What Else Is New?

Jan. 1, 2005
The Paint Shaver Pro electric power paint-stripping tool is designed for use by professionals and homeowners for stripping lead or regular paint from

The Paint Shaver Pro electric power paint-stripping tool is designed for use by professionals and homeowners for stripping lead or regular paint from clapboards, shingles, Gelcoat and paint from boats and other flat surfaces while collecting the stripped debris into any vacuum. The Paint Shaver Pro strips one square foot of paint in about 15 seconds. The replaceable tungsten carbide blades will strip up to 5,000 square feet of painted surface area from clapboards and shingles while cleaning the butt and face surfaces simultaneously.
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HydroBlend 600 from Finn Corp. is a one-step application for turf establishment for use with the Finn T-60 HydroSeeder. By following the tank loading procedures for the T-60, the user eliminates mixing techniques, measuring and product selection. The contents of HydroBlend 600 weigh in at 17 pounds and are designed to eliminate re-seeding.
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Milwaukee Electric Tool's new heavy-duty tool belts feature large, flat-bottom pouches and offer a variety of small pockets for drill bits, carpenter's pencils, nail punches and other contractor needs. The tool belts come equipped with four suspender clips to accommodate most tool belt suspenders, as well as multiple conveniently positioned steel hammer loops, leather belt ends and a double tongue metal roller buckle for strength and durability.
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The new Link-Belt 80 Spin Ace minimum swing radius excavator has a swing radius of 130 degrees and is designed for work in tight spaces. The 80 Spin Ace has an operating weight of 18,400 pounds and a tail swing of 5 feet, 4 inches. The excavator has a maximum digging depth of 13 feet, 9 inches and a maximum working height of 21 feet.
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Bosch Power Tools' RS 10 reciprocating saw features the new LockJaw blade change system and comes equipped with the Brute Drive Wobble system, the internal drive system that creates the saw's plunging motion. The 8-pound saw features a variable speed trigger that controls the rate of cut and a soft grip handle that provides comfort.
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American-Lincoln's MPV-60 cleans a 60-inch path and can load up to 1,200 pounds of debris into its 14-cubic-foot hopper. Designed for indoor and outdoor sweeping applications, the MPV-60 is equipped with cyclonic airflow for dust control. The sweeper features power steering, tilt steering wheel, and adjustable seat and foot pedals.
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Stone Construction Equipment's power screeds can be job-matched for low slump or high slump applications to provide an efficient method of striking off narrow or wide concrete slabs. Model VS-400 accepts screed boards up to 15 feet and Model VS-800 accepts screed boards up to 30 feet. Stone power screeds are available in a choice of Briggs & Stratton, Honda or Robin engines.
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Using direct-drive hydraulic motors for the fan and auger, Bobcat snowblowers eliminate the need for high-wear items such as gearboxes, chains, sprockets and shear pins. The fan opening is adjustable, allowing the operator to control the amount of air and snow entering the 6-inch-deep fan. Chute rotation is achieved by a chain and sprocket system, eliminating loose, tangled and frozen cables.
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Water Cannon's new 2,500-psi 5-hp GC 160 Honda Series mobile commercial duty pressure washer features E-Z Start with no kick back and overheat thermal protection. It runs 20-percent cooler with faster heat dissipation, extending component life.
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The new AHS2510 short-shaft articulated hedge trimmer from Shindaiwa is equipped with a high-torque, 1.1-hp, 24.5cc displacement engine. With a length of 65 inches, the 13.9-pound AHS2510 is designed for trimming low hedges, brush and ground cover. The trimmer employs an articulating gear case that rotates 130 degrees and has nine cutting positions.
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The HSE Series hot water electric pressure washers from Mi-T-M feature enclosed fan-cooled electric motors with manual thermal overload protection, high pressure detergent injection and float tanks, and pressure and high limit safety controls. These hot water washers are designed for quiet operation with minimal vibration.
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Rogers Brothers TAG Series trailers are available in 20- and 25-ton capacities. All models include dual-spring E-Z Flip rear ramps that are laterally adjustable and easy to lift off the deck or ground. All TAG models include an 8-degree ramp and beavertail loading angle for the loading and unloading of machines.
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The portable Rhino Wheelwash System is ready to use after connection to a power unit or electrical hook-up and water. The system features high-pressure jets with extensive spray patterns to cover all surfaces of tires, treads and wheels.
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