Heavy Earthmoving Equipment

Dec. 1, 2006
The Gradall XL 4300-II hydraulic excavator, in the 45,000-pound class, is designed with a tilting, telescoping boom for versatility, even on jobs


The Gradall XL 4300-II hydraulic excavator, in the 45,000-pound class, is designed with a tilting, telescoping boom for versatility, even on jobs with low overhead, in addition to wheeled mobility on and off paved surfaces. Equipped with powerful load-sensing hydraulics, the XL 4300-II is capable of performing excavations and demolition. The tilting, telescoping boom actions maximize the productivity of a range of attachments, enabling the excavator to complete fine grading, sloping, ditching, truck loading and unloading, and trimming trees. The boom's 220-degree tilting action also allows the XL 4300-II to work in hard-to-reach places on hillsides, in ditches or on the sides and ceilings of tunnels.
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Replacing the TXC 300LC-1 unit, the TXC 300LC-2 excavator from Terex includes upgrades and advanced features designed to increase operator comfort, productivity and fuel efficiency. The new pattern change control allows the operator to change the control pattern. Oil change intervals have increased from 2,000 to 4,000 hours, air filter replacements are required every 2,000 hours versus every 500 hours, and front-pin lubrication intervals have gone from 50 to 250 hours. The new excavator also features a Tier-3 emission-compliant engine that uses a common rail injection system. This system uses high fuel-injection pressure to burn the smallest particle fuel size completely, eliminate smoke and increase fuel efficiency.
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Case Construction Equipment introduces the 70-metric-ton CX700 excavator, which represents a new size offering for Case, fitting between the current Case CX460 and CX800 models. The CX700 is powered by a high-performance, fuel-efficient Isuzu Tier 3-certified engine. With an operating weight of 153,400 pounds, and 425 net hp, the excavator digs to 31 feet, 11 inches and reaches up to 46 feet, 11 inches at ground line. New on the CX700 is a switch that allows the operator to give priority to either the boom or the swing functions. By flipping the boom priority switch, the operator channels flow and speed to the boom, which is designed for contractors who are lifting materials out of a deep trench or into a high truck.
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John Deere

The John Deere D-Series excavators — 240D LC, 270D LC, 350D LC, 450D LC, 650D LC and 850D LC (pictured) — include improvements such as faster hydraulics, a redesigned cab, undercarriage enhancements and a new cooling system to deliver a boost in productivity and uptime, as well as lower daily costs. Service intervals have been extended to 5,000 hours on the hydraulic system. Easy-access remote-mount oil and fuel filters are located in the pump compartments, so they can be changed without crawling under the machine or removing access panels. The 850D LC features an operating weight of 185,520 pounds, a 38,400- to 71,300-pound lift capacity and a bucket force of 80,703 pounds.
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The 330 LX Link-Belt excavator by LBX has been updated with a Tier 3 emission-certified, 271-hp engine, which uses a common-rail fuel-injection system, a fuel cooler and turbocharger with intercooler. The Isuzu AH-6HK1XYSS engine reduces nitrogen oxide emissions while retaining performance, reliability and durability by using exhaust gas recirculation. To provide additional versatility, auxiliary piping brackets are included as standard, so operators using allied attachments such as hammers, thumbs, compactors, shears, grapples or crushers can install aftermarket hydraulic plumbing without the need for welding or painting. The 330 LX also features a “green plug” for draining engine oil to prevent spills and to keep the environment clean.
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The Extec E-7 screen is a heavy-duty, track-mounted, self-propelled, open-flow screening and stockpiling system that is designed to offer users performance and productivity for high-volume recycling and re-usable demolition material. The Extec E-7 has a high-output capacity capable of a material throughput of up to 600 tons per hour, depending on material, feed size, bucket size and particle content. The tracks, feeder, screen-box conveyors and all other working parts of the E-7 are hydraulically driven. Once demolition has taken place, material is loaded by excavator into the feeder where material is transferred to the screening area. The material, which consists of heavy clay, brick, stone, concrete and topsoil, passes over the screen box where smaller material will fall through the top deck and onto the bottom deck.
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Hitachi's Zaxis 240LC-3 excavator weighs 54,654 pounds and comes standard with an 11-foot, 10-inch arm, an 11,094-pound counterweight and 32-inch triple semi-grouser shoes. A 9-foot, 9-inch arm is also available, as are 28-inch triple semi-grouser shoes. The Isuzu AH-4HK1XYSA-01 Tier 3-certified, overhead camshaft four-valve engine has a rated power of 177 net peak hp at 2,000 rpm. The new engine has improved fuel efficiency and greater output through a common-rail fuel-injection system and the cooled exhaust gas recirculation system. The new cab features a wider, more comfortable seatback, more foot room and 47-percent more glass on the right side window for improved visibility. The digital screens on the color LCD multifunction monitor are designed to provide instant informational records such as engine speed, temperature and average fuel consumption.
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Komatsu introduces the PC1250-8 backhoe, and the PC1250LC-8 backhoe and hydraulic shovel (pictured), which feature improved Tier 3-certified engines and enhanced serviceability. The PC1250-8 and PC1250LC-8 backhoes have operating weights of 234,780 to 254,000 pounds and the hydraulic shovel has an operating weight of 244,790 pounds. Both machines have a 672-hp flywheel. Bucket capacities for the backhoes range from 4.4 to 8.8 cubic yards, depending on boom and arm length, material density and application conditions, and 8.5 cubic yards for the hydraulic shovel. The two models are equipped with a wireless technology that sends machine operating information to a secure website. Data, such as operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts, are relayed to the web application for analysis.
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The Caterpillar 446D backhoe loader features a Cat 3114 DIT 110-hp engine and is designed for jobs such as road building and bridge work. The 446D has an operating weight of 25,357 pounds, a dig depth of 16 feet, 8 inches, a lift capacity of 9,572 pounds and a bucket breakout force of 13,838 pounds. Optional pilot-operated joystick controls add excavator technology and ease of operation to the 446D. Low-effort controls are designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency. A standard pattern changer allows for easy switching between backhoe and excavator control patterns. Available attachments for the 446D include hydraulic and manual angle brooms, buckets, loader rakes, pick-up brooms and small hammers.
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Volvo introduces the EC700B excavator, which features the Volvo Advanced Control System that balances engine power with hydraulic pump output to provide maximum production with minimal fuel consumption. The EC700B features a Volvo D16C EAE3 425-hp engine, a lift capacity of 34,680 pounds, a maximum reach of 43 feet, 3 inches, a digging depth of 27 feet, 7 inches, a breakout force of 67,750 pounds and an operating weight of 148,810 to 154,980 pounds. The excavator's digging and lifting forces are the result of the high-torque engine and its ability to drive a unique hydraulic system so that both high pressure and flow are achieved. The Volvo hydraulic quick-coupler system allows the operator to change attachments quickly and easily from inside the roomy and quiet cab.
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JCB introduces the 6-wheel 722 articulated dump truck with a 15.7-cubic-yard body. With a 22-ton payload capacity, the 722 offers the power of a 5.9-liter, 249-hp turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, as well as the Smoothshift transmission featuring six forward and three reverse speeds with manual or automatic operation. The dump truck can reach top road speeds of 31 mph in forward and 20 mph in reverse. Designed for efficient material discharge, the 722 achieves a 74-degree body tip angle in 13 seconds fully loaded. It also features a 25-degree scow angle and an articulation angle of 45 degrees. The body is constructed from high-strength steel with large box section stiffeners and a high-tensile steel floor.
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