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April 1, 2006
Morbark The D 76 SP 44 stump grinder is designed to get to the stump faster and grind it quicker. With a 76-foot boom swing arc, the operator is able


The D 76 SP 4×4 stump grinder is designed to get to the stump faster and grind it quicker. With a 76-foot boom swing arc, the operator is able to grind more of the stump without repositioning the grinder. The hydrostatic drive to the cutter head provides efficiency and torque to power through tough stumps. The hydrostatic system provides for cooler running components, which extends component life and generates less heat for increased operator comfort. The hexagon-shaped cutter wheel provides for less resistance and friction when grinding through the stump. Flange bearings assist cutter wheel productivity by minimizing exposure to dirt, which puts less drag on the cutter wheel.
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The Hawk stump grinder is designed to offer a portable, user-friendly alternative to full-sized stump grinders. At 30.5 inches wide and 320 pounds, the Hawk can be used for rental or on a professional's truck. The Hawk is capable of grinding any stump diameter from a height of 24 inches down to 16 inches below grade. Plus, the Hawk is built to deliver durability, simplicity, low maintenance and high performance. Features include eight individually replaceable teeth for quicker cutting and easy maintenance, an ergonomically positioned footrest to simplify recoil engine pull start, and a single idler wheel to deliver maximum power with less wear and tear to the belt.
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BlueBird's new SC550 sod cutter is designed for even the toughest sod removal projects. From small jobs like creating the foundation for a new landscape bed to larger jobs like clearing for a new driveway, the SC550 is built for productivity with features such as dual cutting speeds, dual transport speeds and a powered reverse. Engineered with fewer parts for increased durability and simplified service, the sod cutter features a 5.5-hp Honda engine with oil bath centrifugal clutch and sure-footed 4-wheel drive for traction and stability. The blade engagement design automatically downshifts the wheel drive to restrict cutting in transport speeds, reducing stress on the drive system. The pistol-style handle arrangement provides control, and rubber isolators reduce vibration to the operator.
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Honda Power Equipment

Honda Power Equipment's rear-tine tiller, the FRC800, is designed for first-time rental users, featuring easy tilling operation through simple controls with one-step tine and drive engagement. A front bumper guard, heavy-duty transmission and debris shield enhance durability for rental and commercial applications. The FRC800 offers three forward gears and reverse, and its Cyclone air filter allows for long service intervals. Powered by an 8-hp engine, the tiller also features 12-inch tines for deep tilling.
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Finn's products are designed to increase productivity in all phases of lawn, landscape and erosion control development work. The company's line of HydroSeeders, bark blowers, straw blowers and consumable products are designed for the rental industry. The Bark Blowers are designed to distribute mulch at a fast rate to increase productivity. Finn offers six different models of Bark Blowers ranging from 6.5 cubic feet to 22 cubic yard capacities, providing a model tailored to any contractor's workload.
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Each trimmer in RedMax' line of Z-series trimmers is powered by a 2-cycle strato-charged engine, which has fewer moving parts and requires no valve maintenance. The 11.2-pound BCZ3000S has a 29.5 cc engine that provides enough power to cut brush and trim grass. A bicycle-handle model, the BCZ3000SW, is also available. The 11.1-pound, 25.4 cc BCZ2600S is designed for demanding trim operations, and the 10.8-pound, 23.6 cc BCZ2400S can be used for light trimming and works in small spaces.
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General Equipment

Intended for the professional, General Equipment's 330H Pro Series hole digger features heavy-duty construction and multiple auger options to handle a variety of applications from commercial fencing to landscaping. Built with a Honda 5-hp, 4-cycle gasoline engine, the 330H delivers up to 190 foot-pounds of torque. Upon overloading the auger's capabilities or coming in contact with buried obstructions, the oil-cooled, all-metal centrifugal clutch slips, reduce damage to the hole digger and maximize operator safety.
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John Deere

