Wireless Management Systems

Dec. 1, 2004
Teletrac Teletrac's Vehicle Diagnostics Module (VDM) collects key vehicle operating data, which is then captured and transmitted through the FleetDirector


Teletrac's Vehicle Diagnostics Module (VDM) collects key vehicle operating data, which is then captured and transmitted through the FleetDirector onboard unit. The VDM provides FleetDirector customers with a new tool for their fleet and driver management programs. Using the raw data captured by the VDM, Teletrac's proprietary software then produces a detailed vehicle performance report. This report, combined with FleetDirector reports, provides fleet managers and owners with both live and historical fleet operating information that may be used to chart trends, spot and correct problem areas, and make better informed management decisions on drivers and equipment. The vehicle performance report includes the following for any reporting period: number of miles logged, number of hours engine was running, total in-motion time, total idling time, and fuel consumption.
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Keytroller's new Keyenabler ignition disable/enabling system is designed to be simple and easy-to-install for any make or model engine-powered vehicle. A wireless relay (pictured) is snapped in place of a vehicle's starter relay or wired in line between battery and solenoid. The engine will not start until the relay is enabled by the operator with the device's keypad or keychain fob. If a thief tries to hot wire around the ignition switch, the engine will not start unless the relay is enabled. The keypad model keeps untrained, unauthorized operators from starting the vehicle.
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The GlobalTRACS Web 2.1 solution tracks an equipment's hours of operation, allowing rental companies to service machines in a timely manner to reduce maintenance and administrative costs. The ruggedized 3-pound unit was tested in extreme temperatures and is designed to stand up to the vibrations and conditions of the everyday operating environment. Key features include redesigned user interface screens, maintenance module and utilization summaries, cross-street proximity on demand and search capabilities. The GlobalTRACS solution collects, manages and transmits equipment operating status and location data, all accessible through the Web-based application or integrated into existing back-end business software systems.
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Asset Tracking Services

The vShepherd fleet management system allows the user to monitor and protect vehicles and equipment. vShepherd allows the user to track multiple assets instantly via the Internet and receive real-time statistics regarding run-time and location. This system is designed to help the user save time by not having to chase down readings and to save money on repairs and downtime because of missed maintenance schedules. A 24/7 alarm and recovery center helps recover stolen equipment and vehicles. For larger fleets, FleetReach reporting modules allow the user to optimize a fleet utilization and increase profits by providing a professional planned maintenance program to maximize fleet life and value while providing customer service.
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RF Code

RFID data management software from RF Code allows rental operators to increase the revenue that each asset generates by enabling clear visibility into the supply chain. When paired with the active beacon RFID asset tags (pictured), systems integrators can create a solution for monitoring the performance, security and availability of equipment as it is put into service. A Tavis software platform supports the broad spectrum of identification devices for data collection, filtering and consolidation. It can simply serve as the interface between raw Auto-ID information and back office information systems or consolidate data for advanced application software. The system is scalable to incorporate existing barcode information, and can grow to leverage GPS, tamper sensors, motion sensors, real-time location systems and wireless networks for advanced monitoring and control.

Tavis-powered solutions have been used at pH Europe, an intermediate bulk container rental company in the U.K. John Hawkins, president of JDS Professional Services, a lead integrator on the pH Europe installation, says that JDS selected Tavis because of its scalable design, simple XML interface, Linux support and availability of data router hardware. “Tavis reduces both our cost of training internal engineering and the total cost of ownership for our clients by providing a single management application for all devices used in our solutions,” Hawkins says.
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