Anti-Theft System Tracks Down Equipment

LoJack Corp. introduces a new version of its Ruggedized LoJack System, designed specifically for the recovery of stolen heavy and commercial equipment. The system is hidden on equipment and is powered by the equipment's electrical system. If a piece of equipment with LoJack is stolen, the owner contacts the police, activating the system. A silent radio signal is sent to the equipment to activate the hidden LoJack transponder. The radio frequency signal is picked up by LoJack Police Tracking Computers (pictured) that are installed in law enforcement vehicles. The signal pinpoints the location and leads police to the vehicle for recovery. Unlike GPS-based solutions, LoJack's radio frequency signals can penetrate dense trees, underground locations and other obstructions.

The system features an internal antenna, transmitter/receiver and back-up battery housed in a self-contained, one-piece unit that increases its mounting options and provides easier concealment — making it less likely for thieves to discover its presence.

Kathy Kelleher, national sales manager for LoJack, says the company never planned to branch into the equipment market. But because of the high rate of equipment theft, requests came in for the product and the company began adapting the original LoJack to fit the demands. “It's built specifically for the tough environment of a jobsite,” Kelleher says.

Verified by Kathy Kelleher, national sales manager for LoJack.
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