The Worksite Pro RL66 and RL84 roller levels are designed to make grading, leveling and contouring easy for skid-steer operators. The attachments are a patented box blade with roller level that can do landscape and site preparatory work without hydraulics. Because the roller level has no hydraulic motors, uptime is maximized. Two greaseable bearings and two replaceable cutting edges also enhance uptime.
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The 356BT backpack blower from Husqvarna incorporates high blower capacity, low noise levels and a new ergonomic design. Using a high-powered engine and efficient engine housing, the 356BT produces higher torque at lower rpm for lower sound levels. Equipped with Husqvarna's E-Tech II technology, the blower reduces emissions by as much as 60 percent. The 356BT is equipped with the company's air injection system that removes up to 97 percent of dust before it enters the filter, resulting in smoother operation, extended filter cleaning intervals and decreased wear on the engine. For operator comfort, the blower has a load-reducing harness with padded shoulder straps and a hip belt that distributes the blower's weight.
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Grassroots Technology

MulchPro power rakes from Grassroots Technology are designed to be up to 75-percent faster than fluffing mulch by hand with rakes or pitchforks. The heavy-duty design allows it to cultivate dead spots in turf caused by salt or tire damage, and prepares the ground for sod or seeding in seconds. Turning and aerating mulch also promotes good composting and reduces the frequency and cost of removing accumulated mulch. Using the MulchPro to aerate mulch helps eliminate mold, mildew and fungus that forms between layers by introducing oxygen needed to activate composting.
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Rogers Brothers

Rogers' TAG Series trailers, available in 20- and 25-ton capacity, now include dual-spring E-Z Flip rear ramps. The TAG20L has a 20-ton capacity and features a 19-foot flat deck with a 6-foot beavertail. The most recent addition, the TAG20XXL features a 22-foot flat deck and a 6-foot beavertail. The TAG25L, a 3-axle, 25-ton model has a 19-inch flat deck with a 6-foot beavertail. The TAG25XXL features a 22-foot deck and a 6-foot beavertail. All TAG20 and TAG25 models include an 8-degree ramp and beavertail loading angle for the safe and easy loading and unloading of a variety of machines including excavators and paving equipment.
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Earth & Turf

The Earth & Turf MultiSpread 200 spreads a variety of materials — topdressing for home lawns, golf courses and athletic fields; chips on pathways; and salt-sand or grit on sidewalks and driveways. With a 15-cubic-foot capacity, the MultiSpread 200 has a spread width of up to 60 inches. Available in ground drive or hydraulic drive, the Model 200 can be pulled by a variety of tow vehicles, including ATVs. An optional loading chute facilitates loading with buckets up to 66 inches wide. A wing kit for the rear shield permits easy control of spread pattern width and direction.
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Turfco Direct

Turfco Direct offers its Chariot ride-on aerator system for its compact TurnAer 4 aerator. The TurnAer Chariot is built to withstand commercial-duty use with a heavy-duty, low-profile steel frame. Wide-set pneumatic tires provide stability and a smooth ride. The entire TurnAer Chariot quickly disconnects from the TurnAer 4 to offer enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces. In addition to being easy-to-use, the TurnAer Chariot attachment system is designed to offer a lifetime of low-maintenance service. The TurnAer 4 aerator also features a 4-hp Honda engine, 2.75-inch coring depth and 17-inch aeration width.
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Dixon Industries

New two- and three-bag commercial grass catching attachment systems from Dixon Industries increase the versatility and productivity of Dixon ZTR riding mowers. The Free Flow hood design directs clippings evenly to the bags while allowing sufficient airflow for maximum vacuum power. The hood is held open by a heavy-duty spring assist. High-density durable mesh fabric bags are tapered and have plastic bottoms with metal handles for easier dumping and trash bag removal. The blower is designed with a thick sand liner, long-life belts and a window to view the rotation of a fluorescent impeller indicator.
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The Rolleez dethatcher from MacKissic features the Kwik Thatch nylon tine system. One set of tines will last most of a season and it takes less than 5 minutes to install a complete set of tines. The Kwik Thatch system offers smooth operation with less wear and tear on the machine and the operator, and no damage to sidewalks, pavers or sprinkler heads. The unit is compact and the tine system won't allow the operator to abuse the machine or the lawn. With seven height positions, an ergonomic handle bar and 12-gauge construction, it is designed to be durable and user-friendly.
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ATI Corp.

