What Else Is New?

Oct. 1, 2005
Danuser's auger line includes fabricated, cast head, tree and bullet tooth rock augers. Drive unit torques range from 1,558 to 8,759 pounds. Maximum diameter

Danuser's auger line includes fabricated, cast head, tree and bullet tooth rock augers. Drive unit torques range from 1,558 to 8,759 pounds. Maximum diameter auger is 48 inches in depths of 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet. Mounts are available for all machines.
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Diamond Products introduces its DEMO-Cut rescue demolition blade. The carbide-tipped blade is suitable for cutting metals, roofing and building materials, wood, tar, fire doors, plastic and rubber. The blade is made with ¼-inch thick carbide chunks that allow extremely fast cutting that won't bind or load. It is available in 12- and 14-inch diameter sizes and is designed for use only on saws with retractable blade guards.
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The 11-755 AAY1 Workhorse Scaffold work platform from Cosco features a unique folding tray for easy-to-reach tools and a lightweight aluminum frame. The platform is slip resistant and has a weight capacity of 225 pounds. The Workhorse also features an easy auto-release leg lock.
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SunStar Heating Products' heavy-duty, infrared patio heater operates without electricity and has a 40,000 Btu/hour rating. The heaters provide a 360-degree circle of heat that is uniformly distributed to provide a circle of warmth up to 20 feet in diameter. The base is weighted to prevent tipping.
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Mechanical Advantage's Drum Doctor reshapes damaged standard round channelizer drums. Constructed of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel, it is portable and mounts to any 2-inch hitch receiver. Operation is easy: A pair of arms expands against the inside of the drum as the drum is pushed down manually to pop out the dents.
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Hyster's newest addition to the Fortis line of lift trucks, the H40-70FT, has capacities ranging from 4,000 to 7,000 pounds and is designed to reduce operating costs by matching the right engine with the proper transmission for specific application needs. Simplified hydraulic components and routing away from heat sources such as the engine reduces the number of potential leak points. The electrical systems have also been upgraded for improved reliability.
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UI Distribution's aluminum scaffold systems are lightweight tower systems, designed for fast, easy assembly without tools. The systems are available in single width of 29 inches and double width of 54 inches, and lengths of 6, 8 and 10 feet.
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The PPT-260 Power Pruner from Echo features Echo's 25.4-cc Power Boost Tornado engine to provide performance and reduced emissions. The telescoping shaft allows pruning up to 12 feet, 10 inches in normal use and 17 feet, 10 inches with an optional 5-foot extension. The pruner features a 19.6-fluid-ounce capacity fuel tank that reduces refills and extends run times.
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Earth & Turf's new MultiSpread Model 320 is a 1-cubic-yard topdresser with a wide-spread beater for lawn maintenance professionals, schools, universities, golf courses and athletic fields. The Model 320 spreads topdressing materials, infield mix and grass clippings. The model can be pulled by 20-hp tractors.
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