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May 1, 2008
Multiquip introduces the Rammax Viper trench rollers that include an articulation and oscillation joint, which provides stability on uneven surfaces and

Multiquip introduces the Rammax Viper trench rollers that include an articulation and oscillation joint, which provides stability on uneven surfaces and mobility in difficult terrain. The Viper's patented Straight Compaction Technology allows the exciter system to supply equal amplitude to all four drums instead of two, and its patented Z-Shape-frame design, and offset-drums configuration ensures effective compaction.
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Weighing in at nearly 25,000 pounds, the Ashland CS18-HD carry-all scraper is designed for use with high horsepower (325-hp plus) rubber-tracked or wheeled tractors. The unit's standard 23.5 × 25 E3/L3 12-ply tires lower ground pressure. Longer rolling radius allows for improved flotation and operational ease in marginally wet or clay soils, as well as in sandy loams or dry topsoil.
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Compact Power adds a diesel model to its Boxer product line. The 322D mini-skid accepts all of the same standard attachments as the larger Boxer models, but is more targeted for landscape contractors, homeowners and rental owners. The 322D features a 22-hp diesel engine and a two-pump, 3,000-psi hydraulic operation system. It is a track machine that comes with 7-inch-wide rubber tracks. The unit is 34.5 inches wide, making it easy to get in and out of tight areas.
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The U-Sand random-orbit floor sander from Cherryhill Manufacturing features patented four-pad, random-orbit technology to aggressively sand floors, while limiting the possibility of damaging them. The U-Sand can also be used to edge the floor, and as a buffer to prepare the floor between coats of finish. The unit can sand in any direction, allowing it to fit into hard-to-reach areas such as closets and hallways.
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The Electric Eel Model CT features unique variable-speed motor control that gives the operator maximum cable control and cleaning power from 75 to 350 rpm with constant torque. The unit can clean ¾- to 2½-inch-diameter drain lines up to 50 feet. The CT is also available with a two-way auto cable feed that keeps hands off rotating cable as it advances and retrieves cable with the push of a lever.
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The QAX 24 generator from Atlas Copco Compressors features rear-mounted controls and a front-hinging, clamshell canopy. The QAX 24 is constructed with a Zincor-steel housing and a powder-coated finish that is designed to give additional protection against corrosion and fading. The compact frame houses a rugged three-cylinder Deutz turbo diesel engine, which complies with all noise and emissions regulations.
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IMT announces the integration of a hydraulic crane and air compressor into the new Dodge Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 chassis, as well as the Sterling Bullet chassis. Electric cranes are suited for customers whose lifting needs are fairly light and whose duty cycles are intermittent, according to the company. The hydraulic telescopic crane is designed for customers who need to lift more than 6,000 pounds or who use the crane more than once or twice a day.
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