The Preseeder compact power rake from ATI Corp. is designed for seedbed preparation for small yards and for refurbishing existing turf. The 36-inch-wide rake can be transported in pickup beds. The Preseeder also features a 13-hp Honda engine, hydrostatic drive with reverse and a 10-position adjustable working depth. The helical tooth pattern provides smooth operation.
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Dixie Chopper

Dixie Chopper has added a 34-inch version of the Silver Eagle riding mower line, which includes 44-, 50- and 60-inch cutting decks. The newest model is equipped with a 22-hp Generac engine and independent drive wheel steering controls that are designed to make fast work of mowing jobs. Mounted on a welded 2-inch by 2-inch frame with stainless-steel fenders, the mower has a flip-up floor pan for easy cleaning and maintenance. The two, hand-operated steering control levers and the foot-operated mower deck height adjustment pedal are all easy to operate, as are the switch-operated electric clutch mower brake engagement, choke and throttle controls and automotive-style parking brake. The mower can reach forward speeds up to 8 mph.
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Grun Company

The Grun Company launched the SB4 strawblower at the 2006 ARA Show. The model has a leaf and debris vacuum option, designed to extend the usage season by 50 percent. The SB4 features drainage ports in the beater chamber and blower fan housing to reduce water buildup and rust. Powder coated for durability, the unit features direct drive for no clutch or other associated replacement costs.
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Tanaka's new professional round trimmer line is available in three spool sizes and four line diameter sizes — .095-, .105-, .130- and .155 inch. Tanaka now offers three styles of trimmer line for the professional landscaper and homeowner. The color-coded round trimmer line is designed for the homeowner looking for a commercial-grade product. The Green Monster line was named by a member in a contest on the Web site. Tanaka's Quiet Line is for operators who want to reduce noise as well as fuel consumption.
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Designed specifically for smaller tractors in the 16- to 28-hp range, Vandermolen's Windmill Model C510 spreader offers accessories to allow one-sided discharge, an agitator to break up lumps and for spreading powders, and a swath regulator for reducing swath width. The hopper is formed from one single sheet of 2-mm-thick steel, with no seams, reducing the possibility of rust and facilitating the cleaning operation. The frame is constructed from cold-drawn tubular steel of 2-3/8-inch diameter heavy wall stock. Other features include simple levers for instant on/off operation. The twin levers allow the operator to spread either to the right or left, or both sides at the same time.
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RockHound Attachments

The BrushHound 30 brush shredder from RockHound Attachments features a direct-drive, gear-type hydraulic motor that requires 8 gpm at 3,000 psi and weighs 550 pounds. The shredder features armor plate construction and can mount to a mini-excavator or compact backhoe. The BrushHound 30 allows more mounting options and ships pressure-tested and ready for work with hydraulic hoses and quick couplers. Operators can shred and mulch 4-inch material while sitting in the cab, with no hand cleanup.
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Grassroots Technology

The new Wingfoot PowerHoe from Grassroots Technology is designed for weeding gardens or flowerbeds. The diamond-shape knives are aggressive and slice the roots of weeds below ground level. The diamond shape of the knives doubles the life by allowing users to reverse them when one side wears down. With a 10-inch tilling width, the PowerHoe is available as a complete unit or as an attachment.
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Bandit Chippers

Bandit Industries adds custom trailers for its stump grinder. Two trailer models have been designed to accommodate the model 2100 self-propelled stump grinder and a larger capacity trailer for its models 2800SP or 2900 track self-propelled stump grinders. The trailers include a convenient pinning device to secure the machines and loop rings for chains and binders. With machine longevity in mind, both trailer models incorporate heavy-duty torsion axles to provide a smooth ride for the machines. The heavy-duty torsion axles reduce wear and tear on the machines caused by bumps in the road.
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