Oct. 1, 2004
Stihl The new MS 361 and MS 361 C mid-range chain saws from Stihl have low vibrations and a variety of innovative features. At 4.4 bhp, the MS 361 offers


The new MS 361 and MS 361 C mid-range chain saws from Stihl have low vibrations and a variety of innovative features. At 4.4 bhp, the MS 361 offers users the best power-to-weight ratio in the 50 to 60 cc class and an expected lifetime 50 percent longer than the MS 360, the company says. The saws both feature a redesigned anti-vibration system that reduces vibration levels nearly 30 percent (as compared to the MS 360), giving users added control with less fatigue. The filtering system increases servicing intervals by 100 percent and features a filter fleece for dirty conditions of a 70-micron fabric filter for average conditions. Both units are equipped with the Stihl Quickstop chain braking system, side access to chain tensioners, decompression valves, tool-less fuel and oil caps with retainers and an IntelliCarb compensating carburetor.
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Stone Construction Equipment

The Stone Saw Devil line of concrete saws includes two manual models and one self-propelled model with a wide variety of engine and blade size options. The CS1, CS2 and CSP3 (pictured) feature vibration-reducing all-steel frame construction and ergonomically designed adjustable handles with padded handgrips and exclusive hip control bar. The saws also have heavy-duty easily removable blade guards contoured to reduce slurry build-up. Optional see-through 5-gallon polyethylene water tanks are available.
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The 285s chain saw is based on Shindaiwa's 300S model, with an updated look and new features. The 285s weighs 9.2 pounds, with 1.7 hp. The chain saw features an inertia brake system, dual bar studs, easy pull Sure Start recoil starting system and a thumb screw access on the air filter cover. For operator convenience, the saw comes standard with a nylon mesh air filter for damp climates, and a flocked air filter for dry, dusty conditions. The 285s is available in 12-inch or 14-inch bar lengths.
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The new RS 8500 rideable saw from Dimas has an inline right angle gearbox configuration that uses 14 belts. The new design transfers power more directly and efficiently than traditional designs, harnessing 10 percent more engine power to drive the bladeshaft, according to the company. The RS 8500 features a protective sealed bladeshaft assembly that operates more than 250 hours before needing to be greased. The saw also has upcutting blade rotation that lifts slurry from the cut, making it suitable for tasks such as joint widening or green concrete cutting. A 26-inch blade expands cutting capability beyond the standard rideable saws' 20-inch blades.
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The new MS3 compact masonry saw from Stow is powered by a 2.5-hp, 50/60HZ 115-volt electric motor. The MS3 has a 14-inch blade capacity and cuts up to 5 inches deep. The MS3 weighs 70 pounds and can be moved around the jobsite for versatility. Standard features include a solid, die-cast cart, security lock bar, and roller wheel bearings. Options include a water kit and folding stand.
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The WSR 900-PE reciprocating saw from Hilti features a smart power system that combines efficient gearing and a load management sensor to continually monitor blade speed when under load. The saw also comes standard with an interlock switch that minimizes the risk of unintentional engagement. The 15-foot power cord is recessed to reduce accidental cord cutting for increased worker safety. The WSR 900 and WSR 900-PE both feature a six-speed adjustment control for optimal stroke speed and a seven-position shoe that features an open face design for better visibility of cutting lines and improved accuracy.
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Diamond Products

Diamond Products introduces the new Core Cut portable saw CC1200 to its product line. The saw features a 9-hp Robin or 13-hp Honda engine that has more torque and runs more quietly with less vibration than most small engines, according to the company. The extra-sturdy handles have no slack and are adjustable to four positions for precise control. A state-of-the-art rear axle provides added strength. The CC1200 has a 6-⅝-inch maximum cutting depth and is available with 14- or 18-inch blade guards.
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Ideal Industries

The new tungsten carbide grit hole saw is the latest addition to the company's fast-growing line of cutting products. When used for cast iron, drywall, plaster and stucco applications, the Ideal saw is resistant to snags, heat, wear and abrasion. These saws are available in sizes ranging from ¾-inch to 6-⅞ inches.
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The new MG-10 green concrete saw features an easy-to-use control system, ergonomic design and a vibration-resistant frame for reduced maintenance. The saw offers a precision blade control system that allows the operator to preset the depth of cut quickly and easily. The system includes a single lever to engage and disengage the blade to a predetermined position, providing an accurate cut every time. Available with three gasoline-engine options, the MG-10 features a 10-inch maximum blade capacity and a cutting depth of up to 3 inches, while the “up cut” blade rotation keeps the cut clean.
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Partner Industrial Products

The K950 chain saw can cut perfectly square corners without over-cuts and can make 15-inch-deep cuts from one side. Whether cutting through openings in concrete, navigating irregular cuts, or cutting concrete piping, the K950 provides access and control in tight situations, and less gyration than a large diamond blade, according to the company. Partner Industrial Products has also developed a series of diamond chains for the chain saw, available in a variety of hardness, and designed for tough, high-power applications.
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