American Pneumatic Tool Brings New Life to Old Tool

Tool Power in a Little Package

It is a simple tool that has been in the industry almost as long as its manufacturer.

American Pneumatic Tool products have been on the market for more than 60 years, and the company's latest offering, the scaler/needle scaler, is an upgraded version of the tool that originated many years ago.

The scalers come in three models, the 300, 307 (both pictured) and 305, and are designed to clean rust, paint and other coatings from metal surfaces. They also are effective in chipping stone, concrete and brick, and removing slag during welding.

“[Their] typical applications are in the construction environment where welding and light-duty scaling or chipping is being done,” says Andrew Meyer, sales manager, at APT.

The notched, bayonet-style needle housing allows for easy adjustment of the tool as needles wear while also enabling quick conversion between the needle attachment and chisel use without the need for special tools. All three models feature a rubber-faced throttle valve for positive seal, a lever-type throttle for easy control and an alloy steel cylinder. Models 305 and 307 include an attachment with a set of 19 steel needles in 5- or 7-inch lengths.

Each model produces 4,000 blows per minute and easily fits in an operator's hand with lengths ranging from 9.5 inches (model 300) to 16.75 inches (model 307). At those lengths, they are ideal for light aggregate removal in close-quarter situations, Meyer says. “When you look at air tools in (the construction) industry, these are the tools that are so versatile, and that's why so many of them are sold.”

Verified by Andrew Meyer, sales manager

(Model 307)
Power 4,000 blows per minute
Weight 6.7 pounds
Length 16.75 inches

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