear that is 70-percent larger in diameter. A new front engine guard minimizes the potential for damage during transport and doubles as a convenient carrying handle. An increase in handlebar diameter from ¾ inch to 7/8 inch adds additional strength. An innovative new hybrid tine design incorporates the attributes of both digging and cultivating tines. A high tine speed of 264 rpm maximizes digging and cultivating performance without compromising one for the other.
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Bandit Industries

The compact Model 2100 stump grinder is self propelled and lightweight, yet rugged and compact enough to fit through a 36-inch gate. It features a 21-inch diameter grinding wheel with 20 teeth. The cutter wheel swings in a 39½-inch arc. A high-quality control valve makes machine movement as smooth as possible. The travel rate is from zero to 120 feet per minute, or 1.3 mph in the low speed setting, and zero to 240 feet per minute, or 2.6 mph in the high setting.
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The 345Rx brushcutter reduces emissions while providing powerful performance. An automatic start function makes starting easy by reducing the force needed to pull the starter cord. The ergonomically designed handles provide a comfortable grip and working position. The bevel gear is angled at 35 degrees for a smooth and level cut. The handlebar is angled 7 degrees in relation to the shaft to better position the cutting attachment in front of the operator.